Click Your Way into Online Profits Using WordPress, Paper Template and Plugin Dashboard

I honestly believe that this year (NOT next year) and next month (NOT next month) is the month and year that you’ll create that website that makes money, update or re-do an already money making site or whip out that brand new stream of income…

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For a few reasons:

  • This thing called “WordPress” that allows you QUICKLY to point and click your way to type in whatever content you want (without a lot of technical skills)
  • WordPress plugins that then take what you’ve written and change the look and feel (for the most part, remove the sidebar) so you have a FOCUSED (single call to action) landing page
  • Everyone says people have a “lower attention span” these days… which means you can get away with a shorter sales letter, shorter sales video, AND if you just run a few ads (like Facebook retargeting) then you can leapfrog ahead of your competition

I know it’s easy to get “confused” about which web host to use, what theme to have, which plugins, what color and font to have on your web pages… heck, I’ve even seen people try to “code” their own HTML web pages as if it was 1998 (and remember how those pages looked?)

Component #1:
WordPress (Posts and Pages)

Look, we both know that you’re probably not in the web design business, the computer programming business, the shopping cart business. If you’re doing any of this right, then you have a PASSION for a niche like guitar, learning a language, losing weight, etc.

Even as a nerdy computer programmer, I don’t want to have to re-invent the wheel from scratch every time! I want to type out what I want, click a button, and it’s done. Ready to collect email optins or take payments. I don’t want the “solution” (a really complicated page building system with 100′s of choices) to be more confusing than the problem (not having a web page to begin with).

That’s why when it comes to any web page including a blog, sales letter, optin page, webinar registration page (so I can drop a retargeting pixel), or webinar replay page…

I No Longer Upload and Edit
HTML Files on a New Site!

Instead, I point and click WordPress pages…

The next thing I need you to know about blogs and WordPress: posts and pages. POSTS are really only relevant when you’re talking about a straight up blog, online journal. New post on July 1st, here’s my diary entry. New post on August 1st, diary entry.

A PAGE is navigation. On a blog you’re talking about “Contact Me” pages, “About Me” pages, “Best of This Blog” pages. The Contact Me page doesn’t have a date on it, it’s just there.

20140718-PT-WordPress-Sales-Funnel (Time 0_03_57;29)

I like to think of posts as journal entries going top to bottom, pages as going left to right.

Component #2:
Paper Template
(Frontend Sales Page, Download Page, Optin Page)

That’s where Paper Template comes in. Using WordPress, you can install our “Paper Template” plugin which will allow you to create a “piece of paper” looking landing page in addition to your blog.

20140718-PT-WordPress-Sales-Funnel (Time 0_02_53;06)

For example, I have my blog at, and I can create an additional PAGE at that’s a landing page, a forced optin page, and I don’t have to “link” it from anywhere else on my blog if I don’t want to.

This landing page is called an OPTIN PAGE which is that white piece of paper with a headline explaining some freebie I’m giving away (like a short report), three bullet points (explaining the short report), a sentence telling someone to fill in the form below, and an optin form to enter in their name and email address.

They fill it in, they get that bribe in exchange for their name and email address and they can UNSUBSCRIBE at any time.

If I really want to make money I can install WordPress at the “root” of a domain, the .com, like, and then install Paper Template onto that WordPress site, create a “paper” page and then set it as the front page of the site.

20140718-PT-WordPress-Sales-Funnel (Time 0_09_35;26)

So someone goes to the “root” of, they aren’t looking at an HTML web page where I had to edit CSS code and upload images, they’re looking at a WordPress PAGE that I edited (it just happens to be the front page).

20140718-PT-WordPress-Sales-Funnel (Time 0_11_39;23)

Not sure what to place on that sales letter? Glad you asked… Paper Template has a 1-click pre-written sales letter. It drops in all the basic components you need on a sales letter…

3-part who-else headline, 3-part anticipation subheadline, establish the problem and alternatives, huge breakthrough, vague solution, solid solution, detailed explanation, who’s it for, how it’s delivered, breakdown of each module, offer stack table, price reveal, guarantee certificate, priority order form, all that good stuff.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Just delete what you don’t need and edit the headlines and text of what’s remaining… by the way, Paper Template also comes with pre-written headlines and bullet points so you can drop in what you need anywhere and just fill in the blanks.

