604: The Proven Path to Get Self Published Using Free Plus Shipping Offers: Overcome Blank Page Syndrome, Solve a Real Problem, and Succeed Both On and Off Amazon with Chandler Bolt

Chandler Bolt is the host of the Self Publishing School podcast & the author of 6 bestselling books including his most recent book titled "Published."

He’s also the founder & CEO of Self-Publishing School, the #1 online resource for writing your first book. Through his books, podcast, training videos, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people on their journey to writing their first book.

Important Talking Points

  • To avoid blank page syndrome, use a mindmap (Chandler prefers pen and paper for this) and dump all the ideas you have, then group into 4 to 7 chapters
  • To write each chapter, dump all your ideas for that chatper and then repeat the 4-7 "grouping" process
  • Choosing a topic for your book: sell pain pills, not vitamins. Find a specific group with a real pain and solve that problem...
  • Use Google Docs to write your book so you can work on it from anywhere
  • Consider a "free plus shipping" offer for your book
  • Give video and audio away for free after people purchase your book


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