1104: TomCo Solutions: Industry Leadership and Marketing Strategies to Stand Out in the Construction Industry with President & CEO and Florida Certified Contractor of TomCo Solutions, Inc. Tommy Whitehead

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Are you struggling to stand out in a crowded construction industry? Start to market and promote your business effectively. Contrary to what everybody thinks, marketing and networking are necessary in the construction industry. There are proven yet affordable marketing tactics you can start with such as podcasting or public speaking, anything that will expand your profile to others. Though it sounds hard, your success is guaranteed if you are willing to surpass yourself!

Tommy Whitehead is a licensed contractor and the president/owner of TomCo Solutions, Inc., a full-service property makeover, disaster restoration, and residential renovation company. He is also a podcaster who hosts the "Tommy's Toolbox" podcast and the author of the book called "Building Success: A Toolbox for Coming Out on Top". Today, Tommy discussed the importance of marketing in the construction industry, small-budget marketing strategies, overcoming discomfort, and more!


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