Instead of confusing ourselves with 10, 20, 30 different types of landing pages (Under construction page??? Coming Soon page? Sold Out page?) let me make it simple for you, Paper Template has these “types” of web pages (almost identical but with different placeholder text written in):

  • Optin Page (ask for an email address)
  • Sales Page (present an offer and ask for the sale)
  • Webinar Signup Page (let’s skip this, it’s just a fancier 1-click optin page but for a webinar)
  • Webinar Replay Page (also skip this, it’s a “wider” version of our piece of paper with nothing on the page but a headline, video and link to go to the sales page after they’re done watching)
  • Download Page (piece of paper web page with no links to it that offers a PAID product for download)
  • Gift Page (same as above but it’s a FREE product for download after someone registers on an optin page)

Let’s get to it…

20140718-PT-WordPress-Sales-Funnel (Time 0_12_14;29)

I’m going to explain a few steps that I take when setting up these funnels so bear with me if I’m brain-dumping a few things at you:

  • Register a .com domain name (cost is $10) that contains your niche keyword and a filler keyword, for example, contains the word “webinar” but I can’t register so I go with
  • Install WordPress and Paper Template and set a “sales letter” (one single piece of paper template that explains an offer with nothing else to do at the bottom other than buy) with a payment button on the bottom (we prefer PayPal). You can check a box in your Paper Template settings to make this the front page, as in
  • Set the “download link” someone goes to after paying (this is a setting in your PayPal button) to — this will be another of our WordPress PAGES — we can always rename or move to a membership site later but it’s keep it simple. The front page is the sales letter, this “download123xyz” will be a page with videos or links to PDF files where they download our course
  • After creating that button, go back to your WordPress site and create a new page with the “Download Page” template (which contains verbage like what they can expect to see on their credit card statement, delivers the download, links to an upsell, etc.

Only four steps to have a web page that promises something for sale and delivers that download.

20140718-PT-WordPress-Sales-Funnel (Time 0_16_53;23)

I know people geek out about things like a “video sales letter” — guess what happens with those these days? They find no one’s going to sit through a 90 minute video like they did a couple years ago, so they add a couple bullet points under it… more headlines… an offer stack. Next thing you know, it’s a long form sales letter, should have used Paper Template.

OR you might see “web 2.0″ web pages. They’re very wide, taking up most of the computer screen (good luck making that look good on a tiny phone screen, Paper Template is responsive).

These web 2.0 pages will usually have lots of columns (not too great for readability and the “bucket brigade” trying to pull them to the end of your sales letter).

Usually they’ll have one color background for the first chunk of the page (like blue) and then a different background color dividing the rest of the page (such as a white background)… so it’s more or less a long form sales letter, only wider, and with two different background colors…

Either way, I believe that the TEXT on a web page is more important than your design or even fancy video — ugly pages sell. I wish for my own ego’s sake that wasn’t true but that’s what I’ve observed since making these “paper template” web pages.

If you want to get really fancy then here’s how I build out my funnel for a FRONTEND site:

  1. Install WordPress on the .com level like this one WordPress site will hold all my PAGES like the sales page, optin page, download page, etc.
  2. I create a “sales page” Paper Template page and set it to the front page of the site:
  3. Add download page at so ->
  4. When you’re ready to setup an optin page (which I like to do for cold traffic), then you’ll create a “gift download” page. I prefer to either paste three EzineArticles into a Google Drive and save as a PDF, or grab a YouTube video (even one of my own) as a free gift. This just delivers something for free (hidden from navigation) and links to the sales letter at the bottom: -> ->
  5. Now we need to create a page that asks for the optin at Don’t worry, it’s just a click away. Explain the free gift on a SHORT web page (with three bullet points) and use an autoresponder service such as Aweber to collect their email address: -> -> ->

If I want to get fancy and create something like an upsell page, I just create another “sales page” template in there at and I could change the funnel sequence to: -> -> -> ->

An upsell page is nothing more than a web page with a button to buy and an additional link under that button saying “No thanks, take me to my download page.”

