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640: Social Media Business Strategy, Branded Content and LinkedIn Trends with Content Coach Marisa Cali

May 21, 2019

Marisa Cali is a social media strategist and content coach with a background in digital marketing and a keen eye for graphic design.

She explains to us how she helps business owners (typically CEOs and startups) see the big picture with their social media content marketing to achieve their traffic goals.


635: Influencer Marketing: Observe Your Competitors, Grow Your Location Based Business, and Think Outside the Box with Brand Evangelist Rev Ciancio

May 2, 2019

Rev Ciancio is a Senior Marketing, Branding and Digital Strategist with 20 years of experience in digital marketing and business development, specializing in hospitality marketing, content and local SEO. He has led many clients to new levels of local, national and international success in the hospitality, financial service and entertainment sectors.

He is also former agency owner as well as a former New York City bar owner. Rev is an “expert burger taster” and pens hospitality and marketing tips on his Instagram @revciancio as well as his LinkedIn Profile.


565: Embrace the Messy: Increase Your Funnel Traffic Through Retargeting with Facebook and Twitter Ad Expert Gavin Bell

July 12, 2018

Gavin Bell is a Facebook ad expert who's here to share his story about how he was able to build a huge following through content creation (weekly vlogs), retargeting, and creating shareable content. He also explains his ad strategy and thought process when it comes to setting ad goals, creating content, and targeting your audience.


547: Amplifr: Automatic, Track and Scale Your Social Media Content, Traffic and Conversions with Nate Gadzhibalaev

May 25, 2018

Nate Gadzhibalaev is the founder of Amplifr, which is a social media automation service for marketers, agencies, and brands. Listen in to hear about Nate's unique challenges in the marketplace, starting in Europe and expanding his social tracking platform worldwide, growing as a non-English speaking company, as well as differentiating his company and its solutions.

Visit Amplifr: Automate & Track Your Social Media

541: Snappa: Template-Based Graphical Content Marketing for Social Media with Christopher Gimmer

May 11, 2018

Christopher Gimmer is here to talk to us about his amazing online tool called Snappa, which allows you to create social media graphics in a snap. If you've ever had issues hiring for graphics, trying to figure out complex software or feeling disappointed with feature-lacking template-based tools, then tune in to hear about the Snappa platform and give it a try.

Snappa: Quick & Easy Social Media Graphic Design Software

536: Social Media Strategy and Foundational Marketing: Connect the PR Dots, Define Your Recurring Themes, and Succeed with Ariel Hyatt

April 30, 2018

Ariel Hyatt has been a fierce entrepreneur for more than 20 years and runs Cyber PR, a dynamic social media & content strategy firm based in New York City. Her agency places clients on blogs & podcasts, establishes their brands, and advises on how to create online influence. She has spoken in 12 countries to over 100,000 creative entrepreneurs and is the author of four bestselling books on social media, marketing, and crowdfunding including Cyber PR for Musicians and Music Success in 9 Weeks. Her latest book Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign went to #1 on Amazon on both the investing and entrepreneurship categories.


519: LinkedIn on Crack: Develop Authority, Network Powerfully, Find Your Voice, and Land Speaking Gigs with JD Gershbein

March 26, 2018

As a social business psychologist, keynote speaker, and broadcast media personality, JD Gershbein has gained widespread recognition as a thought leader in the areas of personal branding, social networking, and social entrepreneurship. Since 2006, he has inspired opportunity-oriented individuals and companies to harness the power of the online media to elevate their profiles, build enlightened communities, and win new business.

JD is considered one of the world's top LinkedIn strategists and a pioneer in the design and delivery of LinkedIn educational programs. He has been featured on FOX TV News, WGN TV News, CBS News, and WGN Radio, and is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Forbes. He is also the architect of his own new media platform, The Big Banter with JD Gershbein, which encompasses a web-based TV show, a podcast, and the staging of exclusive live learning events.


512: Play a Bigger Game on LinkedIn: Private Messages, Multimedia, Pulse, and Social Engagement with Jennifer Darling

March 6, 2018

Jennifer Darling has been in sales and sales management her entire professional career. After receiving a graduate degree in business management she went on to increase sales, profits and productivity at media giants FOX NBC CBS and Comcast. She is a board member of the National Speakers Association, distinguished Toastmaster and a Jeffery Gitomer Certified Advisor. (Gitomer is the author of The Sales Bible and many other NYT Best Sellers).

Jennifer's area of expertise is LinkedIn, and she's here to help us get more engagement (views, likes, comments and shares) as well as help us get the most use out of LinkedIn. For example, endorsements, connections, private messages, video posts, a rock-star personal profile, publishing content to get picked up by LinkedIn Pulse, and more.


492: Podcast Power Guesting, Facebook Chatbots, Networking, Time Management, Free Traffic and More with Heather Havenwood

February 6, 2018

Heather Havenwood returns to the show to discuss power guesting and chatbots. She's a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on digital marketing, sales coaching, and online publishing business strategies.

She tells us how to take a stand, step outside our comfort zone, manage our time more effectively, live the rock star lifestyle of productivity, and "feed the beast" of the business. Finally, she explains why it's important to go on a media tour and use Facebook chatbots to further your business, build a strong list, and make sales.


459: Grow a Huge Following on Social Media Through Consistent Customer-First Edutainment with Jasmine Star

December 14, 2017

Jasmine Star is a photographer and business strategist from Newport Beach, California. She dropped out of law school to pursue her dreams.

Jasmine tells us how to get noticed on social media and how to sell with edutainment without being "salesy" ... content creation ideas (i.e. books you're reading), how to find time for social every day, and how Jasmine used social media to sell a $25/month monthly subscription "template" service.

After she built an internationally recognized and award-winning business, she began consulting with entrepreneurs how they could use social media to grow their businesses. She's amassed over 600,000 followers on all of her social platforms and believes others can do the same to grow their business and pursue their passion.


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