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169: The Missing Piece of Amazon Selling: Avoid Account Suspension, Increase Reviews and Scale Your E-Commerce Business Cynthia Stine

October 28, 2016


Cythnia Stine from EGrowthPartners is an expert Amazon seller and she wants to help you avoid the loss of your Amazon seller account. Cynthia explains how to build buyer trust, get reviews, keep your account in good standing, and even re-instate your account if necessary.

168: Increase Your Traffic: On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Metrics and Analytics Scott Gombar

October 27, 2016


If you're not measuring the metrics in your business, then you don't know where you're at! Scott Gombar explains how he uses tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, and the Google Search Console to increase search engine rankings, organic traffic, conversions, and therefore sales.

167: Social Entrepreneurship: Business with a Purpose that Creates Social Change with Adam Force

October 26, 2016


Adam Force from Change Creator Magazine tells us how to be a social entrepreneur, which means we don't only make a profit, but make an impact and cause social change.

166: Clean Up Your Credit Score with Damon Damarr

October 25, 2016

Damon Damarr from My Lucid Credit tells us how to obtain your credit report (and therefore check your credit score), and clean your credit yourself, which can mean lower interest rates and more opportunities (and options) for you.

165: All-in-One E-Commerce Solution: Setup a Shopify Store to Create a Money-Making Website Today with Kurt Elster

October 24, 2016


Kurt Elster from EtherCycle and E-Commerce Bootcamp (coupon code ROBERTPLANK) tells us about Shopify, an easy platform to setup an e-commerce store and take payments.

He walks us through a case studies of one of his clients, Everest Bands and the steps they took to setup their e-commerce presence:

1. Create Shopify account (14-day trial)
2. Setup payment options
3. Configure shipping
4. Products
5. Categories
6. Theme
7. Copywriting & Unique Selling Proposition

164: Get Off the Treadmill: Redefine Success, Question Your Priorities and Become a Better Role Model with Dr. Joe Martin

October 21, 2016


Dr. Joe Martin from Real Men Connect talks about being a positive role model for success. You must question the order or priority of your values with your Creator, with your spouse of partner, with your children, with others, and your calling. Many people see success as a black-and-white proposition and how it relates to their occupation (job), compensation (money), education, and reputation.

Instead, redefine them by asking these four questions:

1. Am I leading my family?
2. Am I loving others sacrificially?
3. Am I leaving a legacy?
4. Am I teaching other men?

163: Business is People and People Are Of Value: Fight Fear, Doubt, and Worry Using Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion with Michael Ross

October 20, 2016


Michael Ross from Mainstream Life Solutions and author of A Clear View: Unleashing the Power of a Positive Self-Image wants people to live full, impactful lives. He says that if we can find optimism, it will overcome negativity, give us a better perspective, and lead to better self-esteem. You must improve your values, choices, and your destiny. We are not our thoughts or our history. Business is just people, people are just business, and people are of value.

162: Clarity, Simplicity, and Focus: Find the Right Coach to Achieve Maximum Greatness with Unstoppable Entrepreneur Kelly Roach

October 19, 2016


Kelly Roach, the Unstoppable Entrepreneur, understands that you might be lacking knowledge, lacking sales expertise, and that you're probably overwhelmed. She wants you to package yourself to get clients, fill in your gaps by finding the right resources, and limit consumpting by identifying your "why." Even Olympic athletes have coaches to get feedback, discover blind spots, and assess readiness.

161: Affiliate Marketing, Domain Investing and E-Commerce: Think, Act, and Adapt As An Entprepreneur with Michael Jackness

October 18, 2016


Get ready to hear Michael Jackness from Ecommerce Crew tell the story about how he went from one success to another: from affiliate marketing online poker, to buying and selling domains, to running an e-commerce business.

160: Create Systems and Outsource: Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back with Ric Thompson

October 17, 2016


Ric Thompson from Done For You Solutions wants to know... do you want more time in your life? How about more money and freedom? Outsourcing, outtasking, and creating systems will get you to where you need to go. Dream it, think it out, task and break it down, and then do it -- hire someone faster, cheaper, or better so you can leverage those 24 hours in your day over and over again.

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