If I wanted to create a membership site in the future, I would use something like Member Genius and setup a SECOND WordPress site at (and have all my protected content in there) and setup the payment button to go to the registration page for that membership site instead of just “” but let’s not get TOO technical…

Once you have that funnel setup you can do lots of interesting things like add countdown timers to those optin pages and sales letters (sparingly) which is built into Paper Template…

20140718-PT-WordPress-Sales-Funnel (Time 0_27_21;22)

You can make use of re-usable “snippets” of code, for example if you want to place tracking codes on different pages or different payment buttons (we like to offer a 1-pay and a 5-pay payment plan on most sales letters) — also built into Paper Template.

20140718-PT-WordPress-Sales-Funnel (Time 0_28_16;19)

Paper Template will also manage your on-site and off-site redirects. You could for example, cloak your affiliate link, redirect an old deleted page to something new, or even shorten some of your own affiliate’s links, and track the clicks over time — built in.

Click Here to Download “Paper Template” Right Now
(Opens in a New Window)

But for now, let’s just keep it simple!

Component #3:
Plugin Dashboard
(Install & Update Plugins)

Real quick, the final piece that ties it all together. When creating one of these new sites from scratch I like to use Plugin Dashboard to drop in all the plugins I need in one go.

20140718-PT-WordPress-Sales-Funnel (Time 0_26_43;22)

I’m talking about your security plugins, SEO plugins, backup plugins. I’m talking about all the “little things” you always forget to do in WordPress like setup the link structure, set the sitewide title and contact email, and yes, even install plugins like Paper Template.

There is a “Paper Template” checkbox inside of Plugin Dashboard. The only information you need to give it is your license key and license email address (it automatically fills it in if you have that open in another browser tab) and it pulls it down from the cloud, activates it and you’re ready to click your way into sales funnels and profits using WordPress.

Tools You’ll Use

  1. WordPress (free and installs easily using “SimpleScripts” in most web host control panels)
  2. Paper Template (just $47 for the Ultimate version and allows you to create & manage WordPress landing pages)
  3. Plugin Dashboard (just $17 and installs & updates your plugins)

Click Here to Download “Paper Template” Right Now
(Opens in a New Window)

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030: Three Proven Internet Business Models That Make Money (Amazon FBA, Fixed-Term Membership Sites, and Facebook Fan Pages)

Please listen to the latest Robert Plank Show podcast right away to discover three easy money making methods using the Internet:

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Can you please leave a comment below and tell me: what is your favorite way of making money online? (it doesn’t have to be one of the methods listed in today’s show)

There’s No Need to Be Disappointed About Making Money Online: You’re Right!

I have some very important news for you today and that’s:


Let me explain. There’s something I’m sure you’ve seen that we can call “internet marketing irony” and that’s what happens when:

  • You buy this thing called “private label rights” and outsell the product originator, only to have them get angry at you for outselling — this happened all the time years ago when I got my start (jealousy)
  • Other internet marketers seem to get upset when you do things like: mailing your list, following up, running pitch webinars, charging higher prices… you know, this thing called “marketing” (inner conflict)
  • You see someone promoting a “product creation” course when they only have one product, a “book creation” course when you can’t find their book, a “selling on Amazon” product when they aren’t selling anything on Amazon (re-teaching what they barely know instead of implementing)
  • Posting questions like, “I want to use this webinar service but I need something that can handle 10,000 guests…” Or, “I want to use this autoresponder service but I need something that holds 1,000,000 subscribers” (chest beating, they don’t have 1 million subscribers)

Let’s just call it what it is…
Entertainment… a SOAP OPERA!

