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748: Live Longer, Happier and Healthier By Improving Your Posture with Tana Hope

Friday, September 18, 2020

Tana Hope is here to deliver some much-needed advice to entrepreneurs about health, posture, longevity, and taking better care of ourselves -- including advice on exercise, sleep, diet, and more.


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747: Mission, Ownership, Competence: Remove Yourself from Your Business and Create a High Performance Organization with Peter Montoya

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Peter Montoya is a thought leader, skilled orator, and leadership strategist with real-life experience driving his insights and ideas.

Peter shares the innovative leadership and high-performance system he used to transform his software company from the brink of bankruptcy to a multi-million dollar exit ... all without partners, outside equity, or debt. Peter has developed a revolutionary system that empowers people to prevail and succeed in any market, in any climate, at any time.

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746: Email Marketing, Copywriting & Conversion with Alchemist of Persuasion Adil Amarsi

Monday, August 10, 2020


Adil Amarsi has been writing sales copy professionally since he turned 18 in late 2007. During that time he has broken countless records and developed an infamous reputation for the effectiveness of his copy.

Having started writing copy from age 12, Adil has been able to see how industries and markets have evolved and since then, he's gone on to use his talents to help his clients generate over $700 Million in sales from his work (and that's what he can track).

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745: Transformation vs. Solution: Proven Marketing Principles for Cashflow Podcasting with Ben Krueger

Friday, August 7, 2020


Ben Krueger is the Podcast Educator, Founder & CEO of Cashflow Podcasting and he’s dedicated to helping Industry Advocates to start, launch and grow world-class podcasts for their businesses. He believes podcasting is one of the best tools to help leaders reach more people, connect more deeply and make an impact because it allows them to educate, motivate and advocate at scale like nothing else.


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744: Semi-Automated LinkedIn Marketing: Find Prospects and Convert Them Into Buyers with Gessie Schechinger

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Gessie Schechinger is the laziest salesman in America as well as Vice President of Sales for the OnCourse Sales Engagement Platform. Gessie is passionate about leveraging technology and automation to surpass revenue targets so he can help protect golf and bar time for the salespeople of the world.

Gessie won annual sales awards at 2 different Fortune 500 companies. His 20+ years of sales experience began in an outbound call center where he averaged 450 calls per week and blew out his quota by 297%. Unsurprisingly, he moved to field sales where he traveled 300 days a year convincing the biggest companies in the United States to open their wallet. He now spends his time educating sales leaders to utilize the most effective sales tool in the world and co-hosts TechTales podcast.



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743: Apply the Book Formula Process to Write an Easy Book in Record Time and Get Clients

Monday, August 3, 2020


Robert Plank shares amazing insights of his Book Formula Workshop on how creating a book can help local marketing agencies connect with local businesses in their community, leveraging this as a social proof to get out there, be recognized, connect with people, and in result exponentially grow their own businesses.

You don’t need to be an expert to write a book. For local marketing agencies who have a Local Marketing Asset you can have your book talk about what the LMA can do for your local agency. Or talk about how to set up a Local Media Asset. First is to create a Facebook page, add a website. And then later on, add some contact information or a handful of ideas for some of these local businesses to maybe think about some things outside the box. For the content maybe talk about the type of posts you put out there on your page to get engagement including the MEMES, interesting stories, local news & events, and basically case studies.

Take a step-by-step process on creating a book. Do it incrementally so you’ll never get stuck. Set up a good enough book at first then just add some cool ideas and fun things as you get better at doing it. With that you’ll never get a half-finished book.

Having a book can be leveraged to connect to people and eventually increase your business. It is an amazing marketing tool and makes you stand out especially when you are out there prospecting and networking.

The thing business owners should keep in mind especially when they speak in a local summit or big events is to ensure that they can reuse the content and not let it die in a span of 12 months. You can create a book by recording the talk, get it transcribed, edit, and put it into a book and sell out to those people who participated in the summit.

There are many ideas when creating a book. You can make the mock up book, you can make the quick book that is your actual business card and kind of goes more into detail about the things that you do have a menu of your services have links to your own products or your own other books or you know, any an easy thing that anyone can do is make a list of your favorite tools in whatever in whatever capacity you run your business. 

Book on its own is not enough or not a magic button. It should be coupled with the followup and have a local media asset page. It gives you one more step ahead of some of these other people that don’t even have a book.

