1133: Hire Remote Talent: Transform Your Business Operations with Zabota Founder Benjamin Moróne

Friday, July 5, 2024

Struggling to scale your business while being overwhelmed with day-to-day operations is a common issue for many entrepreneurs. Feeling trapped in a cycle of reactive management can make it difficult to focus on strategic growth. This constant firefighting can leave you exhausted and unable to see the bigger picture. The challenge is balancing immediate demands with long-term planning, which can feel nearly impossible at times.

Benjamin Moróne is the founder of Zabota, a game-changing remote staffing company. With a keen eye for talent and a passion for connecting businesses with skilled professionals, Benjamin helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs transform their operations. His expertise lies in sourcing top-tier remote talent from Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, focusing on executive assistants and project managers who can systematize and scale businesses. Today, Benjamin discusses the power of hiring skilled remote talent, common pain points for small business owners, and success stories of businesses. Stay tuned!


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