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Robert Plank is an online business coach who would like to help you manage your time, get your life back, and simplify your daily activities. Using systems, checklists, and templates, you can write a book within an hour and become a published author within 12 hours. You can setup a membership site in a single day. Create a blog or podcast in 5 minutes or less, and so much more.

Systems & Checklists

There's a problem: you've been led to believe that running your own online business requires a huge amount of time and tons of technical know-how.

But in reality: internet marketing, WordPress blogging, online copywriting, product creation, and massive traffic (internet advertising) is easy when you apply the right system to create a "Robert Plank" style business.

How can Robert Plank help you and get your online business to where it needs to go? By breaking down most "technical" problems that you previously thought were impossible, into bite-sized pieces. The courses you buy from us give you everything you need to know (without the "noise") and re-inforced with checklists, templates, and real case studies. For example:

  • Get started on the internet: You can only make money online if you setup the three pillars: your list (subscribers, prospects, and previous customers), traffic (new leads and buyers coming in daily), and offers (things to sell these people, such as books, courses, or affiliate products).
  • Manage your time and get your life back: My alternate to to-do lists or time management system is Four Daily Tasks. Every day, just complete four measurable business-related tasks (one simple 15-minute task and then three 45-minute tasks).
  • Setup your internet presence with WordPress: We call this an Income Machine and it means you'll choose a niche (a topic, such as "real estate investing"), create a website (.com web address), lead capture page (get people to subscribe to you), autoresponder sequence (automatically follow-up with prospects via an email campaign), blog (share free information to get free web traffic), sales letter & payment button (explain a solution and ask for money), and traffic (run Facebook and Google advertisements).
  • Create a high ticket course or membership site: Our Membership Cube course, where we not only purchase a copy "Wishlist Member" for you, but get you to create a four-part course.
  • Sell more copies of your products: Webinar Crusher shows you how to use GoToWebinar and PowerPoint to present a one-hour pitch webinar (10 minute of a "Why" pattern interrupt & hook, 15 minutes in the "What" section where you present the 100,000 foot view, 20 minutes with the "How-To" magic trick or "wow" factor, and the 15 minute "What-If" pitch and irresistible offer at the end.
  • We'll also show you how to make money creating a book in under an hour and publishing it on Amazon (Make a Product)selling physical products with Amazon (Dropship CEO), and earning freelance income using Fiverr (Profit Dashboard).

Create a "Robert Plank" Business

Robert Plank can show you how to make your advertising work for you. Robert Plank makes a high six figure income on the internet creating information products, software tools, and webinar training. Then, advertising on the internet to turn it into a system that continues to function day in and day out.

Robert Plank Advertising Services & Business Advice

If you want to create a website that sells automatically, setup a WordPress membership site full of content (in MINUTES), build a huge list of responsive email subscribers, and run it on all on 100% automatic pilot, then you need to take Robert Plank's training and use his software tools every day in your business.

Using my software and training, I can show you how to advertise your business online through article marketing, SEO blogging, podcasting, Facebook advertising, AdWords, Amazon marketing and more.


Robert Plank has transformed several "below $2,000 per month" businesses and turned them into "$30,000+ per month" businesses using a few simple tweaks and proven strategies involving technology. Robert Plank will show you how to setup an entire internet business (your Income Machine) in 3 days or less: an opt-in funnel and autoresponder sequence, sales letter, membership site, and more! Then drive traffic: create a print book in 1 hour, a podcast in 5 minutes, Facebook fan page in 10 minutes... all to drive tons of traffic and have FUN making money. And in the process, excite and engage your visitors!

Many of his books are available on Amazon, including but not limited to:

Robert Plank has presented over 1,419 hours of webinar training and has over 1,002 pages of sales copy online.

Robert Plank has also published 4.7 million words worth of reports, transcripts, articles, and membership content in just a few months... and has written 100 articles in 1 day (and a book in 59 minutes). All using exact, step by step systems that anyone can easily repeat.

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Robert Plank

Yearly Breakdown

My name is Robert Plank, BS.CompSci. I am a PHP programmer and internet marketer.

In 2002, I began programming PHP scripts to pay for college. Brian Garvin and Gary Ambrose launched the first "big" script I ever wrote: Lightning Track, a link redirector, analytics tracker, link checker, split tester, and more.

In 2003, I began marketing information products teaching people how to code simple web pages using PHP.

In 2004, I released the first script to display Clickbank ads as if they were AdSense blocks of code.  I charged $197 for it.  There were about 10 free knockoffs within a month.

In 2005, I began maintaining a double-optin e-mail list (mostly buyers).

In 2006, I launched my first recurring membership site with Steven Schwartzman, called NicheSeeker.  After the success of that launch, I went into massive product creation mode and haven't been able to slow down since.

