Product Creation Confessions

Be sure you're registered for the product creation call on Wednesday, July 1st at 5:00 PM Pacific. I can't stress this enough:

confessionsBut I have a confession to make before the call.  The price of this course will be $997.

To be honest, I'm scared.  I have charged $997 before, but never for an e-course.

Then again, most of my courses are $200 to $400 for a four week course, and this is an 8-week course, so it's really not that big of a jump.

I also remind myself that when you join this course, I'll show you how to create a 7 dollar product to sell FAST.  How to create a freebie to build a list for that product.  How to create a $27 and $97 product.  How to establish a $27 a month membership site with almost no extra effort...

Plus, you get all the list and traffic in place to get some consistent sales.

Just one of those seven things would be worth $997 on its own.  Even back in the day... I'm talking 2003 and 2004, I'd get an idea for a product, whip it out in a day or two, post it in the right community and pull out $400 overnight with no list.

400 bucks overnight... and then the product was still mine to continue marketing!

And that's just from one product.  With my training you'll end up with five.  400 times 5 equals...?

Anyway, I repeated this tactic to build a big list, by creating product after product and then getting people to subscribe after they bought.

As far as I know, out of the 68% of active students in Product University 1.0 who made a product public, everyone made at least one sale.  Maybe not a million dollars, but a sale.  "You need to make your first sale before you make your second."  -- Robert Plank June 28 2009.

All this month I've shown you the kinds of results my students get.  They've taken MULTIPLE four-week and eight-week courses from me.

  • In Webinar Crusher, we created 50 products in 4 weeks.  Some people left with FOUR products of their own.
  • In PLR Copywriting, a big chunk of people setup their first membership site, and a handful already have some sales with zero promotion.
  • Video Sales Tactics: We had eight grown adults hold forks in their videos, need I say more?  At least half of those people told me they were afraid to stand in front of a camera at the beginning, but not any longer.

I could go on.  You know that when you take a class with me, you get results.  You want results, right?

I realize $997 isn't for everybody.  That's why I'm limiting this to 31 seats, and then it's sold out. In 8 weeks I'll reveal my systems and use every tactic I have to make sure you end up with at least one product, hopefully 5 if you'll willing to take it up a notch.

Comment below and tell me what to put into that class to get you to join the rest of us.  You're already going to get 8 weekly calls, replays of the calls, replays of all 25 hours of the previous Product University course, daily recap videos, a challenge every week and the ability to ask any question you want.

I want to know how to deliver $997.01 of value to you... or $998 or $2,000... or even more.

Looking forward to your comments (and still kind of scared)...

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  1. Izzy says:

    don’t be scared, Robert! It’ll sell out, i’m sure! πŸ˜€

    let’s see.. we won’t have sticker shock because we already have the price..

    and we know there are only 31 seats, so we have the scarcity there..

    two things:

    1) Judging for your past courses, i’d think you would be creating webinars with your students and providing that “first surge” of traffic?

    2) you should provide a way to sign up NOW. too many people chomping at the bit for 31 spots…

    no way to reserve a seat?

    and I’m sure you’ll provide a payment plan for those third world countries, right?


  2. Bryan Bliss says:

    what you could provide is something you have already done in the past.
    basically the extra value that someone could get through a course like this is:
    by proving themselves one of your best students,
    with enthusiasm and ideas and
    a willingness to follow through and implement,
    a student could go from unknown in your world,
    to a friend to even possibly a business partner and JV partner like
    Lance Tamashiro has done.
    The potential to go from
    Zero to Hero
    just by following a proven winning plan is more than worth a thousand bucks.
    and the money you can EARN is just the icing on the cake
    thanks and take care
    Bryan Bliss

  3. Kevin Baker says:

    Hi Robert,

    I am a solid customer of yours from past courses and webinars as well as your current PLR class. I know that for most people $997 is a chunk of change and then some.

    But if I could get into the minds of your potential future customers I would scream loud and clear “go get this” it will be worth far more than its cost.

    Even at such a steap price the quality would be cheap at twice the price and for half the content.

    I plan to be there and I recommend everyone else sitting on the fence to stay there to allow those who are serious about their business to reserve a spot. 31 seats is a small closeknit social group not a class.


  4. Jared says:

    Way too high. Good bye!

  5. Robert Plank says:

    Goodbye Jared, like I said, it’s not for everyone.

  6. Neal says:

    Ever consider giving away a scholarship?

    Can’t blame me for trying, right? I know some don’t value things that come free as much as when the money comes out of their pocket.

    Looks like a fantastic course.

    By the way, I’m in awe that you actually sent me a personal reply when you sent the email regarding our greatest concern about product creation.

