929: Best Selling Author: Create An Outstanding Book and Get the Exposure You Deserve with Steve Kidd

Everyone has the potential to be an expert in writing a book or be an author and be passionate about it. But coming up with an idea and writing everything down is difficult enough when writing a book. You'll also prepare to do social media posting, a book tour, and podcasting. But have you thought of sharing your story even though you’re not the one who will write a book?

Steve Kidd is a business coach, radio show host, and best-selling author. He’s passionate about helping you share your stories and achieve your dreams. In this episode, he will talk about what it takes to become a best-selling author, making your book about the solution, steps to listing on Amazon, what’s missing with books and authors these days, and tips and techniques on how you can write a book faster. Tune in and learn secrets on how to write your book in an hour, become a best-selling author, and do all the other things that you should do to grow your digital marketing business!


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