1130: School of Podcasting: The Secret to Podcast Success with Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson

Friday, June 28, 2024

Growing a podcast and fostering a meaningful connection with listeners can be a challenging journey. It's natural to feel unsure about how to consistently deliver value and keep your audience engaged. Finding your unique voice, understanding what resonates with your listeners, and consistently delivering quality content are key to building a loyal audience. It takes time and experimentation to refine your approach and create content that genuinely connects with your audience.

Dave Jackson is the world's top podcasting educator, helping hundreds of podcasters solve the problem of growing and monetizing their shows. As the founder of School of Podcasting, he has taught thousands how to consistently create engaging content, identify their target audience, and promote their podcast to build a loyal following. Today, Dave discusses how podcasters can build an audience through consistency, providing value to listeners, overcoming obstacles like self-doubt, and promoting their show through guest appearances and newsletters. Stay tuned!


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