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I've been so behind schedule ever since I came back from the Warrior Event seminar in Austin. I have a ton of blog posts outlining a bunch of the stuff I learned... just be patient.

I've "only" put together 8 1/2 sales letters and recorded two e-classes. An e-class with me is approximately 30 daily episodes, each episode is about five minutes.

I make it a point to handle a finite number of projects at one time. Absolute maximum is four. The number I want is one. I usually end up working on about two projects at a time.

The problem when you promote stuff as an affiliate: you are the same as everyone else!

Why not add some of your own stuff as a bonus -- check out script number 7 of Top Secret PHP to learn how to modify OTHER people's pages and add your own affiliate bonuses.

I bought Kevin Riley's Recipe for Post Product Launch and was so impressed with it, I put together a PowerPoint presentation and recorded a Camtasia video of me dictating it.

When you buy that product through my affiliate link, I add you to an autoresponder and send you another five minute episode every day for a month.

It appears as if I'm putting 20-30 minutes a day into the class, recording the video, uploading it, sending out the e-mail message... when really, I recorded all the videos in a couple of hours and wrote all the daily follow-up messages in under an hour.

Think about recording PowerPoint videos the next time you promote an affiliate product.

People hate work and like having things laid out for them. It's easier to watch a little bit of video every day then try to crack a book... that's too much like school... yuck, I'm having nightmares already!

Just make a separate slide for each page to keep things simple. Make three bullet points for each slide summarizing the main points. Print out the entire book out on your printer.

Record your video and read the text word for word. When you have something of your own to add, just wing it.

When you're done with each page, pause the recording and see how long you've recorded. If you're close to five minutes, save the video and start a new one.

Why five minutes? Because Camtasia allows you to save to MP3 audio and those will be your CD tracks.

That's right, you just added even MORE value to your own customized affiliate product because you have the daily videos people can watch every day... and you've given them audios so they can burn them to a CD or to their iPod.

I've done this with one affiliate product and one product I bought rights to.

You could produce the video into a DVD as well if you felt like it.

I know many of you are resisting me here. But think about this... don't you want to be considered an expert in your niche? Every time you see someone speak on stage at a seminar... either live or when you watch it on a DVD... do you wish that was you presenting?

There is also that added bonus that after you read an entire book allowed, you become an expert on that subject. You know it backwards and forwards. If someone asks about a subtopic in that book, you could explain EVERYTHING!

This is how you will get to to that point. Not just by creating the video products but by getting lots of practice in, being an instructor.

I know you would rather host a seminar, charge $1000 per seat and get 50 attendees and make $50K in a weekend than launch a lousy $27 e-book and try to make that same amount of money over the course of a few years.

Am I right?

What do you personally do to differentiate yourself as an affiliate? Do you offer personal consultation? Bonus products? Daily videos? Something else I haven't thought of? Please, share with me... I need the usual ten comments.

p.s. If you want those videos, check out:

DON'T purchase from that site just to see how I roll the videos out. I have no what I'm doing. I really suck.

Only check out that product if you're interested in grabbing new affiliates AFTER your product is initially launched, you want to know how to properly host your own seminars, turn customers into promoters, blah blah blah... đŸ™‚

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  1. Dean says:

    Your organization skills are awesome. I am impressed, as I am with the quality of your products.

    I agree with your point and would add improving your speaking skills, if necessary. I joined Toastmasters to improve my speaking and also found it improved my thinking too.

    Now where do I sign up for PA (Procrastinator’s Anonymous)


    D Dean Hall

  2. joe says:

    I understand and agree with your points…

    infact I have had some of the same ideas… my problem seems to be getting started…

    learning how to use camtasia, create powerpoint presentations, audios/mp3s , stc…

    with all the things that need doing finding the time to learn something new is a really low priority..


  3. Robert,
    Though my products differ completely from yours, I focus on only one product at a time. I have a habbit of upgrading my software as technology improves so at some point of time, a major upgrade is almost like developing a new software. Personally I do not like the “build and forget” concept so I do have a tough time organizing,
    – Updates on software that are already there and gathered a decent amount of feedback.
    – Quick testing an idea built on a prototype.
    – Developing the prototype to a full blown software.

    You are amazing the way you put up video tutorials etc. Thumbs up!


  4. Brian says:

    I sure wish I had your energy!

    I agree with some of the other posts. How about creating a video on using Camtasia, integrating Power Point slides, other ideas that help to make great videos?

    By the way, how did you put that timer on the 5 minute Php class video?

  5. Donna Maher says:

    As always, Robert… you are a fountain of valuable information and you spark ideas that help others spark even more ideas.

    Thank you for being *you* and for being here!

    You are loved!

  6. Joe Klohr says:

    Robert I enjoyed this post for many reasons.

    It sounds like the things I am just starting to do. I have been trying to figure out a way to make my Camtasia videos look & sound professional and you just gave me the answer.

    Making 5 minute vids by reading chapters of an ebook is a really great way to make a product with great value.

    I will admit I don’t get to all of your post but when I do… I haven’t been disappointed with your suggestions of making things work for you and others.

    Finding the time to learn no systems or programs is not always easy but when you gain the knowledge it’s never lost.

    Thanks for your tips and I will make it a point to read more of your post!



  7. Dale Maxwell says:

    Hi Robert,

    I like the model – it also applies to any old works you published as a plain ebook.

    I updated a book I published in 2002 with video about 60 days ago.

    I think the value of the product goes up too.


    Dale Maxwell

  8. Alex says:

    Hi Robert,

    Did you talk something about being behind schedule?!…gosh thats more work than some guys would do in an year…keep up the good work…always appreciate your advice, tips and guidance.



  9. Debt Cures says:

    Hey Robert-

    Nice reminder post of how much I still have left to do from all the notes I took at the Warrior Event. It was a great event. While I didn’t get a chance to meet you, I still learned a lot and met a few other Warriors.

    Good luck getting back on schedule.


  10. Gerard says:

    Only 8 1/2 ales letters and 2 eClasses! Geez Robert you’re slackin! Haha

  11. paydex says:

    Nu, Robert?

    Post Already!



    (you might want to take all your posts until now and turn it into a special report and distribute it around…)

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