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Membership Sites Are Just “On” or “Off”: Get to Drip Content, Dashboards, and Continuity Later (or Maybe Never)

May 13, 2015

A membership site... you need it to handle downloads whether you're running a single payment site ($10 one time, and yes, membership sites DON'T have to be recurring)...

Fixed term site (X number of payments) or forever-continuity (i.e. $37/month)...

And I don't want to tell you about how tough membership sites were during the "dark ages": your choices were either a $4000 piece of crap software that was old (even then) and didn't work right, or $400 per site and it literally took at least a week to connect the membership piece to WordPress, PayPal, and your email autoresponder...

Guess what?

  • You need to have a membership site
  • It needs to run in WordPress (so you can use your favorite themes and plugins with it, and it's setup in just a few minutes)
  • You need to host it yourself (hosted versions that "do it for you" always end up lacking in what you want and a huge chunk of our coaching clients deal with people who want to migrate OFF those hosted membership platforms)
  • You need to get that membership site setup as FAST as possible and get your FIRST paying member as FAST as possible (even if it's just $10 one time)

The things that have always made money like having a sales letter and building a list STILL make money!

Can I tell you what made a huge difference when it came to setting up membership sites?

It's This: Your Membership Site Is Made Up Of "Levels"

Let me explain... NOT the way "they" explain it... they tell you to "setup levels for Silver, Gold, and Platinum." Or, "setup a level for your beginner golfing course with 24 lessons and then another level for your advanced golfing course"... that doesn't help anybody!

This makes more sense to me: sell access to your $100 (one-time) course on How to Buy and Flip a House. Create a single "page" in WordPress (it's ok if you don't know what that means yet) and pile your videos in there (I recommend four modules of 60-90 minutes each to get people to each milestone when it comes to buying and flipping a house.

Create the content (videos) for that site, put it in a membership site, create a 1-page "sales letter" listing a simple headline and 10 reasons people would want to grab your house compared to the alternatives. Add a PayPal button (a way to take payments online).

You're done at that point...

You can always add or change things later, like increasing the price from $100 to $497 to $1997 or add a second button next to it to give people the option for a payment plan.

THEN the next "course" or "page" or "level" (if you create one) would be called How to Buy and Rent a House. Not Advanced House Flipping, or House Flipping Volume 2. You find another NEED or PROBLEM people have and you solve that.

No one cares about your 400 hours of video...

No one cares about tips, tricks, interviews, tidbits -- get me from Point A to Point D and that's all you have to do.

Just take PayPal payments for now, don't worry about fancy stuff like an affiliate program (Clickbank) or taking credit card payments over the phone (Stripe)... the grass is always greener on the other side and what's more important is that you have SOMETHING rocking and rolling... just get to that one sale...

Don't worry about drip content (as the membership site owner, you're the only one that really cares about that) -- although we include our WP Drip plugin (we've been using it for over 6 years now) inside our Membership Cube course which also includes Wishlist Member.

Don't worry about organizing your content into a fancy "dashboard" just yet -- it's actually much easier to create the content (videos) first, pile them all on a WordPress "page" and then organize them... as opposed to trying to fill in a bunch of empty cubby-holes...

Membership Levels Explained: Don't Make This More Complicated Than It Has to Be

You make this real estate membership site and you have your "House Flipping" level and "House Renting" levels. It's much easier to use Wishlist Member. Most membership plugins that aren't Wishlist, even the WordPress ones, don't use "levels." When you use levels you can set one single page for that level, mutiple pages (and sub-pages) for that level... you could have a "Bonus" page that both levels share. It makes things a lot easier.

Now for one of my biggest breakthroughs with membership sites... levels are "on or off."

Someone buys the House Renting course from you, they pay, they create their membership account with you, now they're on the House Renting level.

Maybe they refund or they join using your payment plan and they eventually "cancel" or stop paying for that payment plan. PayPal sends a signal over to your membership site and "cancels" them from that level.

So you can see that they "used to" be on that House Renting level, but they're now disabled from it, so they can't access the pages or pages (or posts) you've assigned to that level.

On or off. Your membership site doesn't care or notice what price they're paying, or if they're paying every 30 days or 60 days or on a trial payment or whatever. They join, they create their account. If they cancel or refund, PayPal sends that signal over to cancel them from that level.

