1096: From Associate to Ambassador: Connect, Build Trust and Lead Others with President and Executive ESG Strategist of Labeling Sustainability Jeff Baldassari

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Are your people skills holding you back from career success? Struggling to build strong professional relationships? Whatever we do in life, interactions with other people are necessary. Especially if you want to boost your career in life, developing the right people skills will make you the invaluable leader others will come to for help.

Jeff Baldassari, Law Practitioner, Author, President & Executive ESG Strategist of Labeling Sustainability, and CEO & President of US Rubber Recycling, shares how even top attorneys often lack the soft skills that truly set the stars apart—skills like motivation, management, inspiration, and influence over others. Today, he will talk about the importance of people skills,  how you can build strong and authentic connections, why trust and leadership are the keys to success, and more!


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