399: How to Become a Content Creation Machine

Are you ready to discover how you can generate so many videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, guest podcasts, live streams, and more, so that your business will have as much leads and income as you'll ever need? If so, listen in to today's episode.

  1. Content doesn't always mean written posts or PDF's.
  2. Ask real questions from real people to discover pain points. Solve real problems. Use lists/steps (for the TLDR factor). Experiment with different structures (i.e. Seth Godin lists). Think about your initial struggles (relate) and your insights (how you solved that problem). More importantly, share the interactions you had with others to find those breakthroughs so that it isn't all about you. Seriously, write questions, answer them, then delete the question.
  3. Use templates whenever possible. For example, answer three questions. Article or video = 3 talking points. Podcast or blog post = 3x3.
  4. I've used walking + EverNote to crank out a ton of material. Change your surroundings and focus on that single writing task.
  5. Publish often. Realizing that blogging, vlogging, and podcasting is simply getting ideas out to test your material. You'll reuse & refine your best ideas/stories for a book later. Right now, you're seeing what material is popular so you can create more.
  6. Write often so that you can build that muscle. Wake up a little earlier and set aside time every day for some writing.
  7. Keep a content piggy bank of COMPLETED articles so you're not always scrambling for content. Get ahead of that calendar and fill it up.


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