505: Differentiate Yourself in the Marketplace, Provide a Superior Solution and Dial-in Your Ideal Group of Clients with Biohacker and X Gym Founder PJ Glassey

PJ Glassey is the founder of X Gyms in the Seattle area, where he invented his own methodology to save time, decrease injury rate and tone muscle instead of bulking it up. PJ spends hours each week studying the current research to further improve the X Gym methods. He has been a guest expert on TV and has hosted his own call-in talk show on KKOL and KVI radio.

PJ has authored many works including local and national media articles and two books on health and fitness. He has also created a workout DVD, "X Gym Workout Protocol #1" designed to introduce non-X Gym clients to the unique concepts he has developed.

PJ has been selected as one of the top fitness bloggers by several different rating sites. He continues to create free content for people through this blog, his partner blog and his various X Gym blogs.

He's here to explain how he goes about solving problems AND finds new business "territory" by getting inside the mind of the prospect and discovering the gap in the marketplace.


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