308: How to Quit Your 9-5, Motivate Yourself, Experience the Entrepreneur Lifestyle, and Take Action with Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant from the Online Selling Experiment decided that working for someone else (as an accountant) simply wasn't for him. In order to make "the jump" from a corpoate 9-5 to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Ryan decided he needed to have the following in place:

  • $500-$1000 per month income from 10 hours per week (which he could 4X if he had to in an emergency)
  • A cushion of money (savings)
  • A stream of real estate income (Ryan occupied one end of a duplex, rented out the other end, and found a roommate to share his unit as well)

Since going full time, Ryan has built and scaled a business (with employees) with Amazon FBA. He started with retail arbitrage, then expanded to wholesaling and private labeling. Listen to what he has to say about system thinking, self motivation and avoiding bright shiny objects.

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