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127: Go From Idea to Finished Physical Product with Filip Valica

August 31, 2016


Filip Valica from The Product Startup is a mechanical engineer who runs a podcast where he interviews small business owners and Shark Tank winners about Do It Yourself product development. He discusses the path you need to take to go from an idea for a physical product, to selling it in a marketplace. (Test your idea quickly, make a prototype, validate the market, iterate, etc.) He also touches on different ways to make money with physical products, from Amazon FBA, to selling on your own website, tweaking existing products from suppliers, and even licensing.

126: Courses, Webinars and Funnels: Attract Customers and Clients with Brian Lofrumento

August 30, 2016


Brian Lofrumento, creator of The Ultimate Profit Model, tells us about his online system to not only develop an idea into an information product (or coaching program) that serves a hungry and specific crowd, he also explains his webinar model (shatter existing beliefs and rebuild them) as well as how he fills up his webinars with attendees using Facebook ads.

125: Get Free TV and Radio Publicity For Your Business Today with Sharon Bolt

August 29, 2016


Sharon Bolt from Get Free Publicity Today, and author of the free report, "How To Write An Attention Grabbing Press Release" tells us how she was able to land a spot on BBC radio as well as a recurring segment where she appears on the radio regularly. She also tells us about press releases and what you may be missing from them.

124: Discover Your Own Passion, Knowledge and Advantage with Agency Consultant Jason Swenk

August 26, 2016


Jason Swenk talks to us about creating the resource you "wish you had" that satisfies the criteria of: 1. something you're passionate about, 2. something you're knowledgeable in, 3. an area where you have a unique advantage, and 4. something that is helpful and educates people.

He tells us how he started, grew, and sold an agency, and shares some cutting edge techniques including the early bird list and progressive profiling with thank you pages.

123: Setup Websites, Get Clients, and Create Funnels That Convert for Any Business with Damir Butkovic

August 25, 2016


Damir Butkovic tells us the amazing story of how he brought in 4 new recurring clients in 14 days just by sending a simple four sentence email to 20 prospects. He is an implementer for small business, quickly creating websites with WordPress, email marketing campaigns with Aweber and ActiveCampaign, payment solutions with PayPal and Stripe, as well as landing pages using ClickFunnels.

122: Use the Internet to Get More Customers, Leads, and Sales, No Matter What Your Business Is! with Charles Manuel

August 24, 2016

Charles Manuel from Berkshire SEO tells us the story of how we went from selling a speed reading course, to helping online businesses make money. Charles uses SEO, PPC, influencer marketing, and social media tactics to generate lots of new leads (and keep existing customers) for local businesses. He shares not only lots of common sense advice, but tells us about some creative ways he's used the internet to boost sales.

121: Twenty-First Century Publishing: Hook Into Social Media, Get Targeted Traffic, and Monetize a Podcast with Naresh Vissa

August 23, 2016


Naresh Vissa from Krish Media Marketing, a 21st century publisher who's fluent in web design, web development, and marketing -- author of "Fifty Shades of Marketing: Whip Your Business Into Shape & Dominate Your Competition" and "Podcastnomics: The Book of Podcasting... To Make You Millions" -- shares his best and craziest marketing techniques with us. He tells us about three ways to monetize a podcast (ads, existing products, and premium content), how to make money with porn sites, LinkedIn, Yelp, and more.

120: Stress is Just Adaptation: The Impact of the Human Stress Response with Mary Wingo

August 22, 2016


Dr. Mary Wingo is here to talk about stress and her new book, The Impact of the Human Stress Response: The Biological Origins and Solutions to Human Stress. She answers the tough questions, and explains how to understand stress (adaptation to people or an environment). Dr. Mary discusses the major causes of stress, as well as how we can all live happier and more fulfilled lives with purpose.

119: Get What You Want, Become a High Achiever and Overcome Procrastination with Dr. Chris Friesen

August 19, 2016


Dr. Chris Friesen, Ph.D from Friesen Performance, and author of the book, ACHIEVE: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, And How To Make It Happen, tells us how to find our life's purpose with small changes and a number of easy techniques. He talks about the 5 minute rule to instantly overcome procrastination, the 10 minute rule to stop bad habits, the structure of your environment (great for finishing that "big" task you've been avoiding) and why it's so important to have your "why" (values, purpose, and mission).

118: Focus Until You Succeed: Perseverance, Forward Motion, Relationships, and The Invisible Organization with Mitch Russo

August 18, 2016


Mitch Russo, former President of Chet Holmes, co-creator of Business Breakthroughs with Tony Robbins, and author of the book The Invisible Organization: How Ingenious CEOs Are Creating Thriving, Virtual Companies, talks with us about what mindsets, skills, and actions you must take to become an entrepreneur who perseveres and succeeds.

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