226: Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Private Labeling and E-Commerce with The Amazing Seller Scott Voelker


Scott Voelker's (TheAmazingSeller.com) journey is an amazing Amazon and e-commerce success story. Beginning with retail arbitrage (buying local items and selling them on Amazon), then online arbitrage (buying physical items online and re-selling them on Amazon), private labeling (get a product sourced), and finally, e-commerce (setup a storefront outside of Amazon), Scott has not only generated a huge income scaling his business, he also teaches others how to do it. Topics covered:

  • how Scott narrows down the perfect product to sell, every time
  • Scott's "open brand" strategy that allows him to experiment with new physical products
  • how to deal with copycats and the price wars
  • how to build a list and get lots of reviews quickly (and remain compliant) using contests


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