Utilizing your podcast show where you have the opportunity to sit down and interview somebody in depth. You’re extracting the information from those interviews, having them transcribed and then put them into a book in different chapters is an amazing excuse to be able to walk back into that business and hand that business owner a book with their image on it. It is a cool way to connect to this local business owner.

A blank book can work as a business card because you have your contact details in there. You have bio, you have your web address at the bottom, maybe you put your phone number on it.

You could have a book with no pages and say place to take notes and line my mind. You could have a thing to say take notes, but the footer of every page had your, your name, your website, your phone number.

You could get the mock up made and then while you're still scrambling to finish the inside of the book, start putting out videos or send those reaching out videos to local businesses and just be like “My name's Drew Griffin and I have an upcoming book called local media assets”.They don't have to know that there's nothing written yet and it's still in process.

Simpler can be better. You should not put your entire life knowledge into a book because no one will care about it. Except for you. It'll be too weird. Think in terms of where people are stuck, how can you help them? What are some easy tools or what are some easy tasks that you could do for them, but if they don't want you, they're free to go ahead and try it on their own. 

Book Formula Course

  • Figuring out books hook, concept, cover & mock up. Title, Picture, Author Name, (Front) Picture, Bio, Website (Back)
  • 1st module: figure out idea and have the mock-up business card book
  • 2nd module: Doodle & Present Method- draw a doodle or a diagram or graphic presentation to outline your book content.
  • 3rd Module: Transcribe, edit it yourself, 
  • Bonuses include... How to use your book to get on podcasts and sell more copies of it
  • How to make an audio book format. You can give away promo codes where someone can take a special code, go to, get your audiobook for free. If someone gets an audiobook for free, that boosts your sales for the print book on Amazon. Plus you can follow-up and get them to review the audio book. 
  • The audiobook contains Compilation book
  • How to make a website based on your book
  • Get interviewed about your book on Marketer of the Day Podcast



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742: Facebook Campaigns and Retargeting: Discover Profitable Paid Social Ads with Naira Perez

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Naira Perez has been in marketing for almost 20 years and has been able to work with several industries and some Fortune 500 brands. She got her start in direct response advertising, building brands on TV before digital was even a thing; she received daily reports of calls and orders from clients, and through that data, modified paid media plans and placements as needed to better serve clients.

Naira founded SpringHill in 2016 specializing in paid media, developing digital marketing strategies and optimizing ROI through generating qualified leads. From paid media, integrated campaign design, and audience patterns to new platform initiatives — she does it all.

Naira loves the excitement of optimizing in real-time and exploring the plethora of possibilities that exist in raw data, taking pride in the fact that companies don’t need huge budgets to make their digital marketing more effective.


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741: Book Formula: Solve Problems and Make Money

Monday, July 27, 2020

Robert Plank shares his expertise in Computer Programming, Podcasting, and Internet Marketing among a wide variety of skills and leverages these skills coupled with passion to solve problems of people and at the same earn a living. He also imparts his secret recipe and shortcuts on how to brainstorm and write a book in 12 hrs, even if you hate writing.

It is vital that we are very much connected to our core and we know what we really are good at and what we can bring to the table. If you want to break the chains of your corporate job, figure out the things that you are good at and at the same time what you enjoy doing, establish the value and significance it can bring to people, solve the problems of people, and leverage these things to earn a living. 

Stay on top of your game by being aware of your competitors. Looking at your competitors is not necessarily copying their ideas, products, or services, but it helps you to think of ways to be better than them and alienate yourself and differentiate yourself to stand out among a pool of competitors.

When you start to think of starting a business or service you can provide to people, choose something that you are really good at and have an actual background of doing it. This will help establish your credibility and earn people’s trust. Plus, it makes the whole conceptualization much easier because you know the nitty gritty and the step-by-step process of doing it and the actual value and significance it can provide to people. You can more likely assess the feedback and response you will receive from your audience.

Nothing is perfect. Go out there and start doing what you must do. It is wrong to think that you need to make things seamless and perfect because that is only an excuse to never get things done, remain stuck, put-off significant and necessary changes needed to be done and procrastinate. Most often than not, it is the irrelevant and nonexistent fear that keeps you from just doing things.

