1135: Principles-Based Leadership and the Future of Work with CEO at D’Artagnan Advisors Doug Kirkpatrick

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The workplace is changing. Picture a business where creativity thrives, old hierarchies disappear, and employees lead without a boss. This is the future of work—self-managed organizations that aim to increase productivity and human satisfaction. This shift not only transforms the way work is done but also redefines the employee-employer relationship, making it more collaborative and less hierarchical.

Meet Doug Kirkpatrick, an organizational change consultant, TEDx speaker, executive coach, author, and educator who shares innovative strategies for self-management in the workplace on organizational change and the future of work. He discusses the importance of organizing around core principles, natural leadership's power, and commitment-keeping's significance. His expertise lies in creating organizations that are as creative and adaptable as those within them. Tune in to discover how to embrace the future of work and thrive in a rapidly changing world.


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