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250: Strictly Marketing: Debug the System, Follow-Up, and Outsource with Kerry Heaps

February 20, 2017

Kerry Heaps from has had to wear a lot of hats in her offline and online business career. She has some very helpful and interesting thoughts about outsourcing, fine-tuning your business, making more sales, and having stronger marketing.

249: Your Uniqueness, Your Authenticity, Your Superpower and Your Messaging with MaryJo Cranmore

February 17, 2017

MaryJo Cranmore from and says that you have a unique ability (a superpower) and that can be the basis for the branding that you cultivate. Take those raw materials, hobbies, your skillset (what you've learned), your accomplishments (your experiences), and that unique piece of you to get noticed and stand out from the crowd.

248: Intuitive Art Academy: Certification Programs, Relaxation, Knowledge and Intuition with Rachel Archelaus

February 16, 2017

Rachel Archelaus from and has some entrepreneurial advice to share with you when it comes to tapping into your creativity, getting outside of your own head, and turning on your brain flow.

Her method involves asking the right questions of yourself, drawing on crayons (or colored pencils) and paper, scribbling with your eyes closed, and then decoding the drawings and colors used in that drawing to achieve huge insights. She also talks about the up's and down's of her business journey and shares ways to be more productive and give yourself more credit for your accomplishments.

247: Tame the High Cost of College: Pursue Side Hustles and Entrepreneurial Adventures with Brad Baldridge

February 15, 2017

Brad Baldridge from is an expert in both late-stage and early-stage college planning, and he gives you several options when it comes to raising money to pay for your child's college education, including side hustles and building businesses your future college student can run.

246: Authority Content: Document Your Magic, Delegate Your Business, and Get Off the Hamster Wheel with David Jenyns

February 14, 2017

David Jenyns from heard of a marketer who sold pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge and modeled this success to sell the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).


He's discovered that you can model (not copy) an idea to make it your own and then own that success or failure. Drill down to a speciality, find a specific need, and sell it to the immediate crowd in front of you.

David has a number of insights about direct mail, online marketing and SEO, getting attention, systems/processes, and delegation. He talks with us today about recurring revenue and the 3 P's of content marketing:

  • Present: organize a (one-take) live event to teach your best content to a real crowd (take photos)
  • Product: repurpose that content in a 4-day cash machine
  • Promote: repurpose into hundreds of pieces of audio and video


245: Wow Factor Marketing: Stop Spraying Bullets and Use Direct Response Techniques to Adapt and Thrive with John Dwyer

February 13, 2017


John Dwyer from has noticed that many businesses simply "spray bullets" -- they don't use direct response techniques to measure their marketing. They should use the Wheel of Wow:

  1. Identify your most profitable customer: not your target audience, an actual person... then market more people like that
  2. Add Wow Factor: get prospects to take their eyes off the price (the Happy Meal effect)
  3. Position problem/solution scenario: the same way weight loss companies market (before and after)
  4. Fix your website: make sure it has those sticky ingredients (welcome video, headline, testimonials, data capture)
  5. Repetitive trade: get customers to use a loyalty/reward system (think "sandwich punch card")

244: The Business of Life: Achieve Financial Freedom, Personal Freedom, and Create the Type of Business You Want with Keith Callahan

February 10, 2017


Keith Callahan is a husband and father of four who can show you how to get not only financial freedom, but freedom of time as well.

He's made money with real estate, financial consulting, network marketing, and life coaching. He has a number of insights about the difference between inspiration vs. perspiration, along with self-obsession, perspective, and gratitude.


243: Run Live Events and Workshops with Direct Response Event Planner Sherrie Sokolowski

February 9, 2017


Sherrie Sokolowski (email address from is an event planner who can structure, strategize, and fill seats in your live events.

She has tons of unique insights about "modern" soft-sell events and workshops with bonus days. She wants to tell you about common mistakes made with events, venues, overflow rooms, webinars, live streams, cancellations, and more.

242: The Four D’s of Reputation Marketing: Discover, Define, Develop and Defend with Pamela Gockley

February 8, 2017


Pamela Gockley from wants you to work on your reputation. Branding is who you are, but reputation is how you're perceived (which may be egotistical, narissistic, or aggressive). It's important to take the DISC profile test (every year if you can) so yoy find out who you really are, and then apply the four D's...

  • Discover: discover your past and personal awareness, how do people perceive you?
  • Define: set goals
  • Develop: website, target marketing, and messaging
  • Defend: how to react or apologize if the "shit hits the fan"


241: Stop Overpaying Your Taxes and Avoid Entrepreneurial Mistakes That Cost You Thousands with Diane Gardner

February 7, 2017


Diane Gardner from is a tax superhero and wants you to avoid mistakes you're making on your taxes, such as using the wrong entity type or not deducting meals and entertainment. You can make use of your home office deduction, hire your kids, make use if health insurance and retirement if you know what to do.

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