1081: Nearbound: Expertise to Influence Through LinkedIn Personal Branding and Social Selling with NearPoint Strategies Founder Natasha Walstra

Friday, April 5, 2024

LinkedIn is your new best friend when it comes to professional growth and shaping your image. It's like a vibrant gathering spot where you can flaunt your skills, make meaningful connections with other professionals, and discover exciting new opportunities. Think of it as more than just an online resume - it's a platform for interactions that could be the game-changer in your career; you never know when a potential employer might stumble upon your profile and be impressed by your achievements.

Natasha Walstra is a Personal Branding Expert. As the Founder of NearPoint Strategies, she helps entrepreneurs & sales professionals increase revenue through LinkedIn personal branding and social selling strategy. Natasha talks about optimizing LinkedIn profiles, setting goals and aligning social media activities with business objectives, authentically engaging with others on LinkedIn through thoughtful conversations, balancing relationship building with lead generation, and her "done with you" coaching program. Stay tuned for more!


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