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717: Digital Storytelling, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) with Cryptopreneur Dennis Lewis

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Dennis Lewis is a seasoned digital storyteller and blockchain marketing specialist with a proven track record in both Europe and the United States. He has successfully lead to market and exited multiple startup companies, and prides himself on his ability to make complex projects easy to understand and relatable. In a marketing landscape increasingly obsessed with shiny objects and overly complicated sales funnels, Dennis still believes that the key to any successful marketing campaign are the words on the page.

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716: Gain Visibility to Get Your Audience Listening and Watching: Be Seen in a Big Way with Kathleen Gage

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

After nearly 25 years in business, Kathleen Gage is doing what most entrepreneurs would never dream of doing; changing her business direction and market in a big way. Creating a level of success many entrepreneurs aspired to achieve, Kathleen discovered a passion that had been percolating under the surface for years; a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

As an award winning marketing consulting, Kathleen is utilizing the very strategies she teaches her clients to quickly grow her market reach, client base and position.



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715: Do Your Happy and Get the Spark Back to Make Better Decisions: Recover Passion, Re-Ignite Creativity, and Have Fun with Vernon Brown

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

From cover model to CEO, Vernon is driven and uses his intuition to find a customized regimen that works for his clients that expand the nation. Vernon has been featured most recently on Entrepreneurial Grind, Cracking the Entrepreneur Code and the National Speaker Association (NSA) and Speaking Driven Business Podcast.

Vernon Brown’s work has touched the lives of thousands of Executives to increase employee engagement. As well as, Entrepreneurs who have doubled their business beyond six figures and has helped save countless personal relationships in the process.

While helping clients find and sustain their happiness, his biggest achievement is instilling these life lessons on his young son, Logan. Vernon strives to create change and fulfillment from within that can truly be spread generationally.


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714: Create Short, Informative, Entertaining Videos to Get Traffic, Grow Your List, Build Trust, and Sell with Colin Hogan

Monday, June 1, 2020

After successfully navigating his way through management roles in the corporate sector (banks, tech startups, etc.) and semi-successfully trudging through the comedy industry, Colin Hogan stumbled upon Demo Duck in 2014. Finding his footing relatively quickly, he was soon leading projects with brands located all over the world. In 2017, Colin was handed the reins of the company when he was promoted to Managing Director and has averaged 25% growth every year since. He is one of those lucky people who absolutely loves what he does.

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713: Partnerships, Relationships, Collaboration: Create, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast with Benjamin Shapiro

Friday, May 29, 2020

Benjamin Shapiro is a brand development & marketing strategy consultant. He left a successful career in business development at eBay to become an entrepreneur that has run a bootstrapped startup, multiple marketing teams at early-stage VC-backed companies, and an independent consulting & content business.

Benjamin specializes in helping growth-stage companies understand how to identify the overlap between corporate identity and customer needs to build an effective marketing strategy. He is also the producer & host of the top-rated MarTech Podcast.


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712: Get Attention From Viral Videos with Adam Lundquist

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Adam Lundquist is a Harvard-educated agency owner and former radio shock jock from Santa Barbara radio. When Adam published one of his interviews on a newly-formed platform called YouTube, it became one of the first viral videos, sparking his initial interest in the power of the internet, as well as internet marketing.

Adam has been featured on traditional media like MTV, VH1, and the Best Damn Sports Show. He’s taken his knowledge of traditional media translated it successfully into new media as a featured author in Search Engine Journal, PPC Hero, and WordStream, amongst others. His company Nerds Do it Better consistently delivers paid search campaigns utilizing advanced statistical analysis developed at Harvard. With this method, Adam and his team are able to remove inefficiencies in marketing and generate more customers on a consistent basis in a cost-effective way.

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711: Start With Why and Build Your Interview-Based 7 Hour Book with Nick Raithel

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Nick Raithel is the creator of the the 7-Hour Book is a system that allows you to get your own professionally-published book in just 7 hours. With NO work. Things you will learn in this episode:

  1. What is 7-Hour book?
  2. How to decide if writing a book is the best tactic in your marketing strategy?
  3. Factors considered when deciding that publishing a book is the best marketing channel
  4. Determine one marketing strategy in creating a book
  5. What does it mean when we are using our book for self defense?
  6. How is the seven hour book different and what makes it the best solution among others
  7. The 7-Hour book process includes structuring, guided interviews, and book creation

What is the 7-Hour book?