If you spend too much time with the indecisive, negative, bitter, unmotivated people of the world then they will drag you down to their level… it’s true…

I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t help people. I post in public areas here and there and I definitely monitor what others are doing because I want to stay “in touch…”

But when “they” are getting too negative, you need to identify when criticism becomes complaining and shut that off… complaining means, the same negative message on repeat with no “real” solution.

“You are what you are and where you are
because of what has gone into your mind.

You can change what you are and where you are
by changing what goes into your mind.”- Zig Ziglar

I’m not going to ask you something cheesy like, “What if the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, the founder of UPS, Colonel Sanders, etc… had given up when they first started?

Do you remember when you first got started online? Chances are most people told you it was a bad idea, or you even had to keep it a secret from several people…

I listened to the wrong people for a long time (the ones that told me I should stay at my day job) and I remember being ANGRY that I had to get a mortgage. My “favorite guru” at the time bragged about buying a home in cash (he now lives in a small apartment).

Problem: Vicious Cycle of
Negativity & Self-Doubt

I’ll admit… I was one of those NEGATIVE people! I was a teenager, coding this and that plugin while I saw all these “rich guys” create autoresponder services, web hosting companies, heck, one guy made a plugin that added a visitor’s first name to a web page, he sold tons of copies at $99 all day long. I thought… this guy has to be stopped… why won’t people see? I spent all kinds of time posting about my “cause”… until one day I realized I was spending all my time tearing others DOWN instead of building something UP.

  • If someone keeps dragging you down, day in and day out, they’ve gotta go… I’m sorry but you know deep down who they are
  • If you find yourself being too negative for too long, maybe you need to unsubscribe from a few lists (not mine of course), unfriend a few people on Facebook (I have 245 people on my block list and way more I’ve unfriended or unfollowed) — it’s ok to check in on them on YOUR terms, but don’t let THEM interrupt YOU
  • Move closer towards the people you want to be like — those people with successful businesses that make money

As an internet marketer (even if you are in some other niche and you are MARKETING on the INTERNET, you’re still an “internet marketer”) you should be aware of what others are doing. You should WANT to be sold to. You should PAY ATTENTION to what gets you to click and buy…

Solution: Ask Better Questions

The saddest thing is when I see an internet marketer (sometimes a subscriber but not always) say something like:

  • They hate those “long ugly sales pages” (that they buy from anyway)
  • They get “bombarded” with emails (that they chose to subscribe to and that they buy from anyway)
  • They hate those “pitch webinars” where evil marketers try to sell them something — in that case, I hope you also don’t watch TV (commercials), go to the movies (previews), drive a car (radio and billboards), read magazines (print ads), or browse web pages or Facebook (sidebar ads)… you should look at it as an opportunity to GROW your business by getting the ideas all around you and seeing what works (and what doesn’t)

Doesn’t it make sense that if you ask better questions of yourself (like “what’s good about this?”) then you’ll get better answers, which you’ll be able to use to solve your current problems (like “what price do I charge?”) to get better problems (like “now how do I handle all these online sales?”)

You’re right either way. If you “THINK” it’s all a scam, and that there are too many issues to sort out with this internet marketing stuff, you’re right. If you KNOW you’ll do what needs to be done (and that’s not necessarily more hours or “hard work”) then you’ll do it. You’ll make that optin page, sales letter, membership site, and start sending traffic, adjusting, and making sales.

If the usual mentors you think about (Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump) started over from scratch, do you think they would “play around” with graphics, domain names, and which WordPress them and plugins to use… OR… do you think they would set something up that’s good enough and adjust from there?

I’m curious to know in the comments below… what mistakes do you see other marketers making, especially in the products they put out? And what can you learn from their mistakes?

029: Productivity Hacks of the Ultra-Successful

Tune in to today’s Robert Plank Show podcast to figure out how to get more in less time, enjoy what you do and easily get everything done that you need to make money… topics covered…

  • Are you Kanye West or William Shatner? (huge distinction in your marketing)
  • How to separate out your sparks, maintenance tasks, and money generating activities
  • The only time management system that’s worked for me (hint: it involves throwing out your whiteboard and your to-do list)
  • The real secret to creating a lot of money making “stuff” (batching)
  • And more

“Productivity Hacks” FREE Report

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So be sure to listen to today’s podcast episode and leave a quick comment below answering me this:

“What’s your BEST productivity hack to get more out of your day?”

