1073: Intentionally Inconvenient: Protect Your Digital Security & Cyber Safety with Privacy Expert Tim Jensen

Monday, April 1, 2024

Are you tired of feeling vulnerable to online threats? Do you ever wonder who might lurk in your digital life's shadows, waiting to steal your personal information? With how the world is going full in the online world, numerous opportunities arise. But at the same time, the risks and dangers of your information online become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks or being hacked. As such, safeguarding your accounts is a must. Changing your passwords and username to be unique and strong for each account is the start. Make it inconvenient for you and for others, reclaim your digital safety, and protect what matters most—your privacy.

Tim Jensen is a privacy expert and host of the Intentionally Inconvenient podcast. Having had his accounts hacked personally, he learned how computer security works and keeps his information safe. Now, he aims to help people protect themselves in this digital world, one step at a time. Today, Tim discusses privacy, cybersecurity, and ways to keep personal information safe online. He will offer practical tips to take a step in safeguarding our information. Tune in to learn more!


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