The 7-Hour book is a system that allows any entrepreneur to write their own professionally-published book while spending only 7 hours of their time on it.

It helps entrepreneurs and others in business to share their stories and the ultimate way for them to share their insights is to publish a book. It finally provides
entrepreneurs the recognition they deserve.

How to decide if writing a book is the best tactic in your marketing strategy?

Always start asking yourself the why questions. Consider all the other marketing strategies used by many- podcast, a YouTube channel, or Facebook ads and weigh on them and decide if publishing a book is the best marketing strategy that will work for you. Once you have decided and stirred from the other marketing channels, all the idea will just come to the surface and just believe in yourself that you are unique and has knowledge, insights, and perspectives that others don't have.

Factors considered when deciding that publishing a book is the best marketing channel

Figuring out the "why" of publishing a book. Figuring out the things you want to achieve through the book and will the book be helpful on achieving these things. For example, you want to reach a certain market who is more traditional based in terms of seeking information, then the book is the best tool to educate them with your business.

Determine one marketing strategy in creating a book

Bring in marketing partners to your book and having them provide some of the content, or giving them a shout out in your content. In that way, they will not only provide you with a content, but they also then have an interest in promoting the book and marketing the book when it's out.

What does it mean when we are using our book for self defense?

It means it is safeguarding and defending your time from a situation where a person if you provided them with your book ahead of time, you might have been able to educate them and help them to see for themselves whether or not it made sense to continue talking to you. It helps people get to know more about you, what you do and decide if connecting with you will help them.

How is the seven hour book different and what makes it the best solution among others?

It strips out time as an excuse to not get a book done. It will only require seven one hour sessions from the client which could be scheduled anytime.

It comes from a marketing standpoint. The content of the book and how it is written comes from a business context that will draw your target market to your business.

The 7-Hour book process includes structuring, guided interviews, and book creation

Going over the book and segment each chapter of the book in a call. It is a 100% collaborative approach done in an interview style. Part of it is discussing ideas, asking questions that would essentially yield answers from the client's point of view and our writers take notes from these discussion and create a book from there.

If you are interested in Chatting with Nick Raithel and the team, and want to have your own 7-hour book to promote your business, visit their website at Content Corps and create that change in your business!

Visit his website Content Corps

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710: Website Redesign & Rebranding: Build Trust Using Hero’s Journey Self-Transformation and Change the World with Chris Yoko

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Chris Yoko is the founder of Yokoco, a company that provides full-service web presence management to companies and organizations we consider heroic.


Things you will learn in this episode:

  1. What is Yoko Co?
  2. Using the Joseph Campbell's Hero Journey Roadmap?
  3. What is the first big step in the Hero Journey concept?
  4. How does Yoko Co help organizations?
  5. What are the common problems that the organizations are experiencing on their website?
  6. How do you decide on what steps to take in helping a business improve their website and web presence?
  7. How long does the process start to take effect?
  8. Do you have a specific company that stands out in terms results after working with them?
  9. Do you recommend for businesses to embody a purpose beyond profit?  


> What is Joseph Campbell's Hero Journey Roadmap and how do you relate it to websites?

- it is patterned from Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces literary piece about the journey of a hero in world myths. Yoko Co applies this  concept to the journey of their clients as they work to leverage their web presence.


> What is the first big step in the Hero Journey concept?

- Self-Transformation. You start within you. Changing the way you project who you are to the world will change the way people behave towards you. It leads to a greater impact and creates a ripple effect across the world.


> How does Yoko Co help organizations? What makes them stand out among others?

- Yoko Co helps organizations increase the effect that they have with the customers, clients, patients through improving their website presence. Through word of mouth and referrals from the clients that they have worked with, Yoko Co remains to deliver great results and helped a lot of businesses across the world.


> What are the common problems that the organizations are experiencing on their website?

