1001: BizVA: Grow and Build Your Business Using Virtual Assistants with Chris McShanag

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Business leadership directly influences how well a company performs for its clients. When leaders prioritize innovation, employee engagement, and strategic alignment, it improves client satisfaction and operational efficiency. Connecting leadership goals with operational objectives creates a relationship that boosts both business success and client happiness.

Chris McShanag, President and COO at MedVA and BizVA, is dedicated to optimizing the synergy between business leadership and client operational performance, striving to make a global impact in Virtual Assistant delivery. With a background in founding a healthcare consulting firm and roles at HighPoint/IQVIA and IBM, Chris brings a wealth of experience in maximizing client value and operational efficiency across diverse industries. Today, Chris will be talking about BizVA, quality remote staff and more! Stay tuned!


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