Amazon FBA Seller Income: The Secrets of Retail Arbitrage and Private Label Sourcing That “They” Don’t Want You to Know

There’s this thing called the Amazon Seller program that I’ve been using for the past 30 days to make a “side income.” As an internet marketer, it’s super important to have multiple streams of income…

  • There are only so many people in your niche to buy your products
  • There are only so many people willing to join your monthly program
  • There are only so many people who will use your software
  • Only so many people are the “right fit” for your coaching program and so on…

Let’s go mass-market. Amazon Seller is different from their Kindle program (digital books), CreateSpace (physical books), and WAY different than their affiliate program (promote Amazon products for 5%) so let’s not get it confused with that…

This is a lot like eBay minus the “auction” and “bidding” part of it. You say I have THIS for sale at THIS price. You can usually just add yourself as a seller on one of their existing products. For example, you have a copy of the Four Hour Work Week around the house (as I had several copies), you list it in New or Used condition with the price you want to sell it for (shipping is added on).

2014-04-14 17.00.41

When it sells, Amazon emails you and says… here is the shipping label to print out, put that item you just sold into a box and mail it.

Heck, the FIRST time we looked into the Amazon Seller program was to sell physical copies of our home study courses. Because technically, you could combine a printed manual and DVD set in a cardboard box, buy your own UPC code for $1.99 and sell a physical product (in a box) of your course as an Amazon product. But let’s not get too off-track with the possibilities…

Many people have been able to turn this Amazon Seller method into a full time income (you can scale it to the point where your items sit in Amazon’s warehouse and they handle the shipping as things are sold). You can get your own physical products private labeled (outsourced)…

What “They” Tell You

I’m not in the business of trash talking any other internet marketers, but the DANGER is that over the past few months I’ve seen one marketer tell you to sell supplements using Amazon’s program… I wouldn’t do this without a quality control process and without a lawyer…

Another marketer claims to make $100,000 per month when I heard around the grapevine he spends $100,000 per month on ads… so he’s breaking even in order to get that screenshot to then sell you a course on “how he did it”… not good.

And still another marketer pitched a course showing a so-called “Amazon listing” of a product he had created. A couple problems: one, I searched his company name and product name on Amazon, no results. Another issue is the listing he showed had a 3D DRAWING (computer rendering) of the item that was selling instead of the item that was selling. When was the last time you saw something on Amazon with a cartoon instead of a picture of the real product? You don’t. It’s against Amazon’s rules…

Four Real Ways to Do It

Let’s not allow a few dishonest marketers ruin it. There are tons of people making money as Amazon Sellers and you personally deserve to be in that category. The point is there are a couple of marketers who are sharing bad knowledge and let’s not let that ruin our day. There are two ways to make money as an Amazon Seller:

  • Retail arbitrage: pick up items with a certain criteria from discount stores (scan using a smartphone app) like Walmart, BigLots, Costco, sell them at a profit from Amazon (add yourself as a seller in an existing Amazon listing)
  • Product sourcing: get your own wine bottle opener, water bottle, LED flashlight, vegetable peeler, muffin making pan, etc. created for pennies and sell on Amazon (create your own Amazon listing of a brand new product)

Those are the two strategies, and there are also two different ways you can ship items on Amazon:

  • Fulfilled by Merchant: you don’t send anything directly into Amazon, you just list it as your inventory. When it sells, you print the shipping label yourself and mail out to each customer
  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA): you send your items in a big box to Amazon, they sit in Amazon’s warehouse and you’re done. When a sale comes in, Amazon mails it out themselves using prime shipping

You can do both… have some of your inventory on-hand and more in Amazon’s warehouse. The point is there are four ways total:

  • Retail arbitrage + fulfilled by merchant: Great if you want to try this thing out, find a used book around the house, price it at a penny, make a dollar or two profit from shipping
  • Retail arbitrage + fulfilled by Amazon: My preferred way to do it, pick up a ton of SPECIFIC items from discount stores (like 20 water bottles that showed to have a HUGE seller ranking plus a huge profit margin), mail them all to Amazon in a box so I don’t have to print 20 different shipping labels when those items sell
  • Product sourcing + fulfilled by merchant: you could get, for example, a whistle or jump rope or foam roller made… have them ship samples directly to you, or even get that first shipment of 100 or 500 right to you. When the orders come in, YOU label and package and mail these items out so you don’t have to wait 1 week period for Amazon to process your inventory
  • Product sourcing + fulfilled by Amazon: this is where the big bucks are made. Have your product sourcer ship your items directly to Amazon’s warehouse (this is the method Lance used in our Dropship CEO course while I was playing around with retail arbitrage)

Lance and I have a course where we show us doing this called Dropship CEO, and to my knowledge (I don’t look TOO closely at competitors) — NO ONE combines both. Retrail arbitrage to get started, then product sourcing to ramp it up and scale.

SOLUTION: Start With Retail Arbitrage, Then Add Product Sourcing

What also surprised me is that several of the students inside that course realized they wanted to stop for a while and focus just on retail arbitrage… build that up and then switch over to product sourcing once they became tired of it. I think that’s a WAY better way to get started than jumping right into the product sourcing part of it.

And not to toot my own horn, but Dropship CEO course (showing BOTH retail arbitrage and product soucing with Amazon) is available to you instantly, right now. No 8 or 10 weeks of drip fed content, no theory, no padding. I want you to get started on this FAST instead of waiting a couple of months to make your first dollar (which would be the case if it was drip-fed).

Does Amazon take a small fee out of every item you sell? Of course. But so would eBay or PayPal. That’s called the cost of doing business.

Paid Amazon Ads: Huge Goldmine

There are also lots of hidden Amazon Seller opportunities “the others” skipped over for some reason. For example, Amazon has a paid advertising network that’s better for marketers than Google or Facebook. The very first day we advertised on it, Lance sent me a screenshot that showed 3 dollars profit for every 1 dollar spent.

I’ve ramped up my retail arbitrage too. I literally do it in 1 hour per week. I rush in while I’m already out and usually on my way home from something else, I load up the cart and usually buy out the store’s inventory of that item. I tell the cashier not to bother bagging my items, just scan and go. I load up a shipping box (re-used from previous Amazon purchases) and I even tell UPS to come by and pick up the full boxes from me. No more trips to the post office.

Let’s not get bogged down on technical details or get ourselves confused here.

Amazon is a great way for anyone to make money. Whether you’re looking for a side income, replacement income, or you want your kid to pay for their own college education (as Lance is doing with his daughter). Someone in your house should be doing this and I want to show you how inside our Dropship CEO Amazon course, so click right now.

CLICK HERE to Claim Your Amazon Seller Training

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028: Copycat Marketing: It’s How Business is Done

Listen to the latest episode of the Robert Plank Show called “Copycat Marketing: It’s How Business Is Done” — I think it will help you if you’ve ever been stuck for creativity in your online business OR if you feel you’ve ever been copied… you’ll also discover:

  • Why ideas are “memetic” and how you are guilty
  • How to shift your thinking into an abundance mindset and what it means to “already have stolen the TV”
  • The difference between mechanics and secret sauce copycats (when not to get offended)
  • How to be ready for it (because it’s happened before and will happen to you in the future)

“Copycat Marketing” FREE Report

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Question for You Today: Where exactly is that “line” between ripping something off and modeling it?

I’d love your short (or long) opinion in the comments below… so go ahead and leave a quick one right now.

Please take a moment to comment below.