- not getting steady influx of communication or interaction on our websites that it used to have before. It may be from leads, interested parties for partnerships etc. That is the biggest factor to consider as opportunity of a breakthrough to rebrand or rename your website.


> How do you decide on what steps to take in helping a business improve their website and web presence?

Applying the best practices we have to get things started and do the tracking across the whole business

- For most of the Yoko Co clients, they start with a Full Funnel Report that answers questions like:

  • What are social, search impressions, and views of the website look like?
  • Are they translated into traffic or do they visit the website? 
  • Do these people (traffic) engage in the website? Does the traffic convert in any level?
  • How do these traffic convert into sales qualified leads? 
  • How did they go through the sales process?
  • What did the people purchase, or depending on the classification of a clienthow did they become members or engaged partners?


>How long does the process start to take effect?

There is no specific timeline. It varies from one organization to another. There should be enough improvement on traffic and relevant data and interaction to consider a significant level of change. 


> Do you have a specific company that stands out in terms of results after working with them?

- Yoko Co aims to work exclusively with organizations that have a passion or purpose beyond just profit. Recent favorite is Andes Amazon Fund. It conserves the biodiversity, ecosystems, and environmental health of the Andes and Amazon.


> Do you recommend for businesses to embody a purpose beyond profit?  

Yes. There's a big difference between organizations authentically concerned, and wanting to create a big impact in the world and organizations who just do it for marketing. We have worked with organizations who aspire to make some change but don't know exactly know what that is in relation to their mission. There's a lot of opportunities on how to create a big impact and make some change in the world but it should something the organization should authentically believe, support, and embody through their mission and values. It helps that Yoko Co has worked with different types of organizations because in one way or another, we can repurpose and borrow information to help our clients see a bigger picture and help them get into that purpose and at the same time improve their web presence.


If you are interested in Chatting with Chris Yoko and the team, visit their website at and make that change or redo things with your business on your website.

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709: Time Control: Perspective, Patience, Mindset and Belief with Sasha Laghonh

Monday, May 25, 2020

Sasha Laghonh of is here to tell you about entrepreneurial Tips for people starting up a business and dealing your life journey.


1) Make sure that you plan your business and your project. 

- You need to decide who are decision makers in the business that you are running. Remember that it is YOUR BUSINESS that you are running and it is you who invested on resources to make your plans come to life. You don't need too many people as decision makers in the business. As the owner of the business, make sure to take lead the team and be the decision maker.



 You need to be able to distinguish needs from wants. Know the difference among needs, resources and wants. Don't pattern your business based on what you see on other people's businesses, trying to keep up with the trends, or just being fancy. Make sure whatever you invest on is something that is useful and purposeful in your business and in that way you will stand out among other businesses.



- Be mindful of your time that includes deciding who you spend your time with, what you are doing with your time, where you invest your time in. Always consider your priorities for the week or month and set out goals. Be careful who seek you for in terms of guidance and information because they could either make or break you. Do not go into the habit of pleasing everybody because in reality you can never please everyone. "Say no more than yes"



- Focus and stay committed to your goal. Your strategies and goals should be long term but ensure that you remain the attitude of being flexible in your mindset and decision making process. It is important that you accept that you can't control everything. But remember you are accountable for your own business so you can control the decisions you make with regards to the people that you bring in and engage with and the clients that you entertain. Always be open to learning, be coachable and open to new ideas. Otherwise, you're not gonna last long.


- Take enough time to do your research and digest it. Do not rush on your decisions. Read, talk to people who have done something similar, go to consultations and seminars. Process and digest all the information you have and decide whether to apply, discard, or save them for later.



- Believe on yourself that you can do it. Initially, do not think so much of the competition but focus more on the opportunities that you could work with to make your business grow. Have a right business mindset but most importantly set your BELIEFS. All your business decisions should be anchored to your BELIEFS. In that way, you will be able to sustain your identity or your own business. Rely on yourself the most because the only person who's going to help you is YOU. You don't need the validation of other people.



- Remove people who are taking away your opportunity for your full potential to come full circle. Most of the time they are just noises who dictate your life with their "advices and tips" but in reality they are just distractions to a greater mission. But you also have to maintain the balance and keep those people who really matter in your life. Do not compromise your relationship with your friends and family who have been there with you from the very beginning. These people who truly care about you only want to see you succeed. Do not forget where you came from and how you got there.