How to create your book: First, name the chapters of your book as questions which can always be renamed later on. This kind of strategy is important because it allows you to create a list of questions that possibly helps your readers. So, create a list of questions, name the chapters as questions, in between the questions you answer them, then later on remove the questions and finally rename your chapters.

How to create your book:

List 10 questions, the first 4 questions may be the simplest that you can think of. Or the basics so to speak. Middle questions 5-7 senseless, pointless, futile questions that you put out there just because. 8th to 10th questions are really well thought and smart questions.

  • From 10 questions, reduce them down to seven. Cross out the three weakest ones.
  • Rearrange and figure out what’s a logical order to rearrange the questions 
  • You are left with 7 questions- 4 questions are usually the simple and basic ones, the remaining 3 questions are more advanced and present case studies or scenarios.
  • To narrow down your chapters, use the formula WWHW, Why, What, How-To, What-If to create sub-question on each chapter. Answer each sub-question in two minutes and you end up 8 mins in one chapter. This will ensure a nice transition and flow in your chapter/s
  • Run a spell-check, throw in some graphics, create a book cover on Canva which is for free or get one from freelance sites for $5 to $10, name the title of the book, the author, and a quick blurb on what the book is all about. And that’s how you create a book in 12 hours.

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740: Use Your Book to Land Local Clients, Build a Local Media Asset, Consistently Post on Social Media and Create a Delegated Business

Friday, July 24, 2020

Robert Plank shares an amazing story on how he started and grew, and tells us his forefront tips, techniques, and ventures on how he keeps his businesses on top of their games but still living his best life. He also talks about how he manages his own Local Media Asset and leverages posting of Memes to attract attention and engagement in his local media facebook page.

Robert Plank is a former computer programmer and he started doing Freelance computer programming and eventually explored creating information products, PDFs, and videos on how to become a computer programmer. From all these products, he navigated into building a list of people and asking them their specific interests- things like website templates, sales letter templates, membership plugins, backup plugins he went out there to network and market his products on podcast shows and in return inviting these hosts to his own podcast.

He is a book author. He leverages his books as a marketing tool and proof of concept to land some clients he wants to go after, when he has an existing business/project that he has to promote, or he just wants to get his name out there and his business to be known.

His Local Media Asset Facebook Page is called Local Turlock. He followed the step-by-step process of LMA and created a Facebook Page as a news and events site and post to it everyday about interesting news and events happening in Turlock. 

In between these serious news & links, and significant events, there are these things called Memes which are comedic graphics or funny phrases with pictures, or screen grabs from movies paired with catchphrases that are spread in the internet. This normally catches the attention of readers and they end up engaging by liking or commenting on your post.

If a Facebook page gets a lot of engagement and responses, Facebook shows more content of the page to people especially those top fans who actively likes, comments, or engages to the page’s posts.

Robert Plank offers a social content posting service, DFY LMA which stands for Done For you Local Media Assets wherein his team updates your Local Media Asset Pages (Facebook, Website, Instagram) every weekday. His team will be granted guest access to the LMA Pages (Facebook, Instagram, or Website) and post to the page everyday to keep the page updated and running to allow you to focus on more important and money-making tasks. The link to go is DFYLMA.COM

His tips to get his business on top of the game is to find out what you want to accomplish in your business and get into the mindset of getting excited to do it. He also invests on outsourcing people to get certain tasks done for him that he doesn’t like doing or has no time doing and in result he could focus more on much more important things. He also makes sure to go out there and be on podcast shows and also these people be in his own podcast. This way, he could advertise his products, services, and businesses on the line.

When it comes to his personal life, he makes sure to be living his best life. He engages in his hobbies, he gets quality sleep, he allows himself to unplug from work and just go out for a walk or exercise, and he teams with his wife running the house, and taking care of their new-born. Doing all these things while running his businesses.


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739: Solve, Systematize, Scale: Build an Online Business, Monetize Your Existing Skills, and Master Time Management with Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dr. Mike Woo-Ming MD MPH is a medical entrepreneur and marketing strategist who oversees the development and growth of several multi-million dollar online companies.

He's the CEO of Executive Medical (, which specializes in age management, medical weight loss and aesthetics in the San Diego suburbs, and co-owns many more cash-based practices, including weight loss, regenerative medicine, and med spa services in Southern California. His goal is to help 1000 doctors live life on their own terms. He's the founder of, providing career consulting and mentoring for physician entrepreneurs for over a decade.


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