    Probably won’t be able to attend this one but the next you can count me in.

    To Continued Success,

    Neal Ashley

  7. adam libman says:


    I replied to your email entitled, “What Stops You From Creating Products? (please reply)”

    I was expecting you were doing research, and boiling that down by keyword segments.

    I was expecting a “thank you” reply.

    Which I didn’t get.


    ….you had to go ***WAY*** beyond a simple thank you email.

    You created a 10 minute video personalized for me using screen capture of my sites. You went through my different websites, showing me where there were holes *AND* how to fill the gaps.

    I’m blown away!

    And I’m a student of the game. I’ve become immune to a lot of the bullshit. It’s old. Re-used trash.

    You through, man… you f***ing earned my respect. I now “get” what it takes to engage your audience, build attachment, and create the elusive “WOW” factor.

    I would love to share the video you did, and maybe when your course goes public you could release that video. There’s a lot to learn just from that video alone.

    Again, I’m blown away with your effort, care, and knowledge.

    I usually don’t consider courses like yours.

    Yours…if you put as much care into a video for somebody who might not buy…what kind of attention do you put into your paying students?

    Thx a whole bunch.

    Adam Libman

  8. I agree with Jared this is a good BUY. Hope my PayPal issue will be fixed by then see you on the call.

    I anyone does what you teach and don’t make at least $997 and end up with a real growing IM business I’ll eat my hat!

    oops I don’t have a hat well I’ll eat my own cooking instead of forcing my girl to pretend I can cook.

    C U on the Webinar…

  9. Hi Robert,

    You are the cats pyjamas mate, the ducks nuts, the dog’s bollocks all of the above.

    The e-mail you sent me was a piece of marketing genius I have never seen anything like it. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it here.

    It was a big success on a number of levels and it is something that I want to replicate.

    I was blown away, you need to make a post about this technique as not everyone will read this comment. Please share with us or make a $27 product showing how you did it, I realise it’s done with camtasia, I expect you did a few of these anyway, so how did you do it so quickly.

    Here is the link I nearly did not open it.
    If you are reading this please open it.

    Anyway since I’ve been following your information over the past couple of weeks I’ve decided to unleash the shackles and get busy, LOL.

    I’ve got an Outsourcing business and have been getting some ridiculous SEO results using a well known back linking strategy from the warrior forum.

    So I’ve written a $7 report on that which is ready to go, I’ve also got a client who is a high profile sports nutritionist ( an area that I have a lot) of interest in and we have created a $7 product for that business and have got a list of 10 others or so that we will be churning out, we can do one a week no problems.

    We just have to focus on that.

    After your comments in the video I realise it is the USP that I and the sports nutritionist need to get NAILED.

    thanks for your help.

    Gavin Allinson

  10. adam libman says:

    @ Gavin-

    Wasn’t the personalized message awesome.

    I’m blown away.

    I enjoyed watching your video!


  11. @ Adam

    it sure was, makes it worth making a comment instead of hiding in the shadows. I would never have gotten to see the personal message and seen a great technique in operation


  12. Ken Taylor says:

    First I was totally blown away getting a personal response from you Robert when you asked the people on your list to respond to ‘what’s holding them back’.

    When you sent me a ‘special link’ to the Produce U, this was, once again, one of those frustrating times that I would like to someday never have to deal with…

    not having enough money.

    I’m way in over my head with debt. Overdrawn on my credit card, borrowed the max amount from my Life Insurance, etc.

    But I tell ya, if I had the money in a heart beat I’d join this class.

    So Robert if your reading this—this missed opportunity because of lack of money has really kicked me into gear. I’ll work harder on that PRLCopywriting course to turn that into a nice little income stream. In 8 weeks maybe you’ll sell the class as a download or better (and smarter) as a membership site.

    My goal is to be ready for that opportunity. So I’ll have no more frustrating moments. Thanks again for your responsiveness..I only wish I could do like wise…

  13. Jeremy Tateham says:

    For $1000 I would also expect you to come to my house, retile my bathrooms, manicure the hedges using toenail clippers, and build a topiary in my backyard to my exact specifications. Just the act of anyone forking over $1000 for this really only proves two things: there are some seriously unmotivated and directionless people out there who don’t know how to use google and/or need help dressing themselves, and secondly, in the minds of those lost people, Robert outranks Zoloft in the budgeting department. All aboard the short bus.

