1105: AI Unmasked: Enhance Content Integrity, Streamline Content Creation, and Navigate SEO with Founder of Originality.ai Jon Gillham

Friday, May 10, 2024

Unchecked AI poses significant risks, from spreading misinformation in factually incorrect articles to compromising the integrity of websites through overreliance on generated text. As AI becomes more prevalent in content creation, there's a growing concern about its potential to manipulate information and deceive audiences. It's crucial for organizations and individuals to exercise caution and implement safeguards to mitigate the dangers of unchecked AI in our digital landscape. 

Jon Gillham is the founder of Originality.AI, an AI content-checking tool that detects plagiarism and AI-generated text. With a background in engineering, John understands the challenges of communicating across different domains. He developed Originality.ai to give publishers control over their content by verifying writers are not passing off machine-generated articles. Today, Jon explores the promises and pitfalls of tools like ChatGPT and uncover techniques for customizing models with your own data while avoiding generic AI styles. Stay tuned for more!


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