1089: 20 Years of Entrepreneurial Lessons on Marketing & Systems: Pro Tips to Develop and Scale Up Sustainable Business with CEO of Online Marketing Muscle Dean Mercado

Friday, April 12, 2024

Ever daydreamed about leaving your job and starting something of your own? Switching from a stable job to the unsure world of starting a business can feel like jumping into the unknown. You need to be strong, adaptable, and always eager to learn. However, the benefits of this jump are unmatched. Think about running a business that matches your beliefs and fires up your passion every day.

Dean Mercado, Founder and CEO of Online Marketing Muscle, Best Selling Author, and Digital Marketing Coach and Strategist, aims to motivate and teach new and existing business owners about the challenging journey of starting a business. Today, Dean will share insights on moving from a regular job to starting a business, the need for constantly improving business plans with help from others, and the advantages of organizing business operations and using modern technology like AI for steady growth.


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