823- Marketing Funnels, Pricing and More- How To Sell A Marketing Funnel For 5 Figures with Mike Killen

How do you ever wonder how to Sell Marketing Funnel Services To Your Customers For Five Figures In Any Market? The ultra-practical and divisive approach to selling more marketing funnels to clients, charging greater rates, and justifying a five-figure price tag. There will be no more low-budget, low-value customers. Simply by adhering to the 6A Framework, you will be able to attract higher-paying clients, identify a profitable niche, and sell more marketing funnels. Mike Killen from sellyourservice.com is here with us today to help us understand the marketing funnels. With his experience with sales training, models, and techniques, and getting through the loops with Funnels, He'll explain how to sell marketing funnel services for five figures in any market. Let's dive into this episode!


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