1034: Seize Opportunity from Disorder: The Serial Entrepreneurial Path with the Solar Energy Specialist Gerald Rosengarten

Friday, February 16, 2024

Serial entrepreneurship involves individuals starting and managing multiple businesses over time. This approach to business often requires a keen focus on problem-solving, as entrepreneurs continuously identify challenges and find innovative solutions to drive the success of each venture. The ability to adapt, learn from experiences, and creatively address problems becomes a central element in the journey of serial entrepreneurship.

Gerald Rosengarten is a Brooklyn-born serial entrepreneur with a unique ability to perceive opportunities where others see disorder. For over 50 years, he has pursued diverse ventures from real estate to textiles to green energy. As one of the early pioneers of solar farming, Gerald is passionate about environmental solutions and protecting the planet for future generations. Today, he shares his career journey, passion for the environment, and experiences overcoming dyslexia. Stay tuned!


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