1062: Boost Your Brand with Audio: Market Audio Content with Media Entrepreneur David Wolf

Monday, March 18, 2024

Perhaps you've considered sharing your thoughts via audiobooks or podcasts but hesitated due to uncertainties or resource constraints. However, your distinctive voice is crucial in a world that values authenticity. A consistent marketing strategy across various platforms can help promote your audio content and garner the recognition it deserves.

David Wolf is a creative professional and media entrepreneur. He is also the Founder of Audivita Studios, which helps companies, publishers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and thought leaders grow their brands and businesses through podcasting, audiobooks, video, and internet radio. Tune in as David talks about his journey transitioning from a musician to a composer and entrepreneur, Audivita's remote audiobook production process, podcast production services, options for reducing audiobook production costs, challenges like price sensitivity in the market, and his plans to launch a new company providing additional services like marketing and lead generation.


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