You can host multiple products (levels) within the same membership site. You can change the price of your button later (just edit the page on PayPal's screen, takes 30 seconds). You can add a fixed-term (payment plan) button to give people the choice between paying the whole $997 or in installments. You can walk the price up as you pile in more members until you encounter price resistance.

Heck, I've even started sites as forever-continuity (people pay $37/month) and then when I become tired of updating it, I just switched the button to a single payment and it was now a "package" of videos and content...

  • Use a membership site.
  • Use WordPress. (1-click clone included in Membership Cube)
  • Use levels. (Wishlist Member, included in Membership Cube)
  • Use PayPal to take payments. (easiest to get started, you can always switch out the button later)
  • Worry about drip content later. (also handled by WP Drip included in Membership Cube)
  • Re-organize your content into a dashboard later. (We use TablePress, shown in Membership Cube, but save this after you get your handful of members)

Your biggest enemy is that expanding scope and making things too complicated so why not get on the shortest path to making money right now?

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043: Systematize & Checklist-Enable Your Online Business (You Don’t Have to Outsource Everything)

May 9, 2015

How hands-on right should you be with your online business right out of the gate? And what would happen if you were killed by a semi truck tomorrow?

Let's talk about how to systematize your business, so you can run it faster and easier -- while planning to remove yourself from your business -- and more, in today's action packed Robert Plank Show!

In today's episode, you'll discover:

  • All about "The E-Myth": fat person and thin person mentality
  • Why the most important thing in your online business right now is knowing when you're being an employee, manager, and entrepreneur (so you know what parts of your business you CAN'T remove, and why you can't just hire "a clone of yourself"
  • Why the "checklist mindset" changed by entire business almost overnight, and yours too
  • Tools & automation replace most outsourcing: autoresponder, WordPress, help ticket system -- but a lot of people over-engineer
  • Our checklists for webinars, membership sites, podcasts, Amazon FBA and more

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042: Finish Now, Revise Later (How To Actually Get the Results and Income You Want in Your Internet Marketing Business)

April 24, 2015

Tune in today (in fact, right now) to discover how to "get your head on straight!" Get your business built up to the level you want, as fast as you want, while you're excited each and every day and growing bigger and bigger every day...

Someone who hates you normally hates you for one of three reasons:
1. They see you as a threat
2. They hate themselves
3. They want to be you

Today's program is going to be very different than the normal format because we're going to jump around between real money-making case studies, mindset, mistakes I've made and the things YOU PERSONALLY can do to incrementally improve your business as your income increases and you gain simplicity and clarity along the way -- finish now and revise later!

Topics covered:

  • An easy "habit change" you'll make starting today that will change your entire outlook on life
  • How to let go of anger and frustration and instead "beat them at their own game"
  • What are you doing/teaching that's different? (Not how many hours or how hard YOU worked)
  • Stop overthinking and get to that version 1.0 or that first sale! (Why wait when you don't have to?)
  • A proven plan with using WordPress and our Backup Creator plugin to clone your way to success
  • Generate your entire funnel (opt-in page, sales letter, and upsells) using the "white piece of paper" Paper Template WordPress plugin
  • A real case study with our "Backup Creator" licensing (yearly, developer, and lifetime) -- how we perfected the "software subscription model" in our own business and made money every step along the way
  • And more... including how you can plug-in all of the above into your specific niche and business!

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041: Anything is Better Than Nothing (Step by Step Passive Residual Income)

March 21, 2015

If it's important, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse. -- Jim Rohn

If you don't build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs. -- Tony Gaskins, Jr.

Join us on today's episode of the Robert Plank Show where we discuss passive income, your point and click online funnel, and more, including:

  • 8 things to give up: 1. self rejection, 2. negative self-talk, 3. criticising others, 4. being a people pleaser, 5. fear of failure, 6. procrastination, 7. holding onto grudges, 8. expecting perfection
  • Three areas of your business: list, traffic, and offers
  • How to Setup Your Income Machine for Passive Recurring Income: niche (NameCheap), site (HostGator), optin (Paper Template), autoresponder (Aweber), blog, sales letter, membership site (Member Genius), traffic (Podcast Crusher)
  • Be aware of your own cognitive dissonance: we choose our beliefs first, then find evidence to back it up

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Point & Click Content: How to Fill Up Any WordPress Blog with Posts or Pages in Just a Few Clicks (Using WP Import)

February 24, 2015

Check out how easy it is to load up your WordPress blog with content using our WP Import 2.0 plugin:

Click Here to Play Video

Download WP Import Now: Just $7
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Physical Products: Kunaki for DVDs, CreateSpace for Books, Lulu for Manuals, Amazon FBA for Everything Else

February 6, 201522 Comments

Selling any kind of physical product online is easy, and FREE -- "they" usually just take a cut -- if you know where to look...