  14. Izzy says:


    Judging form the responses here, I’d bet a nickel you are dead wrong in your assumption…

  15. Chuck says:

    For me, the issue is what will this course offer that the $397 (and ultimately $97) Product University course and coaching didn’t contain and does this incremental material justify paying 2.5x (or 10x) the cost of the original course? Also, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Jeremy’s comments. Perhaps not the most artfully drafted, but the point is legit – everyone jumping on this needs to ask themselves what your true basis is for thinking you need to pay $1000 for this course? Whatever Robert will teach is likely available somewhere else for much less. The universe of info product creation techniques and ideas is largely fixed and there are only so many ways you can say/teach those techniques and ideas.

  16. adam libman says:

    @ Jeremy-
    Noticed you didn’t include a website url. Hmmmmm…. what does that say about you!

    Success does not exsist in a vaccum.

    In fact, success requires mentors and mastermind groups. AND overcoming barriers.

    Wheather it’s Perry Marshall, Yank Silver, Dan Kenndedy… and the up-n-coming Robert Plank, they’ve *ALL* paid a lot of money to particpate in seminars/masterminds/coaching.


    …It *WORKS* πŸ™‚

    Now you may call that “hand holding”

    And guess what?

    When the fustration of a situation mounts a lot of people give-up. They give up because 1) they don’t know what direction to take 2) have spent their emotional reserves 3) spent their financial reserves.

    Ah, but a little “hand holding” goes a *LONG* way…

    …So when that $10,000 mistake ur about to make is seconds away, that person grabs on your hand, and yanks you out of the way before getting clobbered. Ur bruised, and still alive!

    Now @ Chuck does make a valid point. And I think his strongest agruement is one of worth. Value. Perception.

    “Is this worth $1,000?”

    To be honest, for most it isn’t. They can simply get the $7 and be happy πŸ™‚

    For the top 1-2% of Robert’s list, however, it sure is worth the money.


    A.) Saves time: Yes, all info is out there and free. And many hours will it take to gather it all? How many sites with bad info become the truth?

    B.) Barrier Breaking: As Perry Marshall says, “Most people quit about 200 feet before the finish line.” Courses like this assist you with that last 200 feet. The most IMPORTANT distance of the journey is the last steps. Why? Most can take the first several steps. Few finish.

    C.) Motivation: For $1,000, I’m guessing you want some postive ROI πŸ˜‰ And from what I’ve studied, success is more a function of effort than smarts. I’d go as far as saying that the price is proportional to effort. At a price point of $1,000 ur going to get some motivated, hungry campers. (I’m sure the weekly challenges are just another psychological tool to inspire effort)

    D.) Friendship: I’ve met incrediable people at seminars that otherwise I would of never met. More importantly, taking a seminar/mastermind/coaching links you up with powerful people to JV with…

    …I’m serioulsy considering taking this course.


  17. Dave Doolin says:

    Working my way through Starak’s Membership Mastermind course at the moment… I need to finish that $1000 course before I pick up another.

    The price is probably right. I like that state “at least one sale.” Realistic. No hype.

    BTW, Action Popup is not behaving the way I want, too jumpy when it displays. I may do some hacking on the code if I get some time in a week or so. Lemme know if you want patch.

  18. Robert Plank says:

    Adam, dude! I really appreciate your response to my response, your blog comments here and the enthusiastic voicemail you left on my machine… (is it ok if I share that audio message btw?)

    Chuck and Jeremy, fair enough. $997 isn’t for everybody and that’s why I’m only limiting this to 31 seats. I won’t take it personally if you’re not on that level yet.

    About the information being available somewhere else, the problem with finding the info on Google is it tells you about EVERYTHING. They don’t tell you what NOT to do.

    I make products left and right, I made a 2-hour DVD Saturday and I’m making another one today. If I took the advice of everything I saw on Google or everything I saw for free on forums, I never would have that kind of focus.

    I drop $1500-$2000 over and over again going to physical seminars, even a year / year and a half ago when I didn’t make as much money. It’s worth it. Hand holding, one on one advice, motivation…

    @Adam: Tell me what to add to the course to get you in.

  19. Jeremy Tateham says:

    You do realize that every last bit of what you would learn (and more) is already available somewhere on the internet without a price tag? Nothing wrong with Robert packaging it up in a nice wrapper with a fancy bow for anyone too lazy or inept or unmotivated to do the legwork. I mean, that’s the main reason there is even a category of “internet marketing.” It’s not Robert’s fault, it’s the fault of the end-user that they feel that is the only way to learn something. Newbies primarily, who think that a price tag changes the quality of the information or somehow improves their odds. I guess nobody appreciates free anymore, they just want to question freely available information that has no cost. Or they think paying for something is some kind of cosmic insurance that will make everything “push button easy.”

