500: Productivity Tools to Get Your Head in the Game: 16X Multiplier, The One Thing Scorecard, and 80/20 Gamification with Copywriter Kevin Donlin

Kevin Donlin returns to the Marketer of the Day for the 500th episode!

He's been involved in marketing since 1994, when he sold one of the first ebooks online, payable by check and you had to mail it to a post office box. That was e-commerce in 1994! From 1995 to 1998, he was Webmaster for FedEx.com, where he worked with the pioneers of online marketing. Since 1998, he’s been a copywriter and marketing advisor for clients big and small, delivering sales gains of more than $1 million on multiple occasions with web pages, email promotions, sales letters, and print ads.

He's been interviewed by ABC-TV in Detroit, Fox and NBC News in Minneapolis, CBS Radio in Los Angeles and New York, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, and too many others to list here. He’s the author or co-author of 5 books, including his latest book, Marketing Multipliers.

For this return appearance, Kevin shares a few simple but powerful techniques that are working very well for him lately. One is "The One Thing 3x5 Scorecard" where he lists the 3 to 5 go-to activities he can perform in his business, from calling a prospect on the phone to mailing a letter or book. There's the Pocket Seinfeld calendar, and the 16X Pathfinder method to replace the bulk with the select few that makes a difference -- 80/20 -- and strategically abandon what isn't working.


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