Archive 4: 2020-2023

992: Sphere Rocket Virtual Assistants: Boost Efficiency and Productivity Using Real Estate VA’s with Justin Nelson

November 13, 2023

As the industry evolves, embracing virtual assistants has proven to be a strategic move that improves productivity and enhances the overall customer experience in the highly competitive world of real estate.

Justin Nelson is the Entrepreneur, Leader, and CEO of Sphere Rocket VA, a platform dedicated to helping all industries learn and harness the power of a virtual assistant from start to finish. Tune in as Justin shares his insights on effectively integrating virtual assistants into your business, maximizing their potential, and achieving newfound levels of productivity and efficiency.


991: Guest Experts on Air: Elevate Your Online Presence Through Interview-Based Podcast Guesting with Josef Schinwald

November 10, 2023

In today's dynamic landscape, expanding your practice and reaching a broader audience is very important. Among the vast number of podcasts, a substantial portion is interview-based, yet only a few consistently deliver high-quality content. If you're considering podcast guesting to elevate your marketing strategy, securing appearances on top-tier podcasts is crucial; however, managing this process can be very time-consuming.

Josef Schinwald is the go-to person for those looking to amplify their message and presence on the airwaves. As the expert behind Guest Experts On Air, he is the authority to connect with if you're a book expert, thought leader, solopreneur, author, speaker, or brand aiming to secure appearances on top-notch podcasts. Today, Josef guides, encourages, and assures us of the exciting journey of getting booked on world-class podcasts, ensuring your message reaches broader audiences. Stay tuned!


990: The Power of Playing Offense and Making Better Decisions Faster: Unlock Leadership Excellence with Paul Epstein

November 8, 2023

Making confident decisions is important in mastering various aspects of life. When confronted with a difficult choice, overcoming self-doubt becomes essential to avoid being paralyzed by uncertainty. Stress and anxiety often accompany these pivotal moments, but acknowledging them and developing resilience can lead to better decision-making. Ultimately, navigating through uncertainties with a confident mindset allows one to shape their path and achieve personal growth.

Paul Epstein is a seasoned professional with almost fifteen years of experience as a sports executive for various NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office, specializing in leadership and organizational culture, providing guidance and coaching to business teams. Today, Paul will discuss making confident decisions, and mastering aspects of life by overcoming self-doubt, stress, and anxiety when faced with a crossroads. Stay tuned!


989: FigPii: A/B Testing Can Skyrocket Your Online Sales with Khalid Saleh

November 6, 2023

Increasing online sales with A/B testing offers several distinct advantages for businesses. It provides a data-driven approach, allowing companies to make informed decisions based on real user interactions rather than assumptions. This method helps in identifying and refining the elements that contribute most to conversions, optimizing the overall user experience. A/B testing also enables businesses to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics, ensuring that their online sales strategies remain effective and competitive over time.

Khalid Saleh is the creator of FigPii, a user insights platform designed to enhance site conversion rates, assist with A/B testing, experimentation, and more. He has many brands and startups increase online sales with A/B testing. Today, Khalid will explore the reasons for using this remarkable tool and understand its unique features. Stay tuned!


988: The New Manager Mindset and Food Leadership Group: Keep Customers Happy By Balancing Cost, Quality, and Feedback with Bryan Armentrout

November 5, 2023

Food is one of the essential things humans need to live. With high-quality and safe food, you can never go wrong in doing a food business. However, with challenges such as inflation, companies cut the cost of their expenses, impacting the quality of their food. And if the product does not make consumers happy, they won’t buy it, and the sales will decrease. Therefore, finding the right balance of the cost without impacting the quality is the key. No matter what happens, prioritize the joy of the people consuming your products.

Bryan Armentrout is the founder of The Food Leadership Group, a firm specializing in helping food companies deliver safe and high-quality food products. Bryan is also the author of the book “The New Manager Mindset: How to Master the Four Secrets of Leadership that College Doesn't Teach You.” Today, Bryan will talk about the importance of maintaining the quality of the products, ensuring safety in food, the problems food companies face today, the potential of artificial intelligence in the food industry, and more.


987: Qry E-Commerce Marketing Agency: Level Up Your Ecommerce Business with Samir Balwani

November 3, 2023

During the pandemic, online products and services skyrocketed, rewarding e-commerce business greatly. But as we transition back to normal, consumer spending habits have changed, and if businesses don’t take action accordingly, they will lose. So to address the problem, businesses need to avoid focusing too much on trends, but rather see the picture as a whole and how people will need their product. Properly using the power of social media is also a way to continue the growth of businesses.

Samir Balwani is the CEO of Qry, an e-commerce marketing agency that helps e-commerce brands implement strategies to scale and grow., Today, Samir will discuss e-commerce growth strategies, mistakes you should avoid, and the importance of building a community around your brand. Tune in to learn more!


986: Rise Marketing Group: The Triad of Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Entrepreneurship with Ben Lund

November 1, 2023

A strong online presence, which often includes effective web development, is essential for reaching and engaging a target audience in the digital age. Entrepreneurs often rely on digital marketing strategies to promote their ventures and grow their businesses. The key to successful digital marketing lies in understanding the ever-evolving landscape of online platforms and consumer behavior.

Ben Lund is the Founder of Rise Marketing Group and a Former Googler. Today, Ben will discuss the dynamic landscape of digital marketing and the crucial role it plays in modern business success. Tune in to learn more!


985: Copyright Law and AI: Safeguard Your Creative Works with Barbara Ingrassia

October 30, 2023

The legal landscape surrounding AI and creative works is dynamic, demanding critical thinking and adaptability from creators and regulators alike. As AI technologies like GPT-3 continue to generate content, questions arise about copyright eligibility and ownership. The interplay between AI and human creativity is complex, with the human component often needing to stand out for copyright protection.

Barbara Ingrassia is the Founder of  Manage Copyright, and a Copyright Compliance & Content Security Strategist. Today, Barbara Ingrassia will discuss the critical importance of copyright compliance and content security in our digital age, shedding light on the evolving challenges and best practices for creators and organizations to protect their intellectual property. Tune in to learn more!


984: Wilde AI Customer LTV Prediction Platform: Growth Potential in Data Science Tools for B2C E-Commerce with Clint Dunn

October 29, 2023

Data science is no longer the exclusive domain of giant corporations; it has become an equalizing force in the E-commerce industry. Smaller businesses have the opportunity to leverage data-driven insights and compete more effectively in the digital marketplace. As E-commerce continues to evolve, embracing data science can be a transformative step for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to better serve their customers and drive growth.

Clint Dunn is the Founder of Wilde, a Customer LTV prediction platform for B2C brands. Today, Clint will discuss the transformative impact of data science and analytics in revolutionizing businesses' success in the E-commerce industry!


983: AdOutreach: Grow and Scale Your Business Through YouTube Ads with Aleric Heck

October 27, 2023

Harnessing the potential of YouTube ads is a game-changer for business growth, offering a dynamic platform with billions of users. By creating compelling video content tailored to your target audience, you can showcase products, build brand awareness, and drive conversions effectively. The robust analytics provided by YouTube further empower businesses to refine their marketing strategies, ensuring a tailored approach that resonates with viewers and propels sustained business expansion.

Aleric Heck is the founder of AdOutreach, a service that helps entrepreneurs and marketers harness the power of YouTube Ads to skyrocket their leads and sales. He has over seven years of experience teaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to grow and scale their businesses through precise YouTube ad strategies. Today, Aleric will talk about AI ad targeting software, omnipresence, and more. Stay tuned!


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