    My guess is that people who feel they absolutely need this will be the ones most likely to fall by the wayside, whereas people who make the effort to seek out the ABUNDANT no-cost information will prove to be the MOST motivated and likely to succeed long-term.

  20. Robert Plank says:

    Jeremy, you’re wrongly assuming a “book reporter” system… taking what’s available for free and re-teaching it. Go to a seminar, join an e-class or pay for (good) coaching and get back to me.

    If you want to spend 2-3 years figuring out what it will take me 2 hours a week for 8 weeks to teach you, be my guest.

    Jeremy, if it’s so easy to figure it all out for free, where is your product? Where is your URL?

  21. Hi everyone!

    So here is what I have learned in my short time in business and life…

    I get my best results when I have coaching. PERIOD.

    In fact, everytime I have tried anything by myself “because the information is free” I failed (or at least didn’t get the results I wanted).

    I tried to learn the guitar.
    By myself — FAILED

    Guess what? When I signed up for LIVE lessons from a person I excelled (well… as much as was possible πŸ™‚ )…

    I tried to learn how to “bbq the PERFECT steak” from free online resources and TV… They weren’t good..

    Guess what? When I swallowed my pride and asked my dad to teach me how he did it?? Well, let’s just say NO ONE complains!

    I tried to build my online business from “cheap” and free information. And I admit, a lot is “OUT THERE”, but… I FAILED…

    Guess what? When I started spending the right money in the right places (and yes, I have PAID for every class that Robert has taught in the last 7 months or so)…

    …and when I did?!

    Well my business changed.

    Why will this be worth $997?

    It WON’T…

    It will be worth at LEAST 10x’s that amount.


    Anyway, that’s just how I feel about investing in my business. πŸ™‚

    I look forward to working with the 31 lucky entrepreneurs who take advantage of this unique opportunity.


  22. Dude, even your $27 products are worth $100’s. Most of us have jumped on your dimesales and got ridiculous(!!!) value there too.

    The fact that you’re creating a $997 course means that anyone who enrolls will have a product, a mentor, new skills…A REAL BUSINESS.

    If Robert’s charging $997 for a course, you know it’s gonna be freakin incredible. I can’t wait.

  23. adam libman says:


    What would it take to get me to join right now?

    USP. Details.

    A USP With Hairy Balls
    I read your sales letter and was really unimpressed with your USP. In specific, if I take this class, I’ll get XX, or XXX. I like your 30 day guarantee. But, come on! Give your USP some *BALLS* πŸ˜‰

    There certainty is NO wow factor there. No strong hook.


    #1: If you get accepted for this course, complete all the assignments, you’ll have X money making products that will recoup the cost of the course in 1 year, or I’ll refund your fees.

    #2: If you get accepted for this course, complete all the assignments, and already have email list of 1,000+, you’ll have X money making products that will recoup the cost of the course in 1 year, or I’ll refund 2x your fees.

    So in short, a *MUCH* stronger guarantee & continued support.

    Show Me A Little Skin

    I’d like to read more about the details

    A.) Length of webinars
    B.) Type of tools/apps you’ll be teaching
    a. Will u be selling these apps at a discounted rate, and total costs of apps (Amember, Aweber, ect?)
    C.) Are the webinars going to be transcribed (BTW, that is a point of difference for me!)
    D.) Can we ask questions during the webinar
    E.) What kind of personal attention does each person get?
    F.) What kind of continued support is there.
    G.) Accountability, how are u going to create accountability
    H.) Community, is there a mechanism in place for the other 30 people to get to know each other…for friendships, sharing info, & JV’s

    Special Bonus:
    Promote students stuff there joint webinars. I think that was lizzy who mentioned that. I like that one too!

    I’m sure there is more, but that would do it!

    And yes, PLEASE use the vm! πŸ™‚


  24. Chuck says:

    Chuck here again. Robert, I think you may have missed the point of my last comment. I was not saying that I was not willing to pay $997 – I just need to understand “what will this course offer that the $397 (and ultimately $97) Product University course and coaching didn’t contain and does this incremental material justify paying 2.5x (or 10x) the cost of the original course”. I haven’t seen it yet.

    Adam, you make a great point re transcription. While videos may be an easy way to crank out information, it’s one of the most inefficient ways of receiving the information. I can read and digest written words 20x faster than watching a video on the same subject.

  25. Izzy says:

    Nu, Robert? (poke, poke)

    let’s hear the details already….

  26. adam libman says:


    I’ve gone back your sales letter, and have been enjoying the little tweaks ur making!

    The USP is growing a little hair now.

    I’ve also noticed the bullet points are more clear.

    I’m excited to see what the final sales letter is going to look like.

    I know you must be busy with your sales letter because you ususally reply to people comments!

