862: Groove: The World’s Fastest Growing CRM and Marketing Automation Platform with Mike Filsaime

When it comes to operating your business, one method to avoid internal conflict is to identify and simplify how various teams define success. You must assess how teams collaborate, processes operate, and data flows. Remove any barriers that are preventing you from getting things done. You should examine how you manage your firm and who is operating it.

In this episode, Mike Filsaime - Co-Founder and CEO, Groove, Digital marketer, author, speaker, software developer, online marketing educator, and marketing consultant-- Mike Filsaime knows the online business. Mike Filsaime's companies have done over $150 Million in sales, and he has created some of the most influential software and strategies that have changed the way we all market. Don’t miss out! This is jam-packed with actionable knowledge kind of episode!


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