417: Influencer Marketing: Promote Your Brand on SnapChat, YouTube, and Amazon with Yogin Patel

Yogin Patel is the founder of an influencer marketing agency called YPSocial and works with large mobile games, some with over 100M MAUs. YPSocial has created campaigns with some of the largest female YouTube influencers in the Beauty/DIY, including Alisha Marie and Niki and Gabi. One particular campaign his agency ran did over 80,000 downloads for a mobile game in less than 6 days, having the game jump up 100 spots to #56 in the Top Charts across all apps on iOs.

Listen in as Yogin discusses influencer marketing (in a way, it's product placement using social media apps) -- connecting brands and businesses with "influencers" (celebrities, blogger moms, veterans, etc.) using SnapChat, geofilters, YouTube ads, and more. He also discusses the new Amazon Influencer program and how his 21 year old millennial built his business before the influencer trend was well known.


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