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838: Tactics vs. Strategies: Boost Your Social Engagement and Develop Consistent Traffic with Paid Ads, Funnels, and Tracking with Oliver Feakins

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Do you consider hiring a digital marketing agency for your business? Let's face it: even the savviest marketing teams don't always have the resources to devote to digital marketing. Businesses benefit from digital marketing agencies by developing complete online strategies and optimizing their digital presence. In this episode, we have invited Oliver Feakins. Oliver is an Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer who mentors local universities, technology groups, startup competitions and speaks at conferences across the country on digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Tune in to this episode to learn more!


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837: Remote Work From Home Masterplan: Implement the Entrepreneur Lifestyle with Mike Arnold

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Have you ever considered working from home? What are the challenges you might face, and what can you do to make the most of them? Many individuals simply go through their days attempting to be the best they can be in dealing with everything that comes their way. In this episode, we have invited Mike Arnold. Mike is a work-at-home entrepreneur. He has skills that range from business management to business development, time management, strategy, efficiency, coaching, and much more. Tune in to this episode to learn more!


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836: PodMatch: Network with Podcast Guests and Hosts to Build Your Reach, Influence, and Traffic with Alex Sanfilippo

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Ever wondered who can be the perfect guest to your podcast? Or are you struggling to keep your podcast in shape? Alex Sanfilippo created the solution to the problems most podcasters have, he created the powerful tools for podcasters to use and a system that can make your podcast into a great shape! Let’s tune in to this episode to learn more about these websites!


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835: Leading Teams Effectively to Grow your Business with Amy Anderson

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Want to build an effective team that delivers compelling, results-driven marketing plans and programs that work? If you are struggling to manage your team and clients, then Amy Anderson can help you with just that. She has the exceptional ability to advise business owners and management teams and lead cross-functional teams to develop and achieve strategic and revenue goals. If you want to know more about Amy and how she can help you grow your business better, listen to this episode! Amy is going to talk about client management, team management, and how to balance your work and personal life. Tune in to this episode because you don’t want to miss it!


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How to Build a Successful Internet Marketing Business in 2022

Friday, January 7, 2022

I've been really consistent with the podcast lately, showing up to all my scheduled interviews -- 6 this week.

The real secret to creating a successful podcast that doesn't simply fail, is to interview other people. You create a Calendly account (free), to setup a special link with your "office hours" -- your future guest submits their bio to you and it adds the meeting to your Google Calendar. When the meeting times rolls around, you click the one button to open your Zoom room, have a discussion with your guest for 20 minutes, and that's an episode. We explain this inside our Podcast Crusher system and we have a monthly service called DFY Podcast where we do all the tasks for your podcast like editing, production, publishing to all the channels, marketing like writing your promotional emails, social graphics, etc.

When most people think about a "podcast" they think about sitting alone in a room for hundreds of episodes on end, or maybe with the same host every time. Instead, network with other people in your industry or even a little bit outside your industry... they give you content, traffic, and "networking"... and you even pick up all kinds of cool ideas for yourself.

For example, yesterday I interviewed Smooth Sailing Captain Lyndsay Phillips (the "other" Capt. Phillips) who delivered this juicy morsel: create the occasional blog post or promo email that's a "round up" or "curation" of some of your recent podcast episodes. We haven't premiered the episode yet, but that's what I'm doing now!

What's interesting about this idea for YOU and your podcast is that you can "string" together a little bit of an action plan. For example:

Website Rental Local Lead Generation Side Hustle

I was really impressed with guest Luke Van Der Veer's "Website Rental" idea. Click here to listen to the episode. His concept works like this:

  • choose a service-based industry located in your local area, like "garage door opener repair."
  • create a landing page to collect leads, optimize that page for Google ranking, use your internet marketing skills to start sending traffic
  • while you're waiting for those steps to pay off, monitor social media -- I'm talking about Facebook groups focused on your geographical area, NextDoor, places like that -- proactively looking for people seeking garage door repair

When that "local" lead seeking garage door repair comes in, perhaps someone you found on social media, you now call around your local area to locate that garage door repairman, and land them that new business for free.

Repeat this process until you are consistently finding garage door repair leads and hooking them up with a solution that same day. By this point, you ideally get some consistent traffic, and perhaps you rank highly in Google for "[city name] garage door repair" at which point, you can charge that garage door repair client a monthly fee in exchange for the leads your landing page is bringing in. It's a cool "side hustle" of an idea that could grow into a larger business for you.

Charge What You're Worth By Working Less

Mike Killen, author of Five Figure Funnels, was also an extremely impressive guest you should check out. His idea: you're working too hard. Instead of scrambling for low-ticket clients, Mike says you should work backwards...