    Are you saving each draft?

    I’d love a video that shows the differences you’ve been making with each revision, and why you choose to do that!


  27. Very interesting, Robert. Just reading the blog and following your “case history” as you grow yourself up to offer (and I bet rake it in with) a higher price range product, how the people who you had attracted turn against you. (well, at least the ones that haven’t grown themselves, πŸ˜‰ to be able to afford your product.

    I teach and coach a year-long internet business creating program at the IMuniversity, and although I won’t have time (and brain cells) to do your program this time, I will give my students everything I am learning from this conversation.

    I loved all your classes so far, and have made money with them… thanks a bunch.


  28. Izzy says:

    I see the guarantee has been changed to 60 days…

    I think that is a major PLUS. people on the payment plan will feel much more comfortable knowing they can cancel after the second payment is due, and not just before that.

    Like adam, I would find the revison history of he salespage fascinating.

    as since it’s rumored that Robert camtasias everything he does, I’m sure he could put that out in a jiffy.

    (and charge for it.)


  29. adam libman says:

    Hey Robert!

    You are going to have to change your sales letter again.


    Because there is now only 30 spaces left.

    Yep, I happily signed up!

    Not sure my schedule is free tomorrow around 5 p.m…. so I did what any impulsive shopper does…

    …I bought it now, lol πŸ™‚

    I’ve been studying Sean D’Souza @ (BTW, the Brain Audit is awesome!), and wanted to write what my objections where, and what it took to overcome them. I want to do this while I’m still in the emotional state where I can taste it.

    For me price was not the issue…consumption is.

    As in, will I actually do it. I don’t need another course collecting dust in my library!

    Having the community and challenges overcame that obstacle for me. I’m a competitive guy. I want to be the best. And I’m sure a class like this will attract other people like that. When you get a bunch of hotheads that want to be “The Best” is raises the bar for everybody. We push each other.

    You upped the guarantee! It’s not that I want to take your product back. No! I want to pay you double!!

    The guarantee to me says, “What confidence does Robert have in his abilities to teach and motivate.”

    The guarantee is about making you feel alive because you gotta produce, or else!

    As in, “If I do the work, then I better get results or you ain’t gonna get my lunch money!”

    Timing. Okay, this had nothing to do with you. I’ve been itching to create a membership site with video. And sh-t, I spent hours looking looking how to figure it out. For example, I looked at amember’s demo, and freaked out!

    I also really want to learn about webinars. I looked at, and even though they have a free trial, how many hours would it take to figure that out? No way buck-a-roo.

    I tend to get really frustrated really fast. So having a mentor that knows step by step what to do really helps.

    And also, when I’m struggling by myself (BTW, my personal opinion is that struggle and frustration are vital for personal growth, so as long there is person to help you get over the frustration right before quitting) I can get some help, and know where I went wrong.

    I want to ride a rocket to the moon!

    The idea you accelerate the learning process really appeals to me. I love the “The Talent Code”. And I want to get my 10K hours without having to spend 50K to get world class skill.

    I like your style (the video really helps project that).

    And by that I mean there are a lot of great info marketers out there. To me, its about your style. I like your vibe.

    I feel you are really emotionally invested in the success of your students. As in you’ve got a little bit of your ego on the line.

    Personally, I think everyday we put our balls on the chopping block. Each and everyday we put ourselves out there…for both success and failure!

    And your personalized attention really attracted me. Yeah, I guess I’m needy. At least that whats my girlfriend says, lol πŸ™‚

    You gave enough detail. You provided an approximate time for each class.

    I won’t lie, there’s a bit of me that’s still wondering if I’ll have success in your class. Doubt hangs in the air. And I’m ok with that. It’s healthy!

    Anyway…go change that sales letter again!

    Adam Libman

    p.s. instead of writing: (But Only If You Get In – Limited to 31 People!)

    What About=====>

    Space is Limited to 31 People. If you want in, you better run!


    Because even if only .005% of my list wants in, I’ll have Sold-Out this course 2x over. And unlike the airlines, we ain’t double booking this flight!

    Product University is taking off this Wednesday and 31 lucky passengers are headed to financial freedom.

    Join us! (And if you weren’t fast enough typing in your PayPal info before we sold-out, don’t worry…Product University 3.0 is only 6 months away!)

  30. Izzy says:


    Whoa! that’s some great copy there for super robert!

    one addition….

    [QUOTE]Join us! (And if you weren’t fast enough typing in your PayPal info before we sold-out, don’t worry…Product University 3.0 is only 6 months away!)

    Robert’s gotta add to that….

    “…and Product University 3.0 will be Not less then Double the price…”

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