363: Run with the Right Ideas, Setup the Correct Goals, Be Unique, and Resonate with Your Marketplace Using the Seven Steps to Business Success with Peter Mehit

Peter Mehit, the expert on how to start, fix, and sell any business, returns to the show to share his seven steps to business success. By applying these seven steps, you'll find you no longer waste time or resources on "dead-end" ideas, and you'll have an easier time getting customers, partners, and investors to buy into your idea. Here is the "7 Steps Methodology"...

  1. idea: what we find is important
  2. visualize: spend 15 minutes every day doing nothing and focusing about what this future business looks, sounds, smells, and feels like
  3. thoughts: ask questions such as, "Who's my customer?" And, "What equipment do I need?"
  4. action: describe your idea to others
  5. methods: hire employees, etc.
  6. friends (feedback and investors)
  7. circumstances


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