  • If you want to sell a box of physical DVD's or CD's, is the cheapest (and IMO easiest) place to do it -- just upload your DVD and artwork for the disc and case -- or use their built-in artwork creator
  • To sell a physical book (softcover or hardcover) that's at least 25 pages in length, whether it's 6x9 or 8.5x11 or any weird size, use -- upload your interior (Word document), graphics for front cover, back cover, and spine (they also have a cover creator)
  • If you need to get some books and manuals printed PRIVATELY, such as manuals ("textbooks") as a bonus for something like a paid course, use Once again, upload Word document, upload cover or use their editor -- but the difference here is your books are NOT out in the open publicly. You order them on your own and set your individual customer's address as the shipping address
  • To sell just about anything else, from a product like a supplement or kitchen utensil you sourced from China, or "As Seen on TV" items you picked up at the local discount store, use Amazon FBA. What's great about Amazon is you can either ship the items yourself, or mail them all at once to Amazon's warehouse and THEY will handle delivery to those individual customers

If you want me to walk you through the exact process, claim your access to our Make a Product course for Kunaki and CreateSpace, and Dropship CEO for mastery on Amazon FBA.

Avenue #1: DVD/CD Boxes with Kunaki

Click Here to Play Video

Avenue #2: Physical Book with Amazon CreateSpace

Click Here to Play Video

 Avenue #3: Sell (Almost) Any Physical Product Using Amazon FBA

Click Here to Play Video

Can I see what you are selling these days? What is the URL to your physical product?

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Templatize It: Where is Your Sales Letter and Information Product?

January 24, 201546 Comments

If you take longer than three days to go from having an idea for an information product to having a buy button online, then you're doing it wrong. I want to ask this to you today, but you don't have to answer it:

If you HAD to put that info-product online within the next three days…
if you absolutely had to, were required by law,
faced death and the loss of your family if you didn't…
you'd find a way, wouldn't you?

REAL Information Products (Most Info-Marketers Miss This)

Let me explain an information product: people have always and will always want to discover how to play golf or learn the guitar…

But they don't want to walk into a music shop and have someone pitch to them, they're afraid of looking foolish, they don't want to pay hundreds of dollars a week to a guitar teacher… they don't want to a commit to a community college class or have a family member teach them…

They need you to give them a "package" usually of pre-recorded videos that get them from point A to point B. You're cutting through the "academic" crap and actually SHOWING the simple way (you actually explain a part of guitar playing and then play it on-camera).

Because you're ROCKETING towards the goal of them being able to play these three popular songs on guitar, you can avoid the long tedious "intros" or fanfare about the history of the guitar. You just get right to it. Get right to your system.

Fear of Launching

It frustrates me when I meet someone at an offline event, for example, and then I "run into" them a couple years later on a forum or Facebook group and I see that they're still not making money yet…

I don't have to tell you why this is:

Reason #1: no real sense of urgency: this person has another stream of income so there's no real motivation to make any money online

Reason #2: fear: it's as simple as that. I remember having my first information product (a collection of PHP scripts like a calendar plugin, quiz plugin, basic email autoresponder, etc.) ready to go and WAITING for a week. I asked this person and that person if I should put it out now, or wait longer? What if it was a flop? Shouldn't I add more bonuses? Was the price right?

In reality, I was asking around for the answer I wanted all along. I was hoping someone would tell me: don't put that product out yet, wait 6 months until this happens, or spend 3 months adding these bonuses so you can double your sales. Yeah right.

Let's say you had that guitar course. What's the harm in buying up what's called "private label rights" (just do a Google search) about guitar? Someone's already recorded videos doing what you want to teach, that you can buy for $20 or so.

