326: Thinkific: Create an Online Course to Build Your List and Generate Income with Sid Bharath

Sid Bharath is the creator of Thinkific, a platform that allows you to host your own online courses. It's used by over 6,000 companies including people like Grant Cardone and John Lee Dumas. It hosts courses of all kinds, everything from hoola hopping to flying drones.

Thinkific is a great solution because you don't have to setup your own hosting and shopping cart. You can use this platform and be up and running in minutes. You can start on the free plan of Thinkific and work your way up. You can start with your own free courses to build your list, then work your way up to paid courses. Thinkific hosts your videos, and you can add drip content, quizzes and surveys, as well as grading and discussion.

Sid also talks about ways you can drive traffic to your course once you've created it on Thinkific, such as paid ads (Google and Facebook), organic traffic (guest posting, Quota, Facebook & LinkedIn groups), and live broadcasting (YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live).

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