1124: Foster a Culture of Innovation, Accountability, and Excellence in Organization with CEO of Innovation Junkie Dr. Jeff Standridge

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Leadership, strategic growth, and innovation - these are the keys to success for any organization. Effective leadership isn't just about telling people what to do, it's about guiding your team towards their goals and creating an environment where innovation and growth are encouraged. As for growth, we're not just talking about getting bigger, but strategic growth that's planned and sustainable with the innovation of products that can boost efficiency, effectiveness, and overall value.

Dr. Jeff Standridge is a recognized business leader, educator, author, and Founder of Innovation Junkie, a consultancy focused on strategic growth and innovation. With experience in corporate, academic, and entrepreneurial settings, he has authored best-selling books like "The Innovator's Field Guide" and "Creating Startup Junkies." Dr. Standridge emphasizes strong leadership, accountability, and a balanced focus on people and processes to drive sustainable growth. Today, Jeff talks about the importance of creating a culture of excellence within organizations, the critical elements of effective leadership and accountability, and the role of innovation in driving strategic growth. Stay tuned!


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