After it's COMPLETE and selling, you can go back and decide if you're unhappy with the existing videos. Maybe you want to change the course to recommend the ONE specific guitar for beginners? And provide your Amazon affiliate link and also get them to buy a specific tool to make learning the chords easier -- or perhaps you mail this to them as part of the course…

Do you get it? Get something simple online (as simple as possible), focus on making sales NOW and improve later. It'll never be perfect, just improve incrementally.

"Lack of time is actually lack of priorities."
-- Timothy Ferriss

Reason #3: confusion: that all sounds great, but how the heck do I buy these resale rights? How do I record video? What do I use to host my site or my files?

24-Month Shortcut: Use PayPal to Take Payments

What about taking payments? Seriously, I've seen way too many people LOSE OUT on their internet marketing success, or have it delayed by TWO YEARS or longer just because they were confused about how to take online payments. I can't use PayPal… they don't have a 1-click upsell and they don't let me take offline credit cards! Maybe I should use Stripe, InfusionSoft, Ontraport?

Question: do you have a 1-click upsell ready to go? No you don't… that's something you can add later and it's not going to make or break your initial product sales…

I understand… you "might want" to take direct credit cards someday. But how about you forget about that for today and cross that bridge when you come to it?

The answer: use PayPal. Just do it! Not because it "has the most bells and whistles" but because you'll have something up and running today.

Income Machine System

As far as hosting your site, our Income Machine shows you how to register a domain name with NameCheap, get a Baby Account with HostGator, point your domain to your web hosting, now someone can type in (get a dot-com and not a .net or a .biz or anything like that) and end up on your (blank) website.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."
-- Vincent Van Gogh

What do you put on that website? WordPress, so that you don't have to learn HTML coding or how to upload files, and then our Paper Template so you can have one of those "piece of paper" looking sales letters…

With Paper Template, you can click one button and create a sales letter (pre-written, just fill in the blanks and delete what you don't need). Click another button to create a simple download page (hidden from your navigation and the search engines).

If this all seems confusing, it doesn't have to be… inside our Income Machine course, we give you a clone that you can stick on your site so you have SOMETHING setup that you can edit…

At this point you have a "template" of a sales letter (the front page of your site or the .com) and a "template" of a download page (one single page). Now what???

Step 1 of 3: Resale Rights & Download Page

As I said before, resale rights are a great starting point for your product because it means you can setup something for now and improve later. You can pay somebody a one-time fee (usually $10-$20) and in exchange, get the rights to place their videos and sales letter on your own site, keep all of the money, and make any changes you want including putting your name on it, rename the product, edit it as much as you want.

I know what you're thinking. Resale rights, only 20 dollars, it must be crap. A lot of resale rights are low-quality, especially things like written articles, but in my experience, PLR video is usually decent. Sometimes you get stuck with a bad PowerPoint-based product, but most of the time the videos show them actually taking some action.

For 20 bucks they'll give you a large 400 MB sized zip file with videos. Download, right click and unzip, verify that you're allowed to sell them and do what you want with them. Then re-zip JUST the video files. They're usually MP4 or AVI files. In Windows, select the files you want, right click, Send To, Compressed Folder.

What do you do with that zip file? WordPress has a way for you to upload SMALL files such as images, but for a larger download, you can use your web host's cPanel File Manager to upload right into what's called your WordPress "upload" folder. You don't need to install any software to upload files to your site.

Then you can browse to the Download Page on your WordPress site and link to that zip file for someone to download. As a bonus (if you know how to do this) you can upload the MP4 files individually to your YouTube account and set them to "unlisted" so they aren't public but you can place them right there on your download page.

Step 2 of 3: Sales Letter & Payment Button

You have a way for someone to claim and get their download, now let's create a way for someone to pay you money and get access to that download. (It's a lot easier by going backwards in this way.)

PayPal allows you to create a "buy now" button (we also show this inside our Income Machine course) where you basically tell PayPal: I want to sell a product with this name (what people see on the checkout page and on their payment receipt), for this price (i.e. $7.00 one-time), and send them to this specific URL only if they pay. This is your download page.

Once you've created the button (hosted at PayPal), they give you a special link or button you can place on your page. Guess what? If you had nothing else but a "piece of paper" template with nothing on it other than that button, you still have something for sale!