027: Productivity and Time Management (The Secrets to Following Through and Getting Everything Done)

Check out the latest podcast episode to discover the seven secrets to getting it all done:

  1. Proper motivation
  2. Stability versus maintenance mode
  3. Let your neuroses and unhappiness work FOR you
  4. Declutter
  5. Avoid putting the horse before the cart
  6. Acting versus reacting
  7. Fear of completion & success

By checking out today’s training right now you’ll also discover:

  • How to avoid the trap of “having balls in the air” or “putting out fires”
  • The easiest way to ensure you’ll finish what you start
  • How to avoid self-sabotage and actually enjoy everything you do
  • Simplify your life while putting in less hours and getting more done at the same time
  • And more!

“Productivity and Time Management” FREE Report

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So go ahead, click that play button and please listen to the Robert Plank Show below and answer me this one question…

Out of the 7 “secrets to getting it all done” (the numbered list above) which one resonated with you the most and when will you start implementing it?

026: How to Create Direct Response Sales Letters in Minutes Using Paper Template

If you too want to discover how to easily turn words into cash, make money out of thin air, and create wealth anytime you want just by setting up a simple one-page website, then this will be the most important podcast you’ll ever hear… topics covered:

  • The most important “four step formula” you’ll ever need to know to create ANY web page (to get people to do what you want)
  • Robert Plank’s 7-part copywriting formula to get in done in SECONDS every time
  • The exact tool you’ll use to “point and click” your way to success and online sales

“Create Direct Response Sales Letters” FREE Report

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Click the “play” button and be sure to leave a question or comment (3 sentences or less) relating to today’s show… show me your direct response sales letter, ask me a question or share a tip about copywriting or about the Paper Template… do it now below…

Please let me know what you thought of this post... I'm dying to find out...

025: How to Make Your First 1000 Dollars Online

Whether you haven’t made your first dollar online yet OR you just want an extra boost for holiday money, pay off that vacation, end the year big and strong or hit the ground running for the beginning of next year, you’re going to want to tune in and turn on to today’s exciting, action-packed, and riveting program… topics covered:

  1. Offline Marketing (the fastest way to generate a few thousand bucks)
  2. Freelancing (often overlooked but easy and fun)
  3. Local Businesses (just 10 of these equals a full-time income with zero upkeep)
  4. Affiliate Marketing (this still works)
  5. Information Products (long term and scalable)

“How to Make Your First 1000 Dollars Online” FREE Report

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Recommended Podcasts in Today’s Show:

Be sure to listen to the podcast and leave your questions and comments below this post right now. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Option #1: how YOU earned your first $1000 online (tell me your quick story)
  • Option #2: which of these methods did you like the best
  • Option #3: which of these methods do you think you might use?

By the way, if you want to make this how you did (or want to) generate your first $1 or $1 million, or you don’t even want to give me the amount, that works too. Just give me your quick 1-2 sentence micro-story in the comments.

Does this help or do you have a problem with this?

End of Comments on the Robert Plank Blog?

We’re coming out with a brand new podcast episode next weekend called, “How to Make Your First 1000 Dollars Online”… and I want to share it with you but I need something from you first…

We are also coming up on the 5th anniversary of this site. I remember starting it thinking two things:

  1. I had already missed the “blogging gold rush” of 2005 (yeah right)
  2. If I post what I have to say on someone else’s message board, won’t that get more traffic, comments, and make me more money?
  3. I’m going to limit the number of comments on each post to 10 comments only (which was a lot of fun)

I think it’s far better to own and have a blog that you not only have FULL CONTROL over but is also PERMANENT… who’s going to go digging around on your Facebook timeline to find what you posted a year ago, or who’s going to scroll back to page 197 of that message board to find what you said last month?

It’s my site, so I can do whatever I want, but I want to know what you think about closing comments on this blog?

Every time I make a post I stress about how I’m going to get 20, 50, 100 people to leave a comment — and today I suddenly thought, maybe I should leave it closed and not worry about it?

Should I permanently disable the ability for you or anyone else to leave comments here? Yes or no? I want to know your thoughts and opinions in a comment below… it may be the last time!

(No, I won’t switch over to a Disqus or Facebook comment system. And no, this isn’t a marketing ploy of any kind, I’m seriously considering it.)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below…