I’ll Take You to a $5000 Seminar July 20-22, in Las Vegas, for Free

I have never offered anything like this for free.  In July I'm getting trained by a guy who has made 1 million dollars in 90 minutes, speaking at a seminar.

I want to take you as my guest to Armand Morin's "Persuasion X" speaker training seminar in Las Vegas, Neveda on July 20-22, 2010. That's a Tuesday through a Thursday.

I have spoken on stage four times. A couple of weeks ago, Lance and I presented on membership sites at a seminar in Minneapolis to a room of 50 people.

7 people had already bought our $997 package in the past, but we got 7 new people to pay us $999.

Think about that, $7000 bucks from a 90 minute presentation, that I would have done for free anyway.

If you ever want to speak from the stage, if you want to get better from with your webinars, or even just become more confident, then you should come to this very secret seminar.

All I want from you, is to tell me why I should take you as my free guest. But here's the thing:

1. It's up to you to drive or fly to Vegas on your own.
2. You are on your own, hotel and food-wise.
3. I don't want you sitting next to me at the event, go find your own friends... the room is full of proven five thousand dollar buyers
4. You will get to meet with me, and talk to me at the seminar

Like I said, this seminar literally costs $5000 but I want to take you as my free guest so you can find out:

  • How to become an in-demand professional speaker
  • Persusasive presentation
  • Control and lead your audience
  • Hypnotic speech patterns
  • Structure your offer so it makes the most impact with your audience
  • How to sell membership products from the stage
  • Exact PowerPoint designs to increase your sales from the stage
  • How to "work" the stage: where to stand and what to do with your body, plus the most POWERFUL closing sequence ever created

Go ahead, tell me why I should take you as my free $5000 guest.  If you have the best answer, I'll buy your way into this $5000 seminar.

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  1. I have already made plans between July 17th-July 24th, so I can’t join. Will have to let the spot go to the next commenter.

    But thanks for the offer. It could have been great. 🙂

    PS: Good luck to whomever wins that seat.

  2. Robert – I’d love to be your guest, but in all fairness, I’m going on my own to leave these spots open for others. I’ve been lucky enough to attend this training twice in the past – and it is truly life-changing. I regularly apply this information and these principles in my online sales presentations – and I make a LOT more money as a result.

    It has made a HUGE difference when I speak from the stage. The confidence in knowing I’m using the BEST information around is priceless.

    If there aren’t 100 responses to this offer from Robert – you’re not really serious about your business. You don’t recognize the incredible value he is offering. It’s not just the $5000! What you learn in those three days WILL change your income. WHO you meet in those three days will change your LIFE!

    Be there!

  3. Robert,

    I’d love to go.

    I have been watching Armand Morin and would love to learn and use his secrets: he is amazingly effective at turning people on enough to buy.

    And if you ever get clear what makes you amazingly effective at turning people on enough to implement: please count me in that course: whatever format you choose.

    I have a coach who asked me yesterday to learn and then teach her how to cause massive action. She now has thousands of not doing anything in her programs (other than paying) while as a one-on-one coach she is very effective, as a teacher she sucks.

    And no worries, I won’t bother you in Vegas: I’ll find my own friends, ok? I learned my lesson in Minneapolis.

  4. Adam Porter says:

    I, too, have plans during that weekend, so we’ll have to set up a play-date some other time, OK? 😉

    It sounds like a great experience. Reminds me of something Marshall Sylver would do, too…hypnotics, persuasion, etc. Anyway, I hope to get to a seminar like this soon!

    Good luck, contestants!

  5. Robert,

    I discovered your Website about a year ago and have since bought, I think, 6 or 7 of your products (four of them membership sites). Although I am a bit shy and not a big “talker” inside the classes I have put everything you have taught into practice over the last year and have gone from earning about $500/month as a Virtual Assistant to between $4,000-$5,000 month with my own products. The one thing I have not mastered yet is public speaking and I think that is the next step for me. I know “of” Armand Morin but have never been to his website or gotten on his list. But I trust your judgement enought that if it is something you are attending it will benefit me too. So I’d love to go. And one other reason- my husband is going early next month to try to win the World Series of Poker and the stinker is NOT taking me with him so this is my chance to finally check out Vegas.

  6. Lauren says:

    I started public speaking when I was 5 years old at my church. I learned sign language at the age of 11 so I could translate all the sermons to my deaf friend. When I became proficient I used to stand on stage translating the sometimes mesmorizing speeches to as many as 500 deaf people, using as much passion and feelings as I could muster. I often dreamed that I would be the one on the stage speaking and that my words would be so compelling and spell binding that they would be translated into not only sign language for the deaf but also into many other languages.
    I would love to experience Vegas and Armand Morin and a room full of $5,000 ticket holders.
    Will you be the one to help me make my dream come true?

  7. Kenny says:

    Since I do want to sit next to you, I won’t apply 🙂
    In all seriousness, I won’t be able to attend – but as a member of Armand’s Platinum group – I can strongly endorse Armand as a teacher, speaker and an outstanding guy as well.
    And – Robert – it is outstanding of you to offer this to your blog readers. I hope they appreciate how committed you are to their success, and how giving you are to help them succeed.

