1132: Texas State Optical: Optometry Practice, Consumer Focus, and Intentional Planning with President and CEO John Marvin

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Are you struggling to connect with your customers and keep up with industry changes? As an optometrist, have you been overwhelmed by the business side of running your practice? Many businesses tend to focus on pleasing suppliers and third-party payers while neglecting the end consumer. However, it's crucial to remember that everything starts and ends with the consumer. This shortsightedness leaves industries vulnerable to outsiders willing to listen and respond to customer frustrations. In an age where consumer preferences and technologies are constantly shifting, can your business afford to remain static? 

Meet John D. Marvin, president and CEO of Texas State Optical, who shares invaluable insights on staying relevant in an industry ripe for disruption. He discusses strategies for truly understanding customers, disrupting outdated norms, and positioning your brand for long-term success by catering to consumer preferences. Tune in to discover how planning and a laser focus on customer needs can lead to a bright future for your company in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


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