311: Disruptive Advertising: Boost Organic Search Engine Rankings, Master Pay-Per-Click Ads and Optimize Your Site with Chris Dayley

Chris Dayley from Disruptive Advertising is an expert when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and conversion optimization. Many SEO agencies are short sighted and simply look for a "trick" to provide their clients, such as ranking them in Google.

However, Chris and his agency like to make data-driven decisions. A "great" looking website is an essential ingredient, but they also run A/B tests, think about what the customer is expecting to see on the page, improve load time, and use the data from heatmapping software (HotJar) to change navigation.

Additionally, Chris says that every website needs to have: a value proposition (identified by the audience), a call-to-action (that they can identify in 2-3 steps), content (watch how much they're consuming), clarity/conciseness/readability, removal of all diversions/distractions (such as banner ads), and handling any anxiety people have when visiting that website.


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