782: Purpose, Passion, Reinventing, Rediscovering, and Realigning Yourself with Barbara McCollough and Lorna Lyons

When we are in our 30s, 40s, or older, we constantly look for time to do the things we want, but with all the work and responsibilities we have, it seems that there is no time for it. But we can still have the best years for ourselves no matter what our age is and that we're all created for specific work, and the desire for that is planted in our hearts. Being aligned and recreating ourselves takes time and effort, but the rewards are satisfying and remarkable, especially if we are doing something we care about and using our skills. 

In this episode, Barbara McCollough and Lorna Lyons talk with us about how we can do anything at any age and how we can reinvent ourselves. Barbara is a former psychotherapist and coach, and she is currently a teacher and memoirist. And Lorna has a background in women's studies and uses tools to help people identify their strengths and look deeper into themselves.  

This episode will surely give you insights on how you can still have the best years of yourself ahead and reinvent, discover, get deeper into yourself.


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