  • Let's say you want to earn $100k per year...
  • Cut this up into landing four $25k clients
  • Spend each quarter marketing your $25k package with the goal of landing one sale

It's an interesting way for you to stop "scrambling" so much and to simplify what you do.

Make Sure It All Leads to Something

Finally, another guest that completely blew me away was John Warrillow, from "Built to Sell." The usual paradox with selling a business is: in order to find an excited buyer, the business has to be on its way up (instead of something you're tired of), and consistently making money.

John's answer to this is: you should make the steps to sell your business anyway, so that you'll have more freedom. If someone buys your business, you can use that money to retire OR buy a new business and repeat the process.

The overall strategy with selling your business is sort of like "e-myth on crack." The point of The E-Myth is that you're probably doing all the work in your business, so you should systematize what you do into a repeatable checklist, and then act as the "Manager" who tells the "Workers" what tasks to complete. Then, hire a "Manager" (or many managers) to tell the workers what to do, making you the "Boss."

John says that you should continue this process until you pay a "Boss" to run your company, making the hierarchy Owner -> Boss -> Managers -> Workers.

Your sole job as the "Owner" is no longer to run the company, but spend all your time finding a buyer.

I am more than willing to introduce you to any of the guests from my podcast as guests for your show, if you're in need of content, connections, and traffic. The secret to you creating a podcast is just getting started (our DFY Podcast team will setup your podcast for free) and the secret to continuing your successful podcast is to delegate the "hard" technical work. Just show up to your interviews so it's not a time suck or a "beast" that requires you to learn -- and perform -- a ton of tasks. Just show up to your podcast as the "talent" and let our team do everything else.

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834: Built to Sell: Create a Business That Thrives On Its Own with John Warrillow

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Do you want to build a valuable business that can thrive without you even laying a finger? If you are a parent, your goal for your children is to make them an independent and thriving member of society. And this is the same for business owners. If you are an entrepreneur, your goal is not to sell the product but to sell the company. The goal is to build a business that thrives and creates profit without you. Tune in to this episode as John Warrillow shares how you can build a successful thriving business without you!


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833: Have Meaningful Customer Surveys and Conversations to Create Meaningful Ideas with Darshan Mehta

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

How are great ideas created? Many times, ideas come from the thought of two people or even multiple people just having a conversation over a cup of coffee. As entrepreneurs, these are the conversations that we should look for. Engaging in conversations with other people can give you that “Aha!” moment. But how exactly can we engage in those types of conversations? Listen to this episode to know more! Darshan Mehta of iResearch is going to talk about how you can create meaningful conversations. Stay Tuned!


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832: Brand Strategy 101: Market and Product Research, Product Design, and Brand Awareness with Michael Keplinger

Thursday, December 30, 2021

How do well-known products become well-known? Did they succeed ‘coincidentally’ and became viral or have they employed a brand strategy to make things happen? A LOT of things goes into the process of creating a product. From conducting market research, designing and formulating the product, to its packaging, time and effort are heavily invested to craft such “art.” And Michael Keplinger believes that having an effective and cohesive brand strategy is your best bet to succeed in your market! Tune in to learn more as Michael unlocks the secrets to brand strategies!


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831: Grow, Build and Generate Leads for Your Business Using Video Editing Tools with Augie Johnston

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Have you always wished you could create high-quality videos? Aspiring to become the next internet sensation? Or are you just starting your company and want to increase your consumer base by running ads on social media platforms but feel ill-equipped and have little to no funding to do so? VidChops, as a video editing program, enables customers to expand their businesses by quickly creating high-quality films. Users can upload their raw video footage to this platform, and expert editors will edit it within two business days. Augie Johnston will discuss the fantastic video editing tools that top Youtubers have used to create professional-looking campaign advertisements. Tune in to learn more!


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830: Unlock Your Income Potential Using Online Marketing & Sales Strategies with Rose Radford

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Are you battling to maintain your business afloat to earn a steady amount of revenue? Do you fear that all your efforts will go to waste? Or, even worse, do you feel as though the habits you've formed are gradually causing you exhaustion and burnout? Have you ever wondered if there are any shortcuts or cheat sheets that will help you maximize your business's potential? Rose Radford is a Type-A female entrepreneur who serves as a business strategist, coach, and Tedx speaker. Her goal is to assist 100,000 women in unlocking their financial potential through business and Inner Wealth Work® by 2025, and she has made significant progress toward that goal since her launch in 2018. Rose assists her clients in developing the mentality and approach necessary to step up their game and unlock their power to earn money and make a difference in their unique way through private coaching, online programs, and speaking engagements. Find out more on how to get started!


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