1088: Decode Financial Mysteries and Prevent Business Fraud with CEO of Workman Forensics Leah Wietholter

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Ever thought about what happens when a company finds money missing? No one wants this, but it happens a lot. Solving these money mysteries needs skill, a good eye for patterns, and knowledge of data analysis. Looking at financial records can be tough, especially when there's a risk of fraud. The story of money going where it shouldn't affect everyone, from the smallest new businesses to the biggest corporations.

Leah Wietholter, CEO and Founder of Workman Forensics, harnesses the power of the "data sleuth process" in forensic accounting to track down missing funds and expose fraud. Through her innovative approach, she's helped businesses uncover and recover from financial discrepancies and fraudulent activities. Today, Leah will discuss the intricacies of forensic accounting, the methodology behind her data-driven investigations, and her experiences in uncovering financial fraud and testifying as an expert witness. Tune in to learn more!


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