031: The Self-Recharging Bank Account (Use Facebook Ads & Retargeting to Create a Flow of Endless Leads & Sales)

True in to this episode of the Robert Plank Show where we talk about:

  • how to get a flood of traffic, leads and sales into your new or existing online business
  • what garbage traffic to avoid (also avoid: "split testing")
  • How to use what I discovered from Google AdWords ads to apply to any part of your business to turn on the traffic anywhere
  • Why the "old way" of Facebook advertising (fan pages and inviting friends) doesn't work, plus what to do when the only people clicking on your ads seem to be competitors "checking you out" instead of buying
  • the three-pronged "interests, retargeting, datafile" method that finally works when combined with a conversion pixel (explained in today's show)

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