1090: Punctuation: Plan for Business Exits at Maximum Value, Navigate Valuation Challenges, and Achieve Financial Goals with M&A Advisor Jonathan Baker

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Are you stuck running your marketing agency, uncertain about how to level up or when to step away? Are you overwhelmed by figuring out how much your business is worth and whether selling is right? Essential factors to consider when selling include your interest in running the business, its potential for growth, and what buyers are looking for. But before you make any decisions, you must go through several evaluations to ensure you get the best deal. That's where having an advisor comes in handy.

Jonathan Baker, M&A Advisor from Punctuation, a small advisory practice working exclusively with small to mid-sized independent marketing services firms, shares how he helps hard-working entrepreneurs make crucial decisions about their agency's future. Today, he will talk about determining the actual value of your business, when it is the right time to sell, and the steps necessary to maximize the potential payout you will get.


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