1000: Read This Or Die: Write Copy That Sells and Persuade Yourself to a Better Life with Ray Edwards

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Are you going through a problem or a challenge and think there’s nothing you can do? When facing adversity, we have the tendency to lose hope in ourselves, break apart, and slowly fall into the darkness, especially if it’s something that may permanently affect our lives. If you are in this situation, remember that a problem always has a solution and that you can live a better life. Reading the book “Read This Or Die” will encourage and empower you that no matter how big the problems you face, you can survive them.Ray Edwards is a renowned leading expert on the art and business of copywriting with over 40 years of experience. He hosts the well-known podcast show called “Ray Edwards Show” and is the best-selling author of the books How To Write Copy That Sells and Read This or Die!: Persuading Yourself to a Better Life. Tune in as Ray shares what copywriting really is and the most important thing a copywriter should do. He would also discuss his experience of being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and how it led him to write his book, Read This Or Die.


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