1107: Industrial Real Estate Investing Strategies to Achieve Higher Returns, Relationship Building, and Avoid Gambling Risks in Business with Principal at Brit Properties Joel Friedland

Monday, May 13, 2024

Industrial real estate is a key part of the property market that encompasses a variety of spaces used for industrial activities, such as manufacturing, production, distribution, and storage. Unlike commercial or residential real estate, industrial properties are often located outside urban centers, typically in designated industrial zones. These properties are highly sought after due to their potential for high returns and lower operational costs, making them a valuable asset in an investor's portfolio.

Joel Friedland is an accomplished real estate professional who co-founded Epic/Savage Realty Partners in 1991 and is the Principal at Brit Properties. There, he oversaw hiring and mentoring 60 industrial real estate professionals, many of whom became his partners. With experience optimizing industrial real estate investments and marketing strategies, Joel discusses the unique challenges and opportunities in the industrial sector. Today, Joel shares actionable advice to minimize investment risks, navigate market fluctuations, and build long-term relationships in the industry.


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