489: Construct Your Ideal Life, Enjoy the Fun Game of Entrepreneurship, House Hack and Master Real Estate to Build Long-Term Wealth with Coach Chad Carson

Chad Carson began real estate investing from scratch right out of college in 2003 at the age of 23. Since then, Chad and his business partner have bought, flipped, rented hundreds of properties in and around Clemson, SC. They currently focus on buy-and-hold rentals and private lending that produce regular monthly income.

Chad focuses on using real estate income to retire early and do what matters. For example, in 2017 he traveled with his wife and two young daughters to live in Ecuador in South America for a year. He also enjoys working on local community projects like pedestrian/bike paths.

He talks with us today about house hacking and practice buying -- and has a very doable strategy that involves you investigating 100 properties in your area within a short period of time to learn by doing.


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