880: Navigate the Nitty Gritty of Marketing Analytics with Mark Stouse

Today's marketing analytics are very complex, and the customer journey is more complicated than ever for B2B and B2C businesses. You need to have strong analytics to be more successful in your business. With the help of a great team, you can achieve easy-to-understand model visualizations that help both the marketer and the data analyst uncover the cause-and-effect relationships that drive meaningful business outcomes.

Mark Stouse is CEO of Proof Analytics, a marketing analytics platform that helps CMOs and CFOs bridge the ROI gap by providing cause-and-effect analytics that shows marketing and sales true business impact and financial worth. He is one of the first leaders to connect all types of marketing investment to revenue, margin, and cash flow impact in complex, long-cycle companies. Mark often gets so caught up with operational KPIs that we lose sight of our revenue goals as marketers.


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