In 2007, I began selling tutorials with video. This boosted me to $5,000 average monthly profit as a result. I currently sell 30 downloadable infoproducts online teaching PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, WordPress, outsourcing, and copywriting.  Bought my dream car because of it.

In 2008, I averaged OVER $10,000 per month in profit every month, thanks to live webinars and resale rights.  Attended my first few offline seminars and began hosting online webinars.  Bought my first house... 4 bedroom 3 bath in California.

In 2009, I cleared $200,000 and had several $30,000 months of profit. Co-hosted my first couple offline seminars and sold my first few $997-per-person webinar classes with Lance Tamashiro!

In 2010, our business grossed over $550,000 in sales in one year mostly from weekly webinar courses and courses in a day. Yes, you too can record 4 to 8 live webinars in one day, then re-package the recordings as a fixed-term monthly membership site in the $100 per month range.

In 2011, we launched our first $2,497 per person offline event, presented at two different events outside the country and heavily marketed our software products, including Backup Creator (WordPress cloning tool) -- which sold 1000 copies in 11 hours, 2000 copies in 24 hours, and 3000 copies in 11 days -- and is now being used on over 77,000 sites!

In 2012, we established several "pain of disconnect" streams of income that still pay us to this day, setup a customer support desk, I started a podcast and published several books on Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace. Luckily, these are all documented in our training courses and you can follow in my footsteps.

In 2013, we made a huge push with our software products not just by improving Backup Creator but also launching Paper Template (WordPress sales letter plugin) and Member Genius (WordPress membership plugin) AND packaging them all together inside our brand new Income Machine 2.0 course.

In 2014, we launched our Dropship CEO Amazon FBA training program.

In 2015, we premiered our Website Remote service to manage all your WordPress sites in one place.

In 2016, I switched my podcast (The Robert Plank Show) from a once-a-week (40-60 minute) solo format to a 5-days-a-week (20 minute) interview format.


  1. I'm the co-creator of Backup Creator... the best WordPress backup and cloning plugin which automatically backs up your entire WordPress sites to FTP or S3.
  2. The best course of mine you can take to create a membership site quickly, and the right way, is Membership Cube -- and when you're ready to market that site with webinars, go ahead and join Webinar Crusher which includes the GoToWebinar service for free and our Webinar Optin plugin which registers your attendees to a webinar and your mailing list at the same time.
  3. The book I had the most fun writing was Fast Food Copywriting which shows how I write sales letters... with very little thinking and WITHOUT broad brushstrokes like "first craft the offer."  I wrote a follow-up book not too long after that, Five Minute Copywriting.  A close second favorite book is Time Management on Crack which lays out all my systems for blog posting, article writing, video creation, webinar classes, everything.

Here is what people have to say about Robert Plank...

I've taken classes from Robert for over a year now - actually since I first heard about Robert! And every single class he gives, I have picked up something that I could use to either save me a phenomenal amount of time or to monetize another product.

I simply had to write this today because one of his techniques just saved me over two hours, a lot of heartburn and/or $30 for my webmaster. When Robert first started showing us how to do thing, he touted a program called Edit plus.

The very first day he demonstrated it I was blown away by its ability to save time doing powerpoint presentations. Well, another thing he showed us was how to work directly online with our webpages through this program.

I had had no idea I could do this. So, today when I was finalizing my sales pages for a product launch for next week, I noticed problems that just had to be fixed NOW.

I almost started downloading the pages, then opening Front page but then I remembered Robert's tips on how to do it in Edit Plus. As a result, I got them all changed in 15 minutes and did not have to bother with worrying about which directory I uploaded/downloaded this to/from or spending the time to explain it all to my webmaster and then wait for him to get around to it. It's all done now. If you listen to every word he says, it will save you time or money or even BOTH!

Thanks Robert.

Terrie Wurzbacher, D.O.
San Antonio, Tx

Hey Robert
I hope this is a screaming success for you! I LOVE the stuff you produce, I always open your emails because I know that what you say you've got, is what you deliver, unlike many many others out there (even 'big' names). Your stuff is fantastic, I don't even read the whole way down before I buy, because I know your stuff will do what you say it will, and more. Your integrity is really clear and really strong, and I truly applaud you both for that.

The only complaint I've got is that you're so productive I can't keep up with you, and work! 🙂

But again, I hope this goes gangbusters for you, you are just wonderful, your mum must be really proud 🙂

Warm wishes

Sandy Kumskov

Keeping up with your product launches is like running after a bus you've just missed. You are a product machine! Keep up the good work.

Aaron Dwyer

If you haven't visited Robert's blog, then I recommend that you do. He shares some very valuable ideas with his blog readers, ideas that are worth more than a lot of stuff that I've paid for in the past.

