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Hey guys, I'm still at AM 2.0 in Dallas.  It turns out Michel Fortin and Stu McLaren didn't make it.  But I did get to meet Armand Morin, Ray Edwards, Ryan Deiss, and a chunk-load of other people.

Last night we did a networking event, everyone in the room rotates and you get to spend a few minutes explaining yourself, what your biggest problem is, and what you get out of the seminar.

Hardly anyone shared their numbers which sucks.  I want to know how much your last product launch was even if it only make $100 or how much you made last month online even if it was only $50.

It's all 80/20 rule... 80% of the stuff in your business usually is a waste.  But if we're listening to you explain your business we don't know what 20% is making you the most money... if you don't share numbers!

I shared a couple of income numbers during the session but since no one else was doing it, it felt like bragging, so I stopped.

If you're at these seminars and you haven't make any money online, freaking tell us that too so the people you talk to can get you on track.  Share income numbers if you're trying to get advice, because that's the most important thing.

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  1. Neal says:

    Good advice Robert!

    I’m currently making the big NADA online and wondering the single best place to start.

    Great blog and great advice.


  2. Russell says:

    Good observations Robert. Could it be that fellow marketers are more focused on only divulging stories of mega success in order to appear brilliant? Everyone has a ‘not so successful’ story to share which often contain pearls of wisdom.
    Anyway, I’m becoming a Robert Plank fan,..I reckon you’ve got some of the best products on the market and that you have the right focus and energy,- worth following for sure. BTW,..congrats on going full time and kicking the day job!

  3. Darrel Hawes says:

    Methinks Robert should have a plan to “autocharge” me for every new product he puts out… I’ll end up buying them anyway. 🙂

  4. It needs real guts to talk about your failures in a networking meet specially if all others are bragging about their success.

    Recently I saw someone show a Paypal income proof of 6 months while talking about a product he was selling for only 2 months. Doh!

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