756: Communicate, Simplify, and Track Your Personal Finance Budget with Certified Financial Planner John Kennedy

Are you one of those people struggling and having challenges with budgeting? Or have you considered the consequences of not budgeting at all? There’s nothing more comforting than living a life knowing where your money goes and affording a comfortable lifestyle because you plan your finances well. Wherever you are in your phase of life, you have to budget. We all know it’s good for us but sometimes, there isn’t just enough force to drag us there. We have invited John Kennedy on the show to impart to us the importance of understanding where your money is flowing. John is a Certified Financial Planner with a mission to immerse himself in the world of financial planning by recognizing the roles of communicating, simplifying and tracking personal finance budget to motivate others toward their vision for financial success. Let’s get started with our latest episode and together let’s focus on small incremental steps that we can be making to improve ourselves, not just financially but also our holistic whole being.


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