John Taylor, Ph.D

Robert has come far in the last year or so in marketing. He's one I have fun watching grow!

We all know that his products are great, but he goes the extra mile to give his customers/readers out of the box info! And just think, most of his stuff is free or sell at a very low cost!

Great job Robert, and thanks for sharing with all of us!

Mary Murtha

Wow, I just bookmarked your site because wow is all I can say. You now have me fired up to get my blog running. (I even have my first and last name domain. I knew that would come in handy!)
Your ideas are right on, and I love the videos.

Robert, fantastic job!

Candance Gill

Robert Plank... PHP or PHD?

I've bought a load of stuff from Robert Plank. It's good. Very good. It's excellent value and highly educational. Most comment worthy are his Sales Page Tactics books which show you very sophisticated - and shockingly profitable - techniques that boost conversion rates.

If you want to run your own nickel sale where the price of your product jumps by 5c per sale or you want to turn all your websites into your affiliate program (this one's very clever!) then check out his product range.

William Charlwood

Robert Plank is just a doggone nice guy. Anything that Robert creates is top quality, I know, because my hard drive is full of his products and creations that I've bought. He is an easy-to-follow teacher who doesn't talk gibberish you can't understand but rather renders his tutorials in easy English that nearly anyone can understand.

He takes his time, he gives you understandable examples he's just amazing, IMHO. Anyway, today I got my hands on his newest ebook Head First PHP.

I'm glad I got my copy - I've always wanted to learn how to program with PHP! (Now I have to get busy studying!)

Donna Maher

Just checked out Robert Plank's site/blog.

Looks useful, and I like his philosophy.

He's selling an ebook/script/video package that he's continually adding to, and with each update, the price goes up. However, if you "buy now", you get the future updates for free.
He's even published how many he's sold at each price, which is almost unheard of.
And they're not over-inflated numbers either.

It's that sort of honesty which earns my respect.

He has no problem with people modifying his scripts, either.

Oh, and I just bought a copy. it's currently at $17.50.
Once I've been through it all, I'll do a mini-review if anyone's interested.

I downloaded 3 of Robert plank's free scripts. Pretty good stuff.

Then today, because I'm on his mailing list, I received an offer to buy some scripts and videos in one of those increasing price sales. Starting price just 5 cents, increasing by 5 cents after every sale. I got in for $2.25.
An absolute bargain for some excellent scripts.

They are well-written, too. Not hacked together by some self-taught programmer, like some scripts I've come across.

I'd recommend him to anyone who needs PHP scripts or wants to learn PHP (he has PHP course ebooks as well).

Phil Rogers

Robert offered PushButtonPHP.com a few different times on the forum, each time with the price being higher than the time before. People were rushing in droves to get a copy before the price increase, and at one point, it was completely sold out.

I managed to get my hands on a copy of all of his script packages and reviewed each one thoroughly, including implementing these scripts onto different websites I manage.

As a programmer myself, I knew that it would be simple to get these scripts going, my concern was whether a newbie who had no knowledge of programming could be just as successful installing and activating these scripts.

Robert really does seem to have the ability to "think like a newbie", by making his scripts as user-friendly and fool proof as possible. His sales-page featured the following ad:

"If You Can Copy and Paste, You Can Enhance
Your Web Sites Today And Throw
Your Monthly Income Into Overdrive,
With A Couple of Easy Painless Tweaks!"

In all reality, he's telling the truth, it really is as simple as copying and pasting the code into your website pages. He also provides video tutorials on exactly how to do it, and his style is fresh, energetic and personable.

As a fellow coder, I give kudos to Robert for making it all not only seem easy, but BE easy for anyone to do, regardless of what level you are, or how many scripts you have ever installed, if any.

Jake Riley

Robert is an excellent PHP programmer, and I own a lot of the info products that he's written on the topic.

Willie Crawford

Robert Plank is doing some cool stuff with PHP and Javascript.

I recently came across Robert Plank's web site and noticed that he is doing some cool stuff with his web site, using PHP and Javascript. The one that I liked the most is his use of JV Plus, which allows you to easily have an affiliate program promoting your blog and still be able to allow your affiliates to make money with your products.

I recommend you to visit Robert's web site and enjoy the insightful posts about various aspects of Internet marketing and PHP/Javascript programming. He has a large number of utilities listed in the right sidebar which may help you run your website, blogs and business with much more converting power than you may be having now.

Arun Agrawal

most bloggers don't integrate email marketing as they should.

I just reminded the guy in the mirror to get with it 🙂

Robert Plank is a master of using these to look for his emails
and then driving you to his blog about IM.

Dr. Michael Quadlander

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