345: Easy Small Business Systems: Organize, Systematize, Architect the Business You Want, and E-Myth Your Way to a Sellable Business with David Barnett

David C. Barnett from Easy Small Biz Systems returns to the show, and his most recent passion is getting your business into a "sellable" state to make it easier to offload or easier to hold and continue. It's possible using David's "12 plus 1" step program. No matter what your business is or does, it still requires capital, people, and a place.

Instead of "winging it" you should describe your ideal life 10 years from now (step one), then sketch what your business looks like to support that lifestyle (step two). Create an org chart and break down tasks, including their roles for the future. Think about those roles that don't exist, ask what's causing the stagnation, assign tasks to a workflow, and explain what negative things might happen if tasks are NOT fulfilled.

David's brand new book is Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy.


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