754: Growth Hacking and The Growth Marketer’s Playbook: Grow Your E-Commerce Business or Agency to 7 Figures By Thinking Outside the Box with Jim Huffman

Jim Huffman is the author of the #1 best selling book on Amazon, The Growth Marketer's Playbook. He's the CEO of GrowthHit, a growth marketing consultancy specializing in CRO.

Have you just started your business and curious how you can turn your foundational ideas to sustainable returns? Perhaps you’ve been in your business for a while and you are wondering how you can level up your game and grow your business optimally? In this episode of Marketer of the Day podcast, we have invited Jim Huffman to share to us growth strategies to scale up a start up the right way. Jim Huffman is the CEO of GrowthHit, a growth marketing agency, and the author of the Growth Marketer’s Playbook. Join us in the episode and learn the process for running growth at your start up, and how Jim has used his proven strategies to help multiple companies progress from idea to seven figures in terms of their sales.


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