  8. Pamela says:

    I hear that this truly is Armand’s best event. I know that I really need this information to fully capitalize on the opportunities that are going to be presenting themselves with the new weight loss concept I’m bringing to the world! I’ve been approached by a doctor out of Texas who has offered to take my product to the board of her hospital (which also owns several hospital corporations) about having me speak at their monthly Healthy Women Conferences at their various locations around the country. I don’t have a lot of public speaking experience…so if I can learn from the best…I’ll really be able to catch up to speed fast!

    Plus I need a chance to redeem myself (insiders Cara, Robert & Lance will know what I mean) 🙂

  9. Cara Goodman says:

    So . . . if I get my own ticket . . . then will you sit with me??? P.S. Is Lance the special bonus for those who act now????

  10. Lance Tamashiro says:

    Will you take me?

    Geez… Always raising the bar…
    I guess I will have to take some now too…

    Can I use you as my bonus??

  11. Ely Delaney says:


    I saw your post and couldn’t believe the opportunity you are sharing.

    Armand has been my mentor for several years now and I can say he is the biggest influence I have had in me moving from a business that I lost passion for, to starting a new business that I truly have a blast with.

    Part of which has been getting in to speaking and doing my own workshops and seminars. I found that I have a true love of speaking and training.

    As I have grown with my business, speaking has become a large part of it. The majority of my speaking style has been because of Armand. Both live and on webinars. Honestly, I spend more time noticing how his presentation is done than what is actually contained in the presentation itself.

    Since I got the promotion about Persuasion X LAST YEAR, I knew that it was training that I needed.

    I know that it will help skyrocket my skills as a presenter and speaker both online and offline.

    So far, both last year and so far this time around, it just has not been in the budget for me to make it.

    I feel as though I am on the verge and I know that the atmosphere of this event as well as the training is just the tipping point I need to take it to the next level.

    This would mean a ton to me if you would give me the opportunity to join you in Vegas and learn from the best. Both on stage and off.

    I know that the people alone will be worth the price of the event.

    I look forward to getting to met you in person while we are there!

    Ely Delaney

    P.S. I know I will already have friends there so don’t worry about me bugging you but be assured that we would love to have you come hang with us if you get lonely.

  12. Cindy Eyanson says:

    So you will take me… wow… what an amazing offer.
    I have followed you only recently and you seem like one of the few strait shooters.

    I am in the process of transitioning from a business I have loved for over 20 years, into a new business and public speaking and webinars are such a big part of it. I have always spoken in public and of course one on one in my mortgage business. I always came from a place of education and it has taken me very far. Yet I always felt there was something missing. In my speaking my knowledge and educational approach has worked well, but I know I can be so much better. I want to master this skill. I want to be able to use words to make people take action, to persuade, to own the stage and the audience. From what I can tell this seminar and Armand’s knowledge and expertise could be just the answer.

    Meeting your requirements are no problem. LV is 5 hours away…

    I can tell you I would make the most out of this time and be so grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best and to meet you… yet not sit with you…

  13. I attended a Morin event in Las Vegas last spring…it was fabulous! I mean what more could you ask for than to learn from the very best.

    I came home with tons of simple ideas that were easy to put into action…and they get results.

    I will have to consider this…

    Good for you and Lance – On stage! It makes me smile.

  14. Wow, what a great offer.
    You keep coming up with all kinds of extra tips, tricks and treats, it is hard to imagine what you will do in the future.
    This seminar where you are speaking and with a person like Armand Morin is for me only a dream. I have followed Armand only through the top of his sales funnel, which I have only been privy to his free stuff, and that was over the top AWESOME. One can only imagine how great it would be to attend.
    The one thing that I do know about you is that whom ever you take will need to use and show what they have learnt. I know that I have not been your best student, but as the young Lady before me said, I will redeem myself.
    You have had me do things that I didn’t think that I would ever be able to do and now those things are becoming second nature. Minimum time for emails, time limits to phone calls or not even picking it up, which I have actually found I really enjoy. Those are just 2 simple things that you have taught me. That is how true success is found by realizing that those little successes are the beginning of a larger success.
    You have shown me that I must change to be successful and this would be one more way you have helped push me through that imaginary wall.
    Your inspiration to action on every post has been the reason that I no longer go looking for other programs, focusing only on what I have. The list goes on.
    One could only wonder (hope to experience) how much action could be gleaned from this experience.
    I could only hope (the strongest emotion) to get your blessings of a ticket to attend what others are talking so highly of.

  15. Robert, I guess this offer is proof that you are serious about helping others enjoy the success that you’ve found.

    From what I get from Armand’s promo video, his Persuasion X training is pretty much what you’ve been demonstrating in your own courses…taken to the next level (…On Crack?)

    It would be an awesome opportunity which would help me to move my marketing efforts up a notch.

    No worries on the seating arrangements. I would get a huge kick out of meeting you and Lance in person, but I’m pretty much self-entertaining, so if you guys run out of interesting material for conversation, you can look me up.

    Seriously, I’m impressed with your offer. The “gurus” could learn a lot from following your lead…

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