740: Use Your Book to Land Local Clients, Build a Local Media Asset, Consistently Post on Social Media and Create a Delegated Business

Robert Plank shares an amazing story on how he started and grew, and tells us his forefront tips, techniques, and ventures on how he keeps his businesses on top of their games but still living his best life. He also talks about how he manages his own Local Media Asset and leverages posting of Memes to attract attention and engagement in his local media facebook page.

Robert Plank is a former computer programmer and he started doing Freelance computer programming and eventually explored creating information products, PDFs, and videos on how to become a computer programmer. From all these products, he navigated into building a list of people and asking them their specific interests- things like website templates, sales letter templates, membership plugins, backup plugins he went out there to network and market his products on podcast shows and in return inviting these hosts to his own podcast.

He is a book author. He leverages his books as a marketing tool and proof of concept to land some clients he wants to go after, when he has an existing business/project that he has to promote, or he just wants to get his name out there and his business to be known.

His Local Media Asset Facebook Page is called Local Turlock. He followed the step-by-step process of LMA and created a Facebook Page as a news and events site and post to it everyday about interesting news and events happening in Turlock. 

In between these serious news & links, and significant events, there are these things called Memes which are comedic graphics or funny phrases with pictures, or screen grabs from movies paired with catchphrases that are spread in the internet. This normally catches the attention of readers and they end up engaging by liking or commenting on your post.

If a Facebook page gets a lot of engagement and responses, Facebook shows more content of the page to people especially those top fans who actively likes, comments, or engages to the page’s posts.

Robert Plank offers a social content posting service, DFY LMA which stands for Done For you Local Media Assets wherein his team updates your Local Media Asset Pages (Facebook, Website, Instagram) every weekday. His team will be granted guest access to the LMA Pages (Facebook, Instagram, or Website) and post to the page everyday to keep the page updated and running to allow you to focus on more important and money-making tasks. The link to go is DFYLMA.COM

His tips to get his business on top of the game is to find out what you want to accomplish in your business and get into the mindset of getting excited to do it. He also invests on outsourcing people to get certain tasks done for him that he doesn’t like doing or has no time doing and in result he could focus more on much more important things. He also makes sure to go out there and be on podcast shows and also these people be in his own podcast. This way, he could advertise his products, services, and businesses on the line.

When it comes to his personal life, he makes sure to be living his best life. He engages in his hobbies, he gets quality sleep, he allows himself to unplug from work and just go out for a walk or exercise, and he teams with his wife running the house, and taking care of their new-born. Doing all these things while running his businesses.


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