1063: Introverted Entrepreneurial Success with Speaker & Author Matthew Pollard

Monday, March 18, 2024

Are you an introverted entrepreneur finding it hard to reach out to clients in this noisy online world? Don't worry. Many others doubt themselves, too, especially in challenging fields like sales and management. But with determination and creativity, you can break through these barriers and start growing your business quickly.

Matthew Pollard is the Founder of Introvert U, a company that helps introverted entrepreneurs and business owners achieve rapid growth. As a successful entrepreneur himself, responsible for building five multimillion-dollar businesses, Matthew understands the unique challenges introverts face in marketing, sales, and networking. Tune in as Matthew shares insights about misconceptions about introversion, overcoming self-doubt and limitations as an introvert, the importance of crafting an authentic, unified personal brand, and strategies to stand out.


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