- Do not be complacent and settle for anything less. You should always strive harder to be better than your best. Your mindset should be- You're only as good as your last big sale or you're only as good as your last successful project. Your biggest competition is yourself. Another point, do not compromise and lose important relationships. Nurture your relationships with people especially those who have helped you to be in the place you are right now. Give importance to people who share the same goal and took part of a greater mission. Lastly, do not take results for granted and be consistent with your goals and mission. And always remain Humble while you are achieving your dreams!



- Make sure your team is teachable. Each individual on your team has their own expertise but make sure that they are also open to learn from others and embrace working interdepently with every one else. This will allow your team to increase their skills and interests.



- Adhere to your principles throughout your business journey. Don't end up compromising your principles and beliefs just for a short term benefit. Do not make money as your only goal. Money is only a material thing.


"You want to be known as the entrepreneur that on a good day or bad day, whether it is your critic or your ally or your advocate, when they think of you, no matter how they feel, they will still speak well of you because they know that you don't compromise your principles"

"And when people look you in the eye, you want to be known for your character.And when people know you for your character, they can also assess how you do business."


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708: Build Your Learning Management System Course Using WordPress or Kajabi with WP-Tonic Podcast Host Jonathan Denwood

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Jonathan Denwood is a leading influencer in the WordPress space (with his own leading podcast in the eLearning entrepreneurship WordPress area) and a champion of the eLearning Entrepreneur who wants to build a substantial online business.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. What you need to know when you start creating a website?
  2. Does the type of platform in hosting a course matters?
  3. Can you share great functions, plug-ins, features of WordPress that are not present on other platforms?
  4. What is Learning Manage System (LMS) and what are the fun things you can do with it?
  5. What are the considerations when you decide to build a course using WordPress?
  6. What is Caching?

What you need to know when you start creating a website? When starting a website, you need to decide and know your foundations. Start asking questions like:

  1. Is the content I am creating in demand, useful, and purposeful?
  2. Will this content solve a real-life problem?
  3. Will I earn money from creating this content?

Does the type of platform in hosting a course matter?

If you intend to build a real business, it is best to build that on WordPress. WordPress is easy and intuitive to use. Managing content compared to other SAS Platforms is easier and simpler. It is also extremely customizable. On the otherhand, other SAS Platforms that you subscribe monthly are also great to use and they tend to market themselves as the "easy solution" but in reality they are much more complicated and complex than the WordPress. You are spending much more money on these platforms but functionalities and features are very limited depending on your package, and it's not easy to migrate out from these systems.

Can you share great functions, plug-ins, features of WordPress that are not present on other platforms?

There are two areas where WordPress excels: First, the development of page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, and Beaver Builder with drag and drop feature.
Second, Learning management system which gives you a lot of new features like having badges, take quizzes, tracking student's progress etc.

What is Learning Manage System (LMS) and what are the fun things you can do with it?

LMS increases the features and functions of a simple course. It helps you to generate good income. You can download extra materials like pdfs, quizzes, games, certificates, badges, etc.

What are the considerations when you decide to build a course using WordPress?

Do not buy cheap hosting mobile for your initial hosting package. Buying from hosting provider like blue host for $3 a month will not help you start-up your business on building content on wordpress. It will give you a terrible experience. Initially, you need to invest on choosing your hosting mobile and look into getting those around $20, $30, $35 for your initial hosting package on your membership site. Reliable providers like WP- Tonic and WP-Engine among many others will help your website run fast, it can handle the traffic, and allows multiple members to use the website at the same time.

What is Caching?

It is a layer that allows to store up data so that future requests for that data are served up faster than is possible by accessing the data’s primary storage location.

To learn more about WordPress, go to WP-Tonic and listen to our podcast about WordPress, latest features, plug-ins, page builders, learning management systems that you can get. Other services include: e-learning materials like blogs and training videos for entrepreneurs who want to build substantial online businesses, providing hosting and all the software included that starts at $35 a month, semi-custom and full-custom build-outs, they also ensure that your plug-ins up-to-date and your websites are secured.


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