If you have five minutes of free time, stick a headline at the top of the page. Paper Template has dozens of headlines built in (I've distilled all of the various headlines that make sense on the Internet down to just a few). We are the only sales letter plugin out there with a built-in swipe file.

If you have five more minutes, add ten bullet points under the headline giving people just ten good reasons to buy your course on guitar, or ten things they'd walk away with after completing your paid course.

Step 3 of 3: Membership Site & Email Sequence

Notice I deliberately left out the "fanciness" that comes later. You have two choices: either try to ten things in "parallel" (at the same time), get tripped up, eek along and have ten things at 10%, ten things at 20%, ten things at 30%... or do it in "series" (one after another). Knock out your download page. Knock out your payment button. Knock out that basic sales letter.

THEN you can add in fancier stuff later. An easy example is your membership site. Create a separate WordPress installation in your "members" folder, create a SINGLE PAGE download area, and create your new payment button and switch it out onto the sales page. (Income Machine includes our Member Genius membership plugin.)

Keep in mind this is a membership site where people only pay ONE TIME and only get access to ONE PAGE. The only improvement is that they now create an account to login and get back to that single download if they need it. If you want to add a 2nd page, other levels such as an upsell. That comes later.

Most people are setting things up in the wrong order. They create the "nice-to-haves" first instead of the "must-haves." They create their opt-in page first, their email autoresponder sequence, then they get tired and don't actually create something to sell. Complete things that make money first!

Templatize It!

What makes money: sending paid traffic to that sales letter, breaking even on the ad cost, and building a list of buyers. Joint ventures and affiliate traffic. Building your list. Mailing offers to your list.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."
-- Chinese Proverb

What good is the best information product in the world if no one actually buys it to see it? Get it online, get it selling, and when you're looking to improve that product… instead of throwing out the whole product to start over, think about this instead:

What step-by-step checklist or template can you give someone to make better sense out of those existing PLR videos?

No one cares about how many years you've studied guitar, how many hours the videos are (in fact, if you say there are 100 hours of videos, it talks me OUT OF buying), or how many pages are in the transcript.

They don't even care about "work" or "learning." They care about getting the result they paid money for, while having the most fun, doing the least amount of work, and getting it in the shortest amount of time!

That means your guitar course can have an additional checklist that says… buy this specific guitar, buy these strings, buy this pick, buy this equipment. Master these finger positions. Show you can properly mark time in this way. Play the background part for these five very simple songs. Play these five simple guitar solos.

Give people some easy tasks to check off. You can create any kind of checklist or fill-in-the-blank component in your membership site using our WP Notepad plugin.

If you can get rights to a piece of software or app that helps people to play the guitar, or recycle your early profits into outsourcing such a thing, that's another component you can use to improve your offer. Add in a 30-minute video Skype consultation (using TimeTrade to schedule the appointments) keeping in mind that only 10% of your customers will take you up on it, you'll record it and add it to a section of the member's area, and it's something you probably would have done for free anyway!

"There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing."
-- Elbert Hubbard

The easiest way to start making passive income is with an information product. The quickest and simplest way to sell that kind of product is with a piece of paper looking web page such as Paper Template.

My question to you today is:
Where is your sales letter?

Be sure to post a URL below with a page of yours that has a WORKING buy button.

I'm curious and I'll be checking it out soon. Thanks.

If you think of anything I left out of this post, please feel free to put that on the comment.

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COMPLETE: The Most Important Word for Your Online Business in 2015

December 21, 201474 Comments

If there's only one single "word" you should keep in mind for your online business in 2015 and 2016, it's this word: "complete."

If you have a buy button or an optin form online then you’re ahead of most people. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it’s complete. You can always improve later.

How about you, what do you think?

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040: Self-Help for Internet Marketers & Entrerepreneurs (What to Do When No One Else Seems to Get It)

November 2, 2014

I'll admit it, I DON'T have it all figured out! But I'm right there with you when it feels like, as a home-based entrepreneur, no one else seems to be on the same track as you. In today's podcast I'm going to share a few tools with you to avoid burnout, information overload, fear of failure, and more. It's easier to edit crap than air!

(Lots of show notes this time around, please scroll down a little to see the audio player for today's action-packed super-sized episode.)

Self Help Advice You Might Have Heard Before (But Need to Hear Again)

  • You are your own worst enemy: it feels good to complain, self fulfilling prophecy
  • "We are what we repeatedly do" (you are what you eat)
  • "Your income is the average of your 5 closest friends"
  • Abundance mindset vs victimhood, resentment
  • "Some people say self help doesn't last. Neither does showering, and that's why we recommend it daily"
  • "Ask the computer called your brain the right questions" -- the phrasing is important, i.e. HOW can this be done and not CAN it be done

"Get Back on Track" Checklist

Don't share these answers with me or anyone else... it's explained in the second half of today's episode...

  1. Self sabotage: In what way do you SOMETIMES have one foot on the break? (So you can overcome it)
  2. What are you really afraid of and what sometimes stalls you out? (i.e. What if my websites go down, too many refunds, FTC, IRS)
  3. Why did you get started in the first place? (what excited you back then that maybe you lost track of)
  4. What gets you excited to grow your business and do what really needs to be done? (must be a different, better, more detailed and more emotional answer to the previous question)
  5. Based on all this, what do you REALLY want to become a reality in the next 6 months? (a thing or activity, not money)

Simple Solutions to Become Motivated & Productive Anytime You Want

  1. Willpower (iffy and unreliable but happens on occasion)
  2. Take the first step today towards that goal (i.e. make that one quick phone call to get the ball rolling)
  3. Lift app: take multivitamin, go to gym, read 30 minutes (just don't load it up with more than 3 things)
  4. Morning routine: walk or run to "change the channel" in your mind
  5. Mentor where you'll behave yourself (unmuted in a group), and you're looking for a SIMPLE SOLUTION to an EASILY EXPLAINABLE PROBLEM
  6. Countdown timer or record your computer screen of you performing the task you want

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Secret Amazon Income

October 25, 2014

Many of the things you buy on Amazon aren't sold by Amazon. They're either mailed from regular sellers just like you (kind of like eBay but faster and more civilized), and even many times if you get an item with that 2-day "Prime" shipping, it mails out of Amazon's warehouse but the item (crackers, light bulbs, computer monitor) is "owned" by someone else (anyone can be an Amazon seller)

How To Make Your First Sale Online

Register an Amazon seller account, find an old book in your house you won't use anymore, "list" that book for sale (you can type any UPC code into what you want to list) for 0.01 plus 4.99 shipping.

If it doesn't sell, no harm done, if it does sell, Amazon gives you a label, you put this in a small box, make a dollar or two profit

1000 per Month Formula

Go into your local Walmart, Kmart, BigLots, Costco, Sam's Club, scan barcodes with the iPhone app until you find something that sells for 3x on Amazon compared to the "discount" price at this store. Tell Amazon what items you're sending in and what price you're charging (you'll match the lowest) price -- you'll outsell most other sellers because they're shipping from home with "slow" shipping... your stuff will be sent out of Amazon's warehouse.

Once it's on its way to Amazon your job is done, Amazon takes the orders, mails out the items, and sends you money...

Private Labeling

Find a decent selling item (we have criteria and it's usually not something on the 1st or 2nd page)... find their supplier in China (easy to do when you click around), get some samples, create your own listing for this product, buy a SMALL order from them and get them to mail it into Amazon's warehouse. Make your first few sales, run Amazon ads and get reviews... replenish your inventory... pretty simple.

Simple UNLESS you get stuck in this or that Amazon screen, or mess up your ads, product listing, choose the wrong product, or get a bunch of inventory you can't sell and lost money on... you want to avoid this by instead following the instructions in our Dropship CEO course...

For example, if you're outside the US, there's an easy way to get started with Amazon and it involves getting a US bank account (which you can do even if you're not in the US)...

What you do with this information and your own results are up to you. But this is a method of selling that doesn't require your own website, list, or joint ventures and it actually scales unlike most internet businesses...

Free Quickstart Report - Free Video Training

Join the "Dropship CEO" Training Course

Unlike "those" PowerPoint courses or slow-paced courses, we actually set this all up in front of you and get you to do it as well, including lots of goodies like our "feedback getting" software (boosts your Amazon ranking) which no one else has. And it closes in just a couple days, so I'm